Top 10 Ways to Pamper yourself after a Busy Stressful Day

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We all have goals which we want to complete in life and they all take a long process of hard-work. But a balanced life is not about working hard all the time. After a day full of hectic work we should give some time to ourselves, to move away from the routine and to feel motivated for the next day’s share of hard work. Pampering yourself at home is easy and very well required because it makes our mind clear and positive. Also relaxing the mind helps to focus more on the goal. Pampering need not be a complicated activity, there are several easy ways to pamper yourself after a busy and stressful day that can make all the hard work worth it.

10. Diary writing

diary writing

Keeping a diary is a very unique way of pampering yourself. A diary is just like an intimate friend who can be told everything and anything without the judgmental reciprocation. Be honest to your diary and write everything. After a while of diary writing, it becomes your best friend and a habit. Start writing every detail from the start of the day to the end of it. Some experts believe that the benefits of keeping a diary go much further than helping you keep track of your highs and lows. A diary keeps you motivated and you can always go back to the page where you wrote why you started at the first place. Reading old diary entries also remind you of your growth and how far you have come. Keeping a diary allows you to express your innermost thoughts honestly without worrying about getting judged, which can be an excellent way to relieve stress.

9.  Read a book

read a book

Grab your old favorite book, re-read it and remember the old good times when you read that book for the first time. Or grab a new book and let the literary world distract you from the tough day you just had. Concentrating on the book can relax the tension of muscles, according to new researches. A little escapism is wanted by all and a book is the perfect way to end your day with. Be it a children’s fiction or a romantic book, it will never fail to take you to another world and it will be easier to let go things that do not matter.

8. Watch a movie

watch a movie

Watching a movie is another way of escaping from the hectic day. It is also the easiest form of entertainment; all you have to do is sit before a screen and let the movie distract you from all the problems of the day.  A research proved that watching a movie makes you more creative and can control your thought. You might be sad before watching a movie but it can make a huge impact on your mind and you might feel refreshed after watching it.

7. Dress yourself

dress yourself

Take out your best shoes and your best clothes. Wear them on a normal day and it will instantly lift up your mood. Wearing your special dress on a normal day is a good way to pamper yourself. Looking good and knowing that boosts confidence in an instant. Try to experiment with your hair, clothes and your looks. Engage in looking better and believe it or not it will cheer you up better than any other thing.

6. Take a bath

take a bath

Be it a warm water bath, a chilled cold water bath or a bubble bath. It is a cheap, fun and a royal way to soothe your muscles and relax. You can add various natural oils in the bathing water to smell good. It is a proven fact that bathing can reduce blood pressure and relax not only your body but also your mind. Bathing lifts out the harmful toxins of the body and leave your skin soft and supple. You can also add various salts to water like sea salt. The Sea Salt Soak is a therapeutic soak that is a great purifier that dissipates negative energy. Sea salt is alkaline and it helps to lower the acidity of the body and cleans it. It is a proven fact that most important decisions by people are usually made during a bath. This is because it is the best time to spend with yourself.

5. Get a massage

get a massage

The rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of body can be very stress relieving. It can dissolve away anxiety, depression and pain. A research has shown that it can also boost immunity. A massage can increase the blood flow and plump up skin. It can also curb headaches and improve sleep. A massage is a great way to reduce stress after a hectic day and has proven benefits to the body. It’s always a pleasure to book a full body aroma therapy massage which is very common these day. It will leave you feeling fabulous all over. A recent study conducted by Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles recruited 53 healthy adults and assigned them to receive deep tissue, Swedish and light touch massage and the researchers found that a single session of massage caused biological changes in their bodies. They also had increases in white blood cells that are part of the immune system.

 4. Great food

great food

Cooking and eating, both can be therapeutic. The benefits of good nutrition are multiple.  Reward yourself with good food, wines, chocolates or ice-creams for completing one more day with utter dedication and hard work. Cook for yourself, that favorite dish which reminds you of your mother and feel cozy and relieved. Rewarding does not mean over-eating and eating unhealthy food. It means eating food that makes your stress go away.

3. Socialize


Surf the net, log in to face-book, or twitter. Talk to people and be nice to them. Make all the pending calls and reply everyone you could not reply because of the busy day. Tweet and click your pictures, post status updates and socialize. Tell them how you have been working hard to reach your goal and get appreciated. A good conversation with friends, family, loved ones or strangers is a great way to feel special. Having friends and sharing your problems with them can make life easier beyond expectations.

2. Warm drink

warm drink

Make yourself a warm drink and enjoy it without pressure. Think of all the positive things that happened to you in the day and where you went wrong. A warm drink at the end of the day relaxes mind. It can be anything, from coffee, tea, green tea, warm milk or even warm water with lemon. They do great for the metabolism and are very relaxing. Most warm drinks like tea, coffee have antioxidants which are good for the body. Also a warm sugar drink gives quick energy after a hectic day. Antioxidants refer to the function of a group of substances in combating Free Oxygen Radicals. Free Radicals are compounds that have an unopposed electrical charge due to electrons and that are highly reactive and unstable. They react with biological compounds in the body causing damage to living tissue, which help the body.

1. Meditate


Meditation is the best way to reduce stress and has been used by people since ages. It is a very important part of yoga and done by several famous celebrities. It Builds self-confidence and increases serotonin level. It also influences mood and behavior which helps in controlling thoughts. It helps with focus & concentration which automatically Increases creativity. Meditation can improve learning ability and memory. Research says that meditation brings an aspect of stability and peace to the mind. Meditation can protect from disorders such as pain, high blood pressure and even rheumatoid arthritis. Meditation is a very efficient and a proven method of getting relieved from the stress. You can meditate anywhere, in your room or in a park and it will do wonders to your body.


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