Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home Theft Proof

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We’ve all had that irrational fear that we attribute to the movies of a sinister group of men clothed entirely in black with masks on their faces holding us captive while they carry away our most priced possessions. How irrational are those fears? Not very.

With thefts increasing in almost every neighborhood, we have to work our way around and put up a fight: a fight for safety, security and a life of contentment without our hard-earned possessions being at a risk.

To ensure your family and loves ones living a safe, theft-proof environment, here are some measures that can be taken to prevent theft:

10) Get a dog

Don’t just get a dog, train it well. Train it to be attentive, disciplined and sure enough, it will do your work for you. You know it’ll be a task looking after the dog itself but it will be worth it that one day you find it barking at the window and you look outside to see somebody running away.

A companion for life, there is no creature as loyal as a dog, especially a well trained one. Not to forget the additional benefits of a lifetime of support and lots of unconditional loving. You can be sure your best friend will be somebody else’s worst enemy if it suspects foulplay.

9) Be alert

A lot of people undermine this pointer because they consider theft to be something out of their hands-but rule of thumb is that you should know who you are interacting with, who you are bringing home and the things you leave out when they are home.

Remember thieves are regular human beings overcome by desire. Not to induce any unnecessary suspicion but this could very well be from a jealous friend or neighbor.

Know who you live next door to and keep numbers of the fireman and police station of the fridge in case of an emergency.

8) Hire a security guard

A more expensive option but possibly the only one when you are on vacation and need your house watched. Remember of course, that even though there is somebody hired to take care of your belongings, that they are not overcome by desire of any sort.

Still keep your expensive items in a vault or at a bank where they are sure to not be stolen.

Preferably hire somebody that looks like this big guy in the photo, minus the at&t shirt.

7) Keep the lights on

Never leave the house in pitch darkness at any point in the night-the darkness and lack of light can guide a thief’s mission in stealing.

Keeping the lights on gives the impression that there are people around who might still be awake and that is the opposite of what thieves would want.

6) Get expensive door locks

Do not compromise where it is concerned. You might linger around the section with the cheaper locks thinking they might be as effective in serving the same purpose but remember it good locks cannot be broken or tampered with.

Forget the frugality, and dive in to promise your home the best security it will ever have. However, getting an expensive door lock is a futile effort to keep the thieves out if you don’t follow #6.

5) The door must be strong

The door must be able to withstand a good amount of pressure. What’s the point of a lock if people can very well elbow, kick and prod a door open? Avoid wooden and glass doors, which are highly fragile at any cost and are practically inviting thieves in for a gala.

4) Get an alarm system installed

And watch “When a Stranger Calls” a brilliant summation of why alarm systems can act as warning tool to prevent break-ins. And also, don’t purchase fancy, overwhelmingly huge houses with a lakeside view.

3) Maintain regular checks in your home

How steady is the front door you’ve had for four years? Well it hasn’t given you much trouble but when you carry out an official inspection, you may find it needs replacing or the screws need tightening.

Get the windows tightened, the neglected basement cat panel and the attic window checked properly every 6 months.

2) Door viewers aren’t just cool-they’re effective¬†

These can prevent people from even entering the gate if you don’t recognize them. On the other hand, if it someday that you do know, they could be a suspect too. Be careful about whom you let in-and when.

One can never be too paranoid and cautious nowadays.

1) Outsmart your thieves

If you have a large front lawn-install automatic sprinklers that go off when somebody steps on them (Props to Princess Diaries 1). If you have a swimming pool, it could automatically illuminate when somebody is walking past it at night. Get thorny bushes they couldn’t hide in to surround your home and barbed wire fences on tall walls if there is something especially valuable in there that you are protecting.

Last but not the least, appear to live modestly. It’s hard for anybody to be tempted by people and a home that looks relatively plain and undesirable to rob. Let the interior space compensate for the exterior.

Make the path to your home an obstacle course-and watch it be every thief’s worst nightmare.




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