Top 10 Ways to Profess your Love to your Crush

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Love is something which can never be expressed in mere combination of words. But, it is, indeed, the best feeling one could ever get. Crushes and infatuations are a part of life. Sometimes, its just a little crush on someone which lasts for a second or so. On the other hand, it’s a bigger crush which stays in your heart all through your life.

Got a crush, right ? And you so want to tell them that you love them, but you can’t, you just simply can’t, why ? Probably because you are afraid of the rejection or are so nervous that you can’t even look them up in the eye, which is very natural and don’t you worry, because, everyone experience the same at some point of their lives and moreover, it won’t make you a “loser”. So, it’s time to say goodbye to the friend zone for good. Below are some of the ways which will help you out in professing your love for your crush.



Before thinking about confessing your love to your crush, you should first make sure if you really love them or is it just an attraction. One can’t just go out and tell the special one that he love them, when even he don’t know if he really do or not. You have to first decide and then make a decision. Think about it for few days, this will further help you to take a right decision in a right way. Once you are sure enough about your feelings, you need not worry much.

Usually, people take wrong decisions without even thinking and later after few months, their love life end up with nothing but a breakup.

Is she/he the one ? yes, you have to ask this question for about 100 times in a day. You know your love is precious, and you will have to make it more special. Take your time and if, every time, you feel like the answer to your question is a “yes”, then you have all the rights to deserve love.

Remember, your love should not be an option but the decision with no other options.


call her up and fix a day

The second thing you need to do is to call the one you love and fix a perfect day to confess your love. Remember, you don’t have to make yourself desperate. All you need to do is to ask in a very simple manner that you want to talk to them about some work. No, don’t even try to give them a hint about the same. Ask as if it’s not that important without getting nervous.

Once, you are done with the day, you will have to decide a place where you want to take the love of your life. Do not choose the place she/he hates, no, you need to make it special, very special. Try to choose a place less-crowded, where you two can spend some time alone and where you need not wait for anything and just sing your heart aloud without any hesitation.


prepare well

Proposal Planning by The Heart Bandits

How to confess your love to someone can never be a problem if you prepare yourself well. Now, all you need to make sure that everything you are doing is right and decide that in which sequence you are going to present things and when will you finally express your love to them.

Do not panic, believe in yourself and your love. You need to be confident about the things you are doing. Also, you should do all the arrangements before time so that you won’t have to panic few minutes before the plan.

Trust me, if you really love her/him, nothing can make them go.


be cheerful

It does not matter if you are the one with the glasses or amongst the serious guys or the one with the humor, you need to carry a cheerful attitude to make your dream valentine feel happy. You are going to make a love confession and this is a happy occasion, so be happy and make them enjoy your company.

Remember, the more you seem to be happy, the more she/he will feel comfortable with you. As the saying goes, “A happy man can change the world”. With this attitude of yours, she/he will definitely smile and say yes.


be confident

You need to be confident about all you do. You know that you are proposing her/him because you love her/him and not because you don’t have a choice. If you really love her/him, you don’t need to be nervous. Be confident that all you are doing is because you just want to tell them that you love them and not because you want their reply as a “yes”.


be positive

While doing a work, especially the most special one, one shouldn’t think negative. All you have to do is, after preparing yourself for the best, leave it to the god and pray for the same. Believe in yourself, that what all you did was right and no matter what, she/he will answer in a “yes”, they will have to because you love her/him from the heart.


dress nicely

Now when you know that its time to meet your crush, you need to dress nicely, the way they will love to have to by their side. Do not ever choose a dress, like in marriages or parties and the one you wear at your home or while meeting a casual friend, no.

You need to choose a dress which will make you look mature, which will make you behave like a man/lady.


propose her

Proposal Planning by The Heart Bandits

The time of your life has come. The love of your life, your crush, is sitting next to you waiting for you to say a word and propose them. Yes, she/he is waiting for you. So you better make it special. You need to make it the best day of their life. Do something they would love to do. Time to propose your crush in the most special way, be it with a beautiful song or flowers or a love poem. Do your best.

Just say it without getting nervous or do something romantic, like proposing them, down on your knees, with a single rose flower in your hand. They would love it or you can do it the other way, like sing a song, a very beautiful romantic love song. All you need to do is make her/him feel special in any way, do anything, anything but in a best possible manner.

Making them feel special won’t cost you a thing but it will definitely make them smile.

A girl/guy always need a man/woman who promises to take care of them throughout their life, and that’s what you’re going to do. If you are doing efforts to make them smile in the beginning, you will surely make them happy forever.

Again, remember, she/he is, now, not just a crush, but the one you can’t live without. Make sure in mind, they complete you.


look into her eyes

While proposing her/him, do not get nervous. She/he means a a lot to you, and obviously, you don’t want to miss their reaction while doing so. Look directly into their eyes, and say it with utter seriousness, like you really mean it from the bottom of your heart. At that particular point of time, cheesy lines or the ones with the cheesy words will help you. The ones like “you are my soul mate and the love of my life”, “when I first saw you, I said ‘thank you god’” or “you complete me, and its awesome to spend my life with you”.


be patient

At last, when everything happened i.e. when you really proposed your crush with all your heart. Be patience enough to wait for their reply. If they asks you for some time, give them that and do not argue or force them to accept you. A forceful relationship can never be love.

Give them some time, do not ask them to make it fast. You love them, and so you don’t want them to make you their choice, just because they had no options left with them.


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