Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

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In today’s world where we spend half our valuable lives at work, it has become highly important and a dire need to maintain our energy levels and our “happy quotient” until we get back home. How often do you see or hear people complaining about how they have no time for their families, or that their spouses are always in a bad mood when they get back.  Phrases like this are only increasing by the minute with the increase in work pressure and the lack of maintaining a work-life balance. Keeping this in mind it “somehow” becomes the work or rather duty of the employer to keep his employees happy, as their moods not only would be affecting their family lives but also the final output of the companies. So here come 10 basic rules on how to keep your employees happy and also maintain an incredible employee-employer rapport. This would not only uplift the mental spirits of everyone involved but also make a positive change with respect to the millions of lives who are involved directly or indirectly.


10) The attitude of gratitude:

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As cliche as this point may sound, sometimes or rather most times it is the only lifesavers that can save a sinking ship. Find reasons to thank your employees or just make them feel worthy (inspirations can be drawn from the, oh so many Cadbury adds on TV.)Try personalizing it with small perks, and don’t forget to add a touch of your individuality in it, be it motivating quotes at every nook and corner of your office or even one of those bells outside Pizza Hut that we ring, to show we enjoyed their hospitality! Constant appreciation would not only make people more positive at work but also help in their wholesome approach towards life. Remember anniversaries, birthdays etc and do respond appropriately. As hard as it may seem with having a huge number of employees under you, if you succeed at this, you are sure to win the hearts of your employees.


9) Surprise “urgent” meetings:

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As shocking as it may seem, keep meetings (occasionally) where you won’t discuss anything related to work, but holiday plans, family occasions etc. This would not only increase the bond with you and the company but also help in indirect team building activities. Here, you no longer treat them as kids by throwing them into workshops but do the same in a more casual environment. This would also require smaller budgets as all you would be spending on is some fun games, tasty food and some good music and not boring long lectures and dry attitudes of the people present. Though keeping in mind that this cannot be converted into a constant affair as the seriousness at work could be completely lost. (If only, side effects didn’t count!)

8) Listen! Appreciate! Don’t steal ideas!

8) listen! appreciate! dont steal ideas.jpg

In meetings or discussions when the opinions of your employees are being considered make sure you’re “actually” listening to them and also providing them with honest feedback and compliments. Be open to suggestions even if you are not really for it. This gives your employees an opportunity to trust their instincts and also put forth their ideas without any fear of being ridiculed. You might acquire the best suggestions even from your janitor, if only, you are listening.

P.S creativity has no boundaries. All you need is a plain white canvas where the million colors in your head can be poured into! Your education degree cannot provide you with a cardinal measurement of your worth.

7) Compassion is simply, passion with a heart:

7) compassion is passion with a heart

Be compassionate and don’t always play the bad cop. Give the benefit of doubt to your employee in case of genuine problems. They don’t need your sympathy all they do need is an ounce of your empathy. You not only win their heart and respect but you also win an honest and sincere employee for life.

6) Recognize and appreciate excellence:

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Conduct weekly or monthly award functions where the better performing employees are awarded. The prizes don’t always have to be fancy, just a simple and sincere form of you, acknowledging their value and the difference they make to your company. This may consume a huge chunk of your allowances and time but on the brighter side you are keeping your employees high spirited, positive and constantly motivated. What else can one ask for?

According to a survey, it was observed that employees who are happier perform at a rate that is consistently 10% higher than unhappy employees.

5) Happy sign boards and happy thoughts!

5) happy sign boards and happy thoughts.jpg

Always add a note of gratitude or a personalized quote in every draft or email that is on circulation. Remember everybody loves a little motivation, especially when special care has been taken to send out the message. Try and create an environment which is work friendly, imagination friendly and creativity friendly. This would not only encourage workers to bring out the best in them but also utilize the immense untapped potential in them.

Give creative titles, instead of the normal boring ones. For instance, the receptionist can be called “the smile inspector” or the manager “the cop on duty”! This not only lightens the situation but also helps to increase the bonds in the company. But do make sure the titles are not cheesy or offending in any manner, cause if they are you would be visiting the courts for a long time to come!

4) Always keep scope for improvement:

4) always keep scope for improvement

Ask for feedback regularly; also provide your employees with feedback. Tone and words used should be carefully measured in the process. Also do mention that although anonymity isn’t always encouraged in these issues, it will be considered is some serious cases.  

Note: Even the most sincere compliment can be mistaken for the worst example of irony or sarcasm, in a simple alteration of the tone of speech or the vocabulary used.

3) Your loss or gain is my loss or gain:

3) your loss or gain is my loss or gain

Make them feel equally responsible for the ups and downs that the company is facing. This way they would take every action of theirs more seriously and also make them take future steps more prudently. Make them “a part” of the family and not “apart” from the family.  Assure them their place at the same time also make the boundaries very clear. In all kindness, make sure that you or the company are not being taken for granted.

2) Sincere” I care attitude”:

2) sincere i care attitude

Take personal care and attention in resolving conflicts within the company, if it is not possible take at most care in assigning the job to individuals who can handle it. It is important you remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Thereby it is your duty and most important duty to maintain a positive and healthy environment among the employees working for you. Once this is taken care of, rest assured that the company is doing well.  Also always remember to remain unbiased if put in a situation like this. This is where your valuable psychology 101 classes come into use. Do not pass your judgement till you know for sure who and what is wrong.

When you do pass your “verdict” make sure you make it clear that nobody is right or wrong, it’s just the circumstances that make you right or wrong. You need to make sure that the person who has been wronged has been served justice, at the same time the person who has wronged should not be condemned or looked down upon, but simply corrected.

1) Play by the rules:

1) play by the rules

“We all are one, only egos, beliefs, and fears separate us”

The rules made should apply for everyone, including you. No exceptions. If you call for a meeting at 10am you ought to be there at 9.45am and not at 11am because you are the boss. Basic respect should be given to your employees and the rules apply to everyone present.

Make it clear that even though you are the boss you are not higher than anyone; you are simply the head of the family but still as essential and at the same time as equal as anyone else in the family.  

Stay friendly at the same time also remain stern when the situation calls for it.


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