Top 10 Ways To Make Your Child Smarter And Intelligent

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There are no such parents, may be of any religion or caste, who do not want their child to be the best in any field the child chooses. All parents want their child to excel in everything. For all parents, their child is the best from all the other children. No matter how much the parent scold their child and criticize their child, at the end, all they want is the goodwill of their child. All this criticism, yelling, punishing and scolding is only for the welfare of the child. All parents wants that their child should be smart and intelligent and that he or she should achieve great heights and have a bright future. To achieve this they start working from the very beginning and make plans and goals so that their child can have a secure and bright future. There are many things that the parents do so that their child turns out to be the best from other children like sending their child to coaching institutes, to the best schools and what not. There can be many ways to make the child smarter than the rest, but to achieve so many things have to be kept in mind. This article will provide us with the top ten tips that parents should keep in mind if they want their child to be smart and intelligent.



Communication is very necessary if you want to raise a smarter and intelligent child. Parents should take out time to talk to their children and to listen to what they have to say. Even if the child do not understand, parents should keep on communicating with their child, as it will help to develop language skill in their child. Also, reading books to a small child makes them smarter and helps to develop the hobby of reading among them. This quality of reading will prove to be beneficial in the long run for the children and will help them to achieve great success.


interact through actions

It is not only talking and listening that will help to make a child smarter, but gestures are also important in raising an intelligent child. Parents should communicate with their gestures also as it has a great impact on brain growth. It is a well known fact that a child having a lot of people around to shower love learns things faster and more easily rather than the child who is deprived of all this. This fact has even been proved in many studies. So, it is advisable that parents should interact with their children through gestures like playing, hugging, interacting and a lot more as it will help in developing the intelligence of the child and will also provide the child with good thinking skills. Moreover, it will also strengthen the bond between parents and children.


be smart

A child learns and grasps what he or she observes and that too very quickly. So it is very important that parents perform smart actions in front of that the child so that the child can adapt them. Reading books or newspapers or magazines, watching channels which provide knowledge and information about new things such as news channels or discovery channel and a lot more actions can be performed which will make the child sharper and smarter. Thus, if the parents will be smart, so will be the child. So it is very important that parents should act smart if they want their children to be smarter.


introduce exercise

Many people have this misconception that exercise makes the child only physically fit and strong. This is a partial truth because exercise not only increases the physical strength of a child but also improves the child’s mental strength. Since new brain cells are formed with the increase in blood flow to the brain, so it is very important to introduce exercise in the child’s daily routine as regular exercise increases the blood flow which in turn will make the brain more sharp and the child smarter. A child’s brain is a developing brain and thus exercise for children is a lot more beneficial that it is for adults as it leaves a long lasting impact on the brain.


provide healthy diet

Healthy food provides numerous numbers of benefits. Apart from keeping our body fit and providing immunity from diseases, it is also responsible for improving our mental abilities. Every nutrient provides our brain with different benefits. A diet which is rich in protein will help to improve the thinking ability of the child and also makes the child more alert and attentive. Carbohydrates on the other hand provide fuel to the brain which improves the capability to think more quickly. Vitamins and minerals also possess many advantages for the brain. Thus, parents should provide their children with healthy and nutritious diet and should avoid junk food which includes pizzas, burgers, fries and other oily food as they contain sugar and processed carbohydrates which leaves a bad impact on the brain and also reduces the ability to focus, attention span and activity level of the child.


challenge your child

Challenges have the ability to make the child think and concentrate as the child strives to complete it. Challenges can be like quizzes, crosswords, riddles and many more intelligent computer games which not only provide entertainment to the child but also improve the child’s left side of the brain which is based on logic and reasoning functions. This way the child not only becomes aware of the latest technology but working on a computer also helps to develop the coordination between hands and eyes. Moreover, solving challenges also provides the child with the ability to plan things and incorporates in the child the determination and confidence to complete the challenge which in long run will help the child to achieve goals. It is thus very important for the parents to keep challenging their children in order to develop problem solving and decision making abilities among their children, which will therefore make them intelligent and smart.


introduce music

We all know that stress possess a very bad effect on our brain and thus reduce our mental abilities. But we also know the fact that the best way to cure stress is listening to music. Thus, listening to music is considered very advantageous for our mental health. Also, if we learn to play a musical instrument, it will be beneficial for both our right side and left side of the brain as it improves our reasoning and thinking ability which thus enhances the right side of the brain and it also is creative which in turn enhances our left part of the brain. Parents must therefore bring music to their child’s life if they want their child to be the best.


taking child to different places

Going to new places helps to explore new things in life which is very beneficial for a child’s developing brain. It also provides the child with a lot of knowledge and information about many different new things. Thus, parents should take their children for outings whenever they get time as it helps to make the child smarter and intelligent.


introduce play

Everyone agrees with the fact that spending time only with books makes our life boring and dull. Playing outdoor games plays an important role in enhancing our mental activity. When children go out to play, they develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills which help them in the long run. Also, meeting with new people will lead to the exchange of feelings and ideas which makes the child smarter and well aware about everything. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to play different sports and also to make more friends.


maintain balance with everything

The most important thing that should be kept in mind in order to make the child intelligent and smart is maintaining balance with everything the child does. Excess of anything stated above whether it be playing, reading, exercising, etc will make the exhaust the brain and will thus make us mentally weak. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain balance with everything if parents want their children to defeat the rest and thus be the best.


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