Top 10 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day

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Rain, we all long for it throughout the year and when it finally arrives we either crib about it or be pleased. But whatever maybe the reason once it arrives we are all mesmerized and thank god for his wonderful works, be it a rich millionaire or a poor peasant. The clattering and shattering of window panes when the thunder strikes frightens a little one but surely brings smiles to an aged person. Come what may however dirty the roads maybe, “rain is beautiful” and one cannot deny that fact. Into each life, some rain must fall.Sunshine is indeed very nice but rain is refreshing. It soothes our mind. We can see God’s beauty of creation in rain. The existence of human nature is solely dependent on rain. Life would be impossible without rain.

10. Read a book :

reading a book

Nothing can be as pleasing as lying on the couch and catching up on some good reading. Reading helps to relax the mind and keeps us calm away from the hustle and bustle. And reading a book on a rainy day  is like adding a cherry on to the cake. It soothes the nerves in our body and takes us to a whole new world. Reading a romantic novel on a rainy day is like taking drugs. It will make us high and take us on a fantasy ride irrespective of whether we are single or committed. Reading is considered to be food for the mind. Every person should indulge himself in some quality reading specially on a rainy day to feel it’s pleasure.

9. Sleep :

sleeping on a rainy day

With the clattering of raindrops over the roof and the cool breeze blowing in through the windows will surely make us snuggle onto our bedding the whole day. This will indeed please each and everyone. Our hectic schedules, late night meetings, work, studies, exams keep us up at night and hence we lack the peaceful 7-8 hours sleep regime. A rainy day is a perfect day to laze around on the bed the whole day. On rainy days we need not switch on the ac’s for cooling. The nature itself has so much to give. A good sleep keeps our mind fresh and gives us a good presence of mind.

8. Movie:

watching movie

We all love movies irrespective of which day it is. Rainy day is just an excuse to watch movies. It will definitely brighten your mood specially if your tired and gloomy. A nice romantic movie will do the job. Watching it along with your friends and family is an add on to the entertainment. Make sure the movie your watching suits everyone’s taste and not your’s alone. Movies do not need a reason or a season. They always bring joy and happiness in the family specially if the family hasn’t been together for quite sometime.


listening to music

Listening to to our favorite collection of music on a rainy day is the best way to unwind and relax. Some rainy days are stress busters and a boon for people who are always engrossed in their hectic schedule. Music is anyways considered to be a therapy and enjoying it on a rainy day couldn’t get better than this. Any old collection of music CD’s will do the work. Music soothes our soul and enhance one’s mind and body.

6.Sight seeing:

sight seeing

Sight seeing is a great adventure especially on a rainy day. The sweet smell of earth and greenery is definitely going to be an icing on the cake. The beauty of mother nature is enhanced on a rainy day ,lush green lawns, full fledged trees are a must watch on a rainy day and nobody would like to give it a miss. The chirping of the birds on a rainy day is something which our ears long to hear and is thus considered to be natures best music. Just observing the rain pouring on mother nature is such a great experience we feel so serene. So next time you go sight seeing just stretch out your hand and feel the raindrops on your hand.


household chores

We usually tend to overlook the clutter in our cupboards and shelves. Things are usually misplaced due to this reason and we tend to postponed such chores. Keeping things in an orderly manner and organizing things in a proper manner goes a long way in keeping us mentally relaxed. Such household chores can usually be done on rainy day. This may not be enjoying but could definitely be a stress buster.  As it is rightly said,’ clearing the clutter outside is like clearing the clutter out your minds.’  This way rainy day could be a blessing in disguise.

4. Cooking meals:

cooking a nice meal

At work place we usually tend to eat from restaurants and other places which is usually not nutritious and healthy.This leads to unnecessary weight gaining and also lethargic.Cooking delicious, nutritious meals with low fat content on a rainy day for your family will make them happy and healthy. It will also bring the whole family together rather than eating inside one’s own rooms. Eating together brings a smile on the faces of our grandparents too, because they never get time to spend quality time with their kids and their grandchildren.

3.Spending quality time:

spending quality time

We are usually involved in our hectic chores and due to which we overlook the emotional needs of our family in the quest of  accomplishing their basic needs . This kind of behavior has given rise to nuclear families and everyone in the family tends to be isolated. This creates a lot of misunderstanding between husband and spouse , parents and children . Therefore spending quality time is a pre requirement in today ‘s time. This would probably be a good way to enjoy a rainy day with your family. Rainy days can also be a very good day to help our children with their studies and their personal lives and as the weather is so pleasant they will be ready to study and won’t be grumpy unlike the other days.

2.Catching up with friends:

catching up with friends

Catching up with fiends is a great way to enjoy a rainy day. The latest gossips and happenings which we usually miss on other days can be discussed on these days . A small party with friends on a rainy day can be the best way to enjoy. Spending quality time with friends apart from family is also essential and thus rainy day could be a boon. Catching up with long lost friends will help us as well them come out of their comfort zones and help us bring back the old memories.

1.Getting out:

get out

Nothing could be better than getting out of your cozy houses and just enjoying the beautiful rain. Getting wet in the rain is the best way to enjoy a rainy day .Dancing in the rain, splashing water on friends, making paper boats and sailing them down the stream is the way I enjoy  a rainy day. And inorder to make the experience even more memorable is to have a cup of icecream in the rain, with the droplets of rain water falling in the icecream.

One can find even more innovative ways to enjoy a rainy day, because at the end of the day it depends on one’s own way of spending time.


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