Top 10 Ways to Make your House Look Beautiful

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House is a place where people live and add value to those four walls made of bricks. After a long tiring day of work the only thing we look forward is to get back home, have a nice cup of tea and spend quality time with family cherish the wonderful moments together. Those moments and the togetherness of a family make house ‘a home’.Home is like the heart. Even after a long enjoyable trip we say “Home sweet home!” Indeed home is the sweetest. When your house is decorated well it looks nicer and it gives a true home feel not only to the family members but also to the guests. A well kept home can uplift the mood. So for all the decorations and maintenance it is very important to plan the things. It is important to know what you want, keeping in mind your budget. Your house should reflect your personality and your lifestyle! It is not rocket science, it is how much you want it and how you want it to be. You all must have imagined your dream house with beautiful interiors and expensive looking paintings and the most important- The one that can make your neighbor burn in envy. So, here are a few tips to how you can make your house look beautiful!

10. Choosing the Paints

This is obviously the most important things you need to do. This is the first thing that gets noticed by your visitors. The color of the paint reflects your mood, personality and even your feelings! The most important thing is to visualize that how a particular color will look on your walls. The most common mistake that people make is that they choose colors on how they look in the shop or on the shade cards. We must try the colors in small patches on the wall and look how it turns up after drying and are you satisfied with the shade? One should always remember that the darker shades make the room look smaller and the lighter shades make it look bigger. You can also try making only one wall dark which can be your “highlight wall” and the rest of the wall in lighter shade. This style is not only a trend now but can really lift up the show of your living room.

9.  The Lighting

Lighting is the really important in putting up the overall design of the house. This is one place where you’ll be spending your most money. Try putting lamps in your rooms. The right color of lights can be the focal point of the room. An elegant lamp can do wonders for your space. If you want to spend some more money you always have the option for chandeliers! Chandeliers come in almost all price tags! You can put them in your living room, dining area or even in your bathroom! If you have kids at home you can put theme lights in their rooms! There are brands that make lamps for children having designs of their favorite characters on TV! Right lighting can really do wonders for the house!

8. Flooring

So you’ve painted the walls and got nice lighting to lift up the mood but forgot about the flooring! Flooring is yet another dimension to be highlighted upon. You need to make sure that the flooring does compliment the paint job of the house. This is commonly overlooked by many! You have so many options when it comes to flooring. You can have the conventional chips designs, to glossy tiles, the shiny marble to classy wooden! There is no ending of options you can have it in different colors and designs. The classical floral designs have always been a favorite of many. The wooden flooring is trending in option. Not only for the people living at higher altitudes but even people living in high rise buildings are loving it. The flooring can keep you a little obsessed with maintenance but gives the room a royal look. If you are thinking of going with tiles, then ask your dealer about “friction tiles.” These tiles have a gritty surface and prevent slipping even if the floor is wet.

7.  The Living room

Living room is the first thing your guests notice when they visit you. Its your first impression. The living room of the house defines what kind of person you are? You are formal or light hearted. So choose stuff for your living room well because you just get sixty seconds to impress! If you’re keeping a TV in your living room, make sure that there is enough seating arrangement around the TV set and everyone can be comfortable. For the sofa in your living room, a centre table or a coffee table is a must. Avoid the big sofas and go for the comfort and sitting capacity and as far as the table is concerned there’s a lot of choice in the market from different designs, shapes and sizes to fit in your living room. You can also go for carpets. The carpets are never out of trend, it gives an elegant look to your room without much effort.

6.   The Kitchen

An old saying goes “The way to man’s heart is from his stomach.” Its absolutely true but the kitchen department is generally governed by the lady of the house! So make sure she gets what she wants. There will be a lot of spending in this department too! From the gas stove to the chimneys you need to have the best possible in the market. You should not compromise on quality. Enough space is important in the kitchen because you’ll be keeping a lot of appliances here. You must discuss your requirements with an expert. He’ll guide you to the best available option.

5.  Photographs

Holidays, family functions, or just friends. The photographs are always in. You can always have photographs of your close friends, a trip you always loved or just a simple family photo. You can always decorate your walls by photographs. The photographs remind you of the good times you have spent with friends and family. Not only this but this is probably the cheapest accessory you can use and its also a good way of handling your old photos. So take out all your old photos and start accessorizing! This is a must try!

4.   Flowers

Flowers bring freshness and new power to the room and nothing can match the magic of flowers! Try putting flowers on your coffee table or may be on the dining table! Try working out with the theme or color of the room. Elegant vases with lilies can liven up the room. You will always find luxurious houses decorated with flowers. Try avoiding the artificial flowers as that is a complete no no! because they loose color with exposure to light and can never match the quality of the real ones! And don’t forget to change the water of the flowers because there is nothing classy about dirty standing water! Go ahead and put some life in your rooms!

3.  Candles

Yes Candles even if you have electricity! Yet another not so expensive decoration for your house. These candles come in a large variety from classy show pieces to scented candles, these comes in a variety of colors and scents. After the labor of all day you deserve a little pampering even from your surroundings! You can keep the candles in your bedroom to give it a romantic feel and even spark up the things between you and your partner. Candle light is always a turn on! Do try it and make it look beautiful!

2.  Art works

Art works for your wall. These can include anything from wall hangings to paintings. Putting up a painting is a very good idea to make your house look attractive! You can put anything that goes with the color tone of the room. These may include scenes of the nature, portraits of people or even posters of your favorite movies! An attractive painting is always administered by visitors! If you are interested in paintings, then voilà! This is the time to flaunt your talent and give yourself some satisfaction because personal art is unique and attractive! You can always put your kids’ art work too. This can be a good option for the room as and it will also help your children to up-boost their confidence.

1.  Electronics

Electronics have always appealed the eyes of people for generations. In the old days people even used to show off their huge radio sets and gramophones! May be it sounds absurd but there is nothing weird about it! People still do it! Yes its show off but we all know why you’ve been thinking of buying that swanky home theater system! Somewhere you want people to see it. And why not, if you have it, flaunt it! Show your guests your love for the gadgets. Your i-pod player will bring sophistication and fun to your room and if you are a game freak you can always have the x-box, Nintendo and so much of gaming stuff!

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