Top 10 Ways to Pass your Time When you are Sick

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No one on earth likes it if they are sick. Being sick is like a punishment. You look boring and you dress boring. As you are not allowed to work while you sick, the whole day seems to be killing you. You cannot think of any possible way to pass your sick-time. Well, here are a few tips that will help you to spend your time in the best possible ways.

10. Sleep and day dream

The best thing to do while you are sick is to sleep and get rest. If you have been sleeping a lot lately and do not want to sleep anymore, then you can day dream. Imagine things that you want to achieve and imagine yourself all fit and healthy. Imagine yourself with those achievements and imagine yourself doing the stuff that you have always wanted to do but couldn’t.

9. Google, YouTube or Quora

The internet has solved all our problems. The problem with sickness is that you cannot work and feel weak. Well, you don’t need strength to use Google, to watch hilarious videos of YouTube or to fall into the discussions and questions of Quora. They have amazing stuff published online. You can learn new things and know what is going around in the world. Also, have a good laugh. You can also shop online using various online shopping portals.

8. Call or Chat with friends and catch up

You can call your old friends or chat with them. This will help you to relax and forget all about your sickness. Because, friends and family always help you to feel that you are being cared for. Calling up friends will mean a lot to them also, as you might not get time to catch up with them. Talk to them about all the happiest memories which work as a treatment for the sickness.

7. Cleaning your room

If you are able to move around a little but still cannot go to work, try cleaning your home, or at least your room. You usually may not get enough time to clean your room. Making it clean will also keep you away from further diseases. Sick time is the time to arrange your stuff at the right place. You can change your room’s orientation and re-decorate it or reorder the things. Give it a new look and have a nice feel about it.

6. Eat new recipes

Your doctor may have suggested you certain types of vegetables and fruits which you will need to get well soon. Don’t think that all those things are boring. Look up on internet for some interesting combinations that you can cook using those ingredients. Try the creative person inside you, and pass your time as well as eat nice food. Experiment all you want, because you may not have enough time to experiment things later. Cooking can be helpful to your health as well as for your mood.

5. Read a book

Books are the best company for you in solitude. Don’t worry if you don’t have new books with you. You can re-read your favorite books. Ask a friend or member of family to lend you their books or get you a new book from library. Read magazines of available. Try reading a book of someone else’s choice. Reading can be a fun activity when you are sick. That helps you learn new stuff and pass your time too.

4. Make lists

You can make a number of lists while you sick because it gives you a lot of spare time to think and plan. Think about your targets, dreams and goals. Journals can be difficult but lists are as easy as sleeping. Make lists of things that you want to achieve in the next 10 to 12 months. Make lists of things that you would do if you didn’t have to worry about the money or time. You can make a list of things that you want to change at your place or in your room.

3. Creative brain

Explore your creative self. Try doing something creative when you are sick. It helps to kill time as well as takes you mind off the sickness. Make various origami flowers or other things. Decorate the boxes left on the shelf, looking all plain and dull. Do add some craft to the room and shelves. Easy tricks with the paper can be learned instantly form the internet.

2. Movie marathon and music marathon

What was the last time when you had a lot of time in hand and you spent it watching your favorite movies and series? Never, right? This is the time to cease the moment and have a movie marathon. You can watch out all your favorite movies or favorite sections of those movies that have been lying in your laptop waiting for this day. Listen to your favorite songs if you are not able to watch them because of headache and sickness. Keep the volume really low if you are very sick.

1. Bath and relax

Have a nice bath when you are sick. Have a hot bobble bath, which will help you free your body pain due to sickness. You can also a steamy shower. Warm water help your sickness and also help you pass you time while preparing for one. Try to relax yourself in the best possible manner. Do some yoga, meditation or stretching. Just don’t do things that can make you uncomfortable. Be relaxed and comfortable.


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