Top 10 Ways to Overcome Exams Tension

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“Hey Google! Wanna sit next to me during the exam?” More the knocking on the door, more such thought revolves around us. Isn’t it? Why the power of Renaissance could not cast slightest of its spell on nightmare of exam? Since ages the situation is same when a student’s mind gets totally blank more the so called “Never Welcomed” day approaches. Deep anxieties,nervousness reduces the ability for logical thinking and also hampers confidence level of a student. But suppose if there was not any system called Exam, how the life would have been? Will we ever take the pain of opening the book even? Believe me, life would have definitely turned out completely boring because being a human being we are unable to move on same track throughout the life. And thus some kind of charged up things have to be there. What say? So let’s take some chill pill and let’s go through these brilliant ideas to invite exam in a cool way.

10) Hit the peak of confidence:-

exam confidence

“OMG! Wish me luck, I have my Exam.” Why do we behave in such a way as if we are going to be hanged to death? We should adopt an attitude as if we know everything and nothing can able to defeat us. A phobia would make us forget even those things which we know by heart. Do not allow people to make you nervous. Always wear a steady face. Also remember that exam isn’t the last thing in life. So crack it with a chilled out mood. Scare the answers before they grab you.

9) Do not simply mug up without understanding:-

do not memorize

A slight twist and turn of question, and we submit a blank sheet of answer. This is the most seen occasion. Never memorize any lesson before knowing it entirely. This is the most vital thing a student should always adhere to. Always try to understand the meaning of the lesson. This will help you to remember the very lesson till the end. Make sure that you have utmost command on the medium of language you are opting to answer. And if you know the background of the lesson then you can easily be able to frame it in your own words. Creative answers would always fetch high marks than answers being mugged up from books.

8) Avoid too many discussions with friends:-

too many discussion with friends.

“How much did you complete? Oh God! I am done with nothing.” Isn’t such conversation creates panic? If yes then start avoiding even those people who are creating such nuisance. Because before exam we are not supposed to allow any type of stress to rule us. Avoid sending text to friends frequently and asking them about their exam preparation is going on. Such activity breaks the concentration on studies and brings no fruitful results. Let’s also stop asking our friends regarding their method of preparation. Always remember different people have different style of preparing and cannot be followed by others. Also try and avoid group studies because they are the complete wastage of time.

7) Do not go for last minute preparation:-

last minute prep

Exam is now at the door step and are you still planning to start with a new chapter? If yes then please drop the idea. Because last minute preparation gets us nowhere. If we start with something new then we might not able to remember it properly. Last minutes are there for revising the chapters which we are already familiar with entirely. And if we plan to spend that very hour in some new things then there are all possibilities of getting doomed in all respect. Also a new chapter at the peak time would grow us anxieties. Thus revise only those lessons which you are confident about. Attempting few questions and getting full marks on it is always preferable.

6) Devote time in meditation:-


Stress, anxieties, tension can be cured in one medicine and that is MEDITATION. It happens that we are very well prepared but stress makes us forget important things. And in such case meditation helps us to deal with such negativeness. Meditation helps us to sooth our mind and helps us to wear a tension free smile every time. It is always recommendable to a student to meditate just for 5 to 10 minutes daily before the exam. And if it can be followed in early morning then it would definitely bring colorful result.

5) Avoid quarrels, fights with friends and families:-

no fight before exam

Bitter talks makes you hot headed and ultimately do not allow you to concentrate on your studies. So let’s join hands and enjoy friendship with all at least during exam. Try to avoid getting indulge in any conversation which would make us angry. We should remember that at this juncture our only work is to study and not bringing the hero out of us though fights and arguments. If you really want to boss around then achieve the status through good result.

4) Stick to the Syllabus:-

stick to syllabi

Extra readings are good but a big NO before the exams. Extra readings definitely get us good marks sometimes but what if we forget everything and even the basics which are most necessary? Before exam we should always stick to the main syllabus which can at least fetch us 80% marks. Always remember that the examiner always sets the question paper based on the syllabus and a through revise to it brings the best. Already the huge syllabus overburden a student. so there is no need of doing any extra work alongside.

3) Jot down important points and make notes:-

jot down notes

It’s bad when we need to search for an important definition at the last hour when each single second is damn precious. So what should be done? Let’s make some notes of the important chapters and jot it down on a fresh paper. Also we can make a notes copy where in one section we would keep a track of all important definitions. In the next section there can be all formulas and so on. This will help us to get all necessary information in one bunch at a time. It also serves as a perfect example of last minute suggestion. But this activity should be carried on before 15 to 20 days of exam. So that you get ample time to cover up each subject completely.

2) Arrange previous year’s question papers:-

question papers previous year

Random reading will not help alone. It is best if we get some hints of the paper pattern so that we can prepare accordingly. So Go fetch some previous year’s question paper from any senior and firstly prepare those questions which have already been given. In many cases there are huge possibilities of question getting repeated. So revise a chapter and prepare the relevant question given on it in previous years. But do not omit any chapter if you do not find any questions based on it previously. Also it is recommendable to write the answers which you have prepared in a note book only for once because it says that 50 times reading is equivalent to single time writing. It is a perfect way to reduce tension because ultimately you will find that you have got a grip of it.

1) Prepare a timetable 15 days-20 days before exam:-


 “Just 20 days left for exam and you have started feeling the Goosebumps, isn’t it?” DO NOT PANIC. Prepare a time table by your own. Start with the subject you are not at all prepared. Assign a perfect time period for it, for example 3 days. And like wise assign suitable time span for each subject. Make yourself firm and determined to complete those subjects within those limited time. Remember that at this juncture each single second is precious and thus you need to utilize it to the core. Try to give very less time for amusement and relaxing.You Should study till late at night if you are not much into waking up early. Also a strong coffee at night in regular intervals serves the best when we start giving our 100%. Good luck


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