Top 10 Ways to make your House Theft Proof

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People earn money by putting in all his efforts. All people have profession through which they earn money. Some people have a profession of stealing others money and this is how they earn money. But when something which is belongs to you gets stolen, it hurts a lot. We all are aware of the saying-‘precaution is better than cure’. So you should take care of all your belongings before anyone tries to steal them. Here we will discuss top 10 ways to make your house theft proof.

10. Don’t tell everyone about your belongings

If you keep on telling everyone about your belongings then the updates about your belongings will soon reach to some thief. Then your belongings will not be as safe. For example, your wife has a diamond necklace. In this case, you should not advertise about the diamond necklace to everyone. Because people are very much into gossip and because of this gossip, the news of diamond necklace may reach to any of the thief. Therefore, you should not tell everyone about your belongings.

9. Make sure that you cover all the windows properly

Windows is the most common place through which thieves make their way to enter someone’s house. If you are living in a house then you should make sure that all the windows in the house are properly covered. If you cover all the windows properly then the security of your house enhances. Avoid glass windows because anyone can break glass to enter inside the house. Even if you want, glass windows then ask for the glasses with a poly sheet within them. Avoid sliding windows because one can easily slide them to enter inside the house. Apart from this, you should keep all your expensive things safely. You can keep them in a locked cupboard or at some secretive place. So that even if the thieves enters your house, but he won’t be able to find your expensive things.

8. Inform your neighbors and security guards.

This is a very important step, which you need to follow when you leave your house. Before leaving the house, you should inform your neighbors and security guards. Ask them to take care of your house. If you are on a holiday then be in touch with your neighbors and security guards. This will help you in keeping an eye on your house.

7. Constructional checks

If your house is under construction then you should try to make it 100 percent theft proof. There are many techniques and designs through which you can make your house theft proof. Ask your architect to implement ideas, which will make your house safer. Keep your safe and locker in the room, which is in the center of your house. If you have, a basement in your house then, all the doors of the basement should be properly locked.

6. Someone always inside the house

Try not to leave your house empty. If you are going in a party or get-together then you should not leave your house empty. At least one member of your house should be always there in your house. In case you do not have anyone who can stay in your house in your absence then there is a tip, which can help you. Before leaving the house, do not switch off the lights and the fans. With the help of this tip, you can make an impression that there is someone in the house.

5. Proper lighting system

Lights can help you a lot in keeping your house safe. As we, all know thieves mostly do their work at night in the absence of lights. Before sleeping, you should switch on the lights of your balcony, garage, verandah, and garden. Obviously, this will somehow waste the electricity. But you can avoid the wastage of electricity by using timers systems within the lights

4. Strong doors and windows

The main reasons found after every robbery is unlocked or weak doors and windows. Before going out you should check all your doors and windows. You should even lock all your secondary doors and windows too. If you find any of your doors and windows lock weak or feeble then without wasting any time go and bring some new sturdy locks. Make sure the doors and windows leading to your safe or locker rooms are properly locked, before going to sleep.

3. Keep latest alarm system

Day by day methods of doing robbery are becoming advanced. Therefore, you need to keep your locking systems updated. Now a day many amazing and 100% protection providing alarm systems

2. Have a dog

Dog is a very common technique to keep your house safe. You do not have to keep a big dog; a small cute dog will also solve your purpose. This is the best way to make your safer and theft proof

1. be alert

Apart from having all these arrangements the first and the foremost things is to be alert.


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