Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

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The scorching summers have made their way back, with the sun shining brightly overhead, the warm loo beginning to stir, the sweat drops beginning to trickle and the summer break starting. Summers, bringing in extreme high temperatures have an effect on our bodies, our dresses, our homes and our habits. It also brings a drastic change in the daily urban scene marked by lone streets in peak afternoon hours, increased number of ice cream vendors, umbrellas and goggles adorning people, highly active mornings and extremely lazy afternoons. But the hot and humid weather brings in potential threats of heat stroke, sun burns, dehydration or insect bites. In such scenarios, it becomes vital for us to follow precautions as well as take wise and healthy measures to beat the heat and enjoy summers to the fullest. Given below are the top 10 ways  one can follow to stay away from heat this summer:


10. Bring back air conditioners and desert coolers

Bring back air conditioners and desert coolers

It is time to clean your air conditioners, or rather better, get them serviced by professional servicemen. The air conditioners provide a good way to keep the room temperatures low, and the contemporary  eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies have been introduced which make air conditioners convenient enough. The filters should be cleaned monthly for efficient cooling.  If not air conditioners, setup indoor or external desert coolers , put in ice pieces, along with water inside them, and enjoy summers like never before!

9. Proper ventilation for both house and office

Proper ventilation for both house and office

There are places in your house and office like the kitchen, bathrooms, workshops or pantries that tend to retain heat within its four walls. A proper ventilation system is required, especially at such places to vent away the heat. This could include vent fans, exhausts or ventilator windows for letting the torridity out. The fans should better be on, even while the air conditioner is running, as it continuously evaporates away the sweat and humidity. Avoid overheating of motors or electronic appliances, minimize the use of ovens and tandoors and keep a ventilation check in the children’s room.

8. Little innovations, great effects

Little innovations, great effects!

Little and creative innovations can help in getting rid of the incandescence, working on the concept of surface evaporation and leaving the surroundings snappy. Use of sprinklers in different ways is simple but a very effective way to bring down temperatures to comfortable levels. This may include sprinkling water in the verandah, in the garden soil and over the vehicles. Personal body sprinklers, frozen rice or bean bags, wet towels over the sheets and wet mud treatments work excellently in conditions of hot weather.  It is highly recommended to shift your workout times to early mornings or late evenings to avoid overheating of the body.

7. Say YES to “summer friendly” accessories and cosmetics

Say YES to “summer friendly” accessories and cosmetics

Accessories and cosmetics  are inseparable from style for both men and women  and summers are meant to flaunt your style statement,  but make sure  your accessories and cosmetics  make you comfortable in the first place because no style comes without comfort.  Say no to heavy belts, chains,  beaded necklaces or heavy and restrictive shoes. Buy sling bags or light bags with soft straps. Flip-flops, sneakers and flotters are stylish and keep your feet sweat free.  Short haircuts or tied hair with good hair accessories will keep you cool and will make you look funky at the same time. When it comes to cosmetics, heavy makeup is not a good idea in summers. Wash your face frequently and keep your skin hydrated. Gels and toners for skin are much better than creamy bases. Good manicure, pedicure, cool milk baths and fruit facials keep your limbs and skin supple. Use of wipes and talcum powders  keep you looking fresh, clear and bright throughout the day.

6. ’Light’ is the key

’Light’ is the key!

Light shades like creams, whites, light pinks, lemon, peaches, sky blue, turquoise etc are fashionable plus pleasing to eyes in summers. Dark colors on the other hand, absorb heat and make the hot climate of summers even harder to bear. This color scheme is not just meant for dresses but also for curtains, sheets, covers and even the paints on the walls. Light colors keep the surroundings well lit without absorbing heat, keeping the surface cool. Lighting arrangements need to undergo a transformation , bright bulbs which dissipate more heat should be replaced by energy efficient tube lights and CFLs.

5. Fabulous Fabrics and Fragrances

Fabulous Fabrics and Fragrances

The irritating and pricking heat of the season can be compensated only by lighter and thin fabrics worn on the body, to refrain from discomfort. Summer special fabrics include thin cottons, hosiery, chiffons, khadi, whereas synthetic materials should be avoided. Sweat absorbent sportswear are not just restricted to athletes anymore. They are out in the market for everybody, they absorb sweat, expose it to the atmosphere , allow it to evaporate leaving a cooling sensation on the body. In summers, less is always more. One must go for funky sleeveless, short clothes of thin stuffs, like tanks, jumpsuits, cargo shorts, loose t-shirts and quality innerwear. Fragrances, instead of deep and strong, should be refreshing and light. Fresh cologne, rose, lime, mint and fruit fragrances are just perfect to leave you feeling fresh and cool naturally.

4.  Shield yourself and your home

Shield yourself and your home

The summer sunshine extracts away moisture from your skin, causes dark spots, ageing effects and also sun burns on extreme exposure. This compels one to use sunscreens, sunblocks of high SPF values  as well as scarves and gloves to protect one’s skin against the sun. Stylish goggles are inexpensive and efficacious eyewears for protecting the eyes against the UV  rays coming from the sun. It’s not just you, but your house and vehicle needs protection too. Cover your vehicles with synthetic covers easily available in the market to prevent the infrared radiation to accumulate inside and cause heating. The windows of your house can be covered with inexpensive sheet of solar window film or  sheds could be laid to allow shade in the verandah.


3. Set your KITCHEN right

Set your KITCHEN right!

Summer is that part of the year when you refrigerator is stuffed with items,  ranging from juicy  fruits to vegetables and from squashes to soft drinks. Summer foods should have high water and fiber content, and hot spices in food are effective in keeping an individual’s body cool.  Fill in the ice cube trays and keep them in the freezer. It’s also the time to play with flavors and make your favorite icecreams – strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch or chocolate! Avoid hot tea and coffee, rather, say yes to cold coffee and ice tea. The market offers a large range of energy drinks in different fruit flavors, and the kitchen ought to have them to beat the heat this summer!

2. Have a great social time- Throw a pool party

Have a great social time- Throw a pool party!

Throwing a pool party or a rain dance party is a great idea to combat the hotness with the best of your friends, bringing in great moments of fun and joy. As an alternative, one can also pay a visit to a water park where the water slides refresh you thoroughly in the spirit of adventure or perhaps a hill station, if the pocket allows.  Get a swimming pool membership, go for swimming regularly as indoor pools are perfect places to cool off, splash and interact. If nothing is feasible, the simplest way is to have multiple baths in a day, leaving you rejuvenated and revitalized. What makes it an even better experience, is to introduce coolants and fragrances in your bathing tub.

1.Drink your way to health this summer

Drink your way to health this summer!

The biggest threat posed by summers is the threat of dehydration in a person’s body. Therefore the best way to keep healthy in summers, is increasing fluid intake per day. Compulsory 4 liters of water a day must be drunk, and juices or smoothies should be taken in as add-ons. The best of restaurant chains in India offer exotic and super refreshing mocktails as well as energy drinks specially brought out for the summers. The best are mojitos, fruit punches, brownie shakes, orange nectar, sunset shakes, strawberry passion and there are many more on the beverage lists to follow the trail. Make juices and shakes at home, a glass of lime juice is always a great idea to start a fresh summer morning. Mint flavors and citric materials are just perfect this summer to deceive the scorching sun.


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