Top 10 Ways to Reject a Guy’s Proposal Politely

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God created women as beautiful flowers and men as bees who keep hovering around them. No deny guys do chase girls for a variety of reasons. Be it love, sex, friendship, marriage or whatsoever but the biggest dilemma for a girl is how to say ‘No’ to a guy. You don’t want to be rude to him but at the same time you also need to be direct. Girls usually tend to fall in such a trap and don’t know the way out. Well, don’t worry, all you need to do is have a few tactics in hand which can be really helpful in such situations. You must have heard of the term called ‘White lie’. So when you say no for a date, try to use your situations and circumstances in such a manner that you end up being nice to him and feel good about yourself. Though each individual is different and how will someone react to a particular statement differs from person to person, but still there are certain common ways and moreover we are talking in a general sense so you never know these tricks might do some miracle in your case!!


This can be a descent way of refusing a proposal. Well, how? First of all do not try to exaggerate things. Most often girls tend to do this, thinking that it might help but no it doesn’t. Instead it complicates the entire situation putting you in a bigger fix. So just be plain and simple. You don’t have to be rude at the very first time. Never try to over explain. Once you do this, the guy might have a feeling that you are interested in him, but still trying to make excuses just because you are feeling hesitant to say a ‘yes’. All you need to do is go for a coffee, have a nice talk and clear out everything. As simple as that.



Well, this might sound funny but this is a very easy way to escape the situation. You tell him that talking to him gives you a brotherly kind of feeling and you never know he might stop liking you in that way ,thinking that there is no use of going ahead, because no matter how good he becomes he will always remain a brother to you. And if not then he is left with no other option other than accepting your proposal. A friend of mine applies such tricks and trust me it always works in her case and might work in your case as well.


I have AIDS

In such a situation you have to be somewhat like this, “Well, I haven’t told this to anyone. But I guess I should tell you this because it is important for you to know. I am an HIV+. After listening to this there might be two situations. First he either might leave you straightaway or he might feel bad for you and still wants to be with you. Then you have to tell him that you don’t want him to be with you just for your happiness and you have already accepted this bitter truth of your life. Few tears would make the situation look even more realistic. Well that’s not a tough job for girls but still in case you are doubtful, you can add two drops of glycerin and go ahead.



Quite absurd, but one of the best ways to say a ‘No’. This idea might not have crossed your mind but all you need to do is be very realistic in your words making the guy feel that. “Yes, you are actually a lesbian”. Guys don’t turn me on. I am more attracted towards girls. That’s all you need to say. He’ll be stunned, shocked and in no time will disappear. There is no chance of him being sad as well. Instead he will be grateful to you for letting him know this and if he is an innocent fellow, he might sympathize with your situation as well!!


psychological problem

Schizophrenia, split personality disorder, autism or any god damn psychological problem that you have ever heard or read about. Well let me tell you this is the best time to bring it in use. Make it sound as abnormal as you can. In short make him believe that you are ‘mad’ and also undergoing treatment so being with you can be really dangerous. Tell him you have a serious personality disorder like you cannot distinguish between the real and the unreal and hence you are a schizophrenic. Also sometimes your mind goes out of control and you feel like killing someone or even harm yourself. Obviously a guy would not be foolish enough to still be with you and in case he is then let me tell you, it is he who has some psychological disorder so you better run away.


focus on career

My family conditions are not good and I seriously need to focus on my career. You are really a nice guy but my priorities in life are different. My career is my prime concern so I won’t be able to give you that much importance. I hope you are getting me. If someday I feel like getting into a relationship, you will be the first guy whom I would consider. Little bit of polishing and the work is done. The guy might prefer to be in the waiting list and wait for his ticket to get confirm or he might book a ticket somewhere else and get a confirm berth! And in case if he understands what you actually mean, then he’ll most probably go for the second option.


too good

Flattery is an art. Make the guy feel that he is so good that you don’t think that you match up to his level. Everyone likes to be praised, no matter whether he is worth it or not! But please make sure that it doesn’t sound fake. Once you do this you’ll end up ruining the whole plan. Do it in such a way that he feels good about himself and hence should ‘hunt’ for something better. Tell him all you deserve is an ordinary guy, not someone extraordinary like him. This way you can make him happy as well as be happy.


my friend likes you

What else can be better than this? A little evil but will surely make him happy even if you reject him because he’ll have another option in hand. And tell him that if you say a ‘yes’ to him then it would break your friend’s heart and hurt her feelings and that would be really unfair on your part. You can never do this to your friend. Can you? The next question that would come up to you is, ‘Who is she?’ Don’t worry you can still manage the situation saying that you cannot disclose her name because it is a ‘big’ secret. Also you don’t want to betray your friendship and when the right time comes he’ll get to know who she is.



I am already committed. One of the most common ways to reject a guy’s proposal is this. This line can really make things work in a positive manner. The guy might feel dejected for a while but at the same time he’ll also be happy that you people ended up being friends. Also in the long run, you never know he might become a good friend of yours. Trust me, this happens in real. It happened with me. After all, this is a far more sensible decision than slapping a guy and rejecting his proposal. Also it is a polite and nice way of saying a ‘No’.


my past still haunts me

I really had a bad break up recently and I haven’t been able to overcome it yet. So please I am not ready for any relationship kind of thing. I hope you understand what I am going through. I need to spend some time with myself. The guy (if sensible) will most probably understand your condition. Make him feel that you have certain trust issues and you cannot blindly trust anyone. All’s well that ends well. So what matters in the end is that you made a ‘polite’ rejection to somebody and made your way out easily.

Though there is no perfect way of saying a ‘no’ in a polite manner. Rejection always hurts. But the intensity of being hurt varies. May be a simple straight ‘No’ with a “smile” is all you need to be nice, firm and direct in a straight way or you can manipulate the person in such a way that he might be willing to leave you. Now it’s upto you to decide which way suits you better!!


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