Top 10 Ways to be Happy Instantly

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There are a few questions we need to ask ourselves. Why do we do everything that we do, in our life? Why does one get educated? Why does one have to be employed? Of course, it is for a better living. But the real question and the larger picture here is, “What is the ultimate purpose of life?” It is happiness. Whatever we strive to become in our life, is all in search of inner peace and happiness. And this happiness cannot be achieved by stress, insecurity and panic. It can only be attained by practicing the art of tranquility. This state of liberation is called ‘Nirvana’.

As the popular adage goes, happiness comes from within. It is not something readymade. It comes from our thoughts and actions. The purpose of our lives is to be happy.  It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes us happy. The principle to adopt in life is, ‘half a glass full’! Nobody’s life is perfect. Everybody faces some problem or the other.  It is how we deal with them that makes us successful and happy. Most of us become unhappy and distraught when we face difficult situations or come across situations which are not exactly in our favour.  The thing to remember is that, happiness is seldom determined by our circumstances. It is solely one’s mind that determines how happy he or she is.

As Abraham Lincoln puts it, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be!”  It is just the way we think and the way we take life that has to be changed. If we look at it from a different perspective, life is not so cruel after all! We must not take it so seriously and ruin our health and well being.  You had a bad day? Had a fight with a dear one? Lost an opportunity for which you worked so hard and wanted, so dearly? Not to worry! This article shows you ten ways to shrug those problems off your shoulders and be happy, instantly! Here they are!


10. Grooming and pampering yourself


If your day was bad and unproductive, try this.  Hit the shower or take a bubble bath. Unwind yourself totally. Go for a haircut or a shave. Get a pedicure. You could try a massage too. It works wonders if you feel stressed and are worried about something.  Look at yourself in the mirror, all groomed. The feeling of looking good and well dressed will make you feel happy.

9. Watch a great movie or a TV series


Another way you can forget the problems at hand and feel the happiness bug biting is you, is by watching a feel good movie or your favourite television series that always cracks you up. Watching those happy characters come to life will make you forget your own problems, because you put yourself in the characters’ shoes and feel their happiness.

Instead of pondering repeatedly about an issue, turn on the TV and watch a good comedy show. It will teach you how to embrace the lighter side of life and be jovial. Laughter is, after all the best antidote.

8. Be a sport!


Indulging in sports is not just good for the body, but it is good for the mind too. It inculcates in you, patience and calmness. Not just that, you will also be disciplined, which ultimately leads to satisfaction.

Apart from sports, try Yoga also. Yoga is also great for the mind and body, alike. The different postures will help ease the stress and you will feel rejuvenated. Try to practice breathing exercises and exhale out the negativity!

7. Dance your way to creativity!


Being creative is an excellent boon. It helps you express your thoughts and emotions effectively. Dance is a great way to stay happy. It fills you with exuberance. You don’t even have to be very good at it, to feel the way it loosens you up. You just have to try out the moves, forgetting all else. Dance always keeps your spirit soaring.

Other creative activities also give you a lot of satisfaction, like writing or art. If you are a good writer, you can always express your feelings through your writing, and that makes you happy!

6. Lend a helping hand


Always remember, there is probably someone with a more grievous problem than yours. Instead of fretting about the imperfect things in your life, try to give solace to another person.  Helping people is a noble deed. When you help someone who really needs it and you are the reason for their happiness, the happiness and satisfaction that you get following that is inexplicable! One act of kindness wipes away your own fear.


5. Spending time with family and friends


When you are all alone, your problems tend to appear magnified and your mind goes into an endless loop of thinking about the consequences.  Talk to people about it. New solutions will emerge. Talk to your friends about it. Their kind words will make you happy right away. Spend time with family at such times. Then, you won’t feel lonely and depressed. Just go mix with the crowd and be one among them. You are sure to feel better.

4. Food


What better way to be happy, than to tickle your taste buds! I’m sure foodies will love this tip! Ask your mom to make you your favourite dish. Or go grab something delicious at the nearest restaurant. You will totally lose yourself in the aroma and the flavours.You will feel delighted. If you are a good cook, it is a plus! Not only will you enjoy eating what you cook, but you will feel happy when you cook, because it’s something you like doing. Good food has the ability to suppress those hormones that are responsible to produce stress.

3. Enjoy the beauty of nature


We live in a beautiful planet, whose natural bounty is unfathomable. If you are sad, take a stroll amidst the greenery. The soft breeze that whiffs past your skin will cleanse your mind off from the negative thoughts. The chirps of the birds, the velvety blue sky and the first few drops of rain are all not to be overlooked. The little things in and around your environment can give you a lot of happiness. I am reminded of  this famous line of John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”


2. Turn up the volume and grab a mike!


This one is my personal favourite. Music soothes the mind, the body and the soul. Music is food for the soul and a great stress buster.  You forget everything and become one with the song. Listening to music can brighten your mood in no second. Singing is also a great way to be happy and healthy.  It makes not just you happy, but also those listening to you. It can make the atmosphere lively. It helps you to express yourself in a beautiful way and reach out to people. Music gives you a feeling of euphoria! A feeling of bliss! It is the best thing you can do to feel happy.

1) Pray and meditate


Sincere prayer to the almighty can develop oodles of confidence in you, to face life as it comes and to hope for the best always. It instills optimism in you. Try to meditate and let go of all the things that make you unhappy. Meditation brings out the tranquility in you. Then, you will focus on the solutions, not on the problems. Relax yourself. Enjoy being the person you are. Be good and spread love to people. You will be devoid of sorrow. Most importantly, love yourself. You are unique and special. Don’t worry, be happy! Be happy for this moment, because this moment is your life.


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