Top 10 Ways to Relax after a Stressful Day

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Stress can get to us in more ways than one can imagine. Stress is potentially capable of killing a healthy person without any fathomable illnesses. The Japanese have termed the phenomenon of death by stress as Karoshi. Well, when things can get this serious with stress, shouldn’t we need a buffer? Don’t you worry, here are a few steps to relax after that stressful day at work.

10. Meditate

The most underrated, yet the most effective way to manage stress it to have short, relaxing meditation session. Just sitting in a quiet place and finding solace with that that magical silence can do wonders for that stressed mind of yours. Shutting out those thoughts for a while is all one needs at the end of the day. And you don’t need to undergo training any need any kind of guidance to meditate. Find a comfortable spot and breathe in and breathe out at your own slow pace. Deep breathing always works when you need to relax those tensed nerves.

9. Read.

Often reading has transports us into a world that is far, far away from the worries and tensions of the real world. This is exactly what we need at times. Any book that you feel will do the trick, a fantasy fiction, the best seller on the shelf, or even a romance novel to get you away from the weariness of the day. A good book and coffee by the window across a beautiful scenery can ease your tension in a jiffy.

8. Take a walk.

Sometimes, all one needs to do is just leave all the worried behind at home and take a stroll through the streets all by yourself. When stress peaks, this is the best solution. Wear your sweats, and a nice pair of flip-flops if you will and some nice music to go with and go out there and get some fresh air. The air, the strangers, the novelty of the beautiful world outside and your thoughts slowing their pace feels like heaven, especially if you have had particularly stressful day.

Now that you are out, go and indulge yourself in some a coffee. Nothing like a nice, warm cup of coffee to calm your nerves. While you’re there, stretch, yawn, take some deep breaths, and enjoy.

7. Exercise.

Nothing calms your nerves than burning those unwanted calories. Hit the gym, do a little bit of cardio or cycling or some stretches to relax your muscles. Swimming can be a great stress buster and also pretty great way to burn some extra calories. Or get your dirt bike and hit the road, ‘cause cycling along the road is the best stress buster.

6. Sex

Okay, this one is probably not advised to everyone out there but yes, studies have proven that sexual intercourse is the best solution to stress. The energy spent in the act burns a lot of calories in addition, also the hormones released during sex boost the persons well being. During the sexual act, the body produces neuro chemicals called endorphins. One benefits from their release during the point of orgasm. The body produces this ‘natural morphine’ that alters one’s mood, thereby ensuring that it switches to a relaxed mode.

5. Keep uncluttered and clean surroundings

Did you know that cleaning is a great stress buster? Feeling all jumpy and restless? Well, why don’t you start cleaning that dirty room of yours? Cleaning, scraping and tidying everything in the room can ease your nerves like nothing else. Start right with all the clutter on your desk, the attack that basket full of laundry and then well, remove the stains from every surface possible? This is the best way to relax yourself and towards the end you get a clean room. If you keep an untidy home or office it will only lead to a cluttered mind, full of stress. It can make you feel unburdened and free.

4. Play a soothing CD or tape.

Most people swear by music as the best stress buster. Research say that music is one of the easiest way to beat stress. Going back home after a hustled long day at work, putting on your headphones and relishing the sound of your favorite melody might just do the trick for you. It is quite possible that you might not remember the day when you had the time to close your eyes, sit back and enjoy those classics that you have always loved and adored.

3. Go to a spa

The solution to most problems lies in a good massage. There’s no better way to relax your tensed muscles than massage your war through. Massaging the neck, shoulders, head and the lower back helps you relax. This might be a little tough if you want to do it at home with no one around, so just hit the spa and let the professional s take care of you.

2. Take a shower

 Nothing like a nice, long, warm bath to feel like a new and refreshed person. The best way to end your tiring day is to have a bath filled with bubbles, candles, all kinds of scents and oils to invigorate your senses and then lay back and enjoy the bath.

1. Take a nap.

Sleep can do wonders to a stressed mind. It takes you away from the world of worries and tensions, your very own escape from reality. SO go ahead, have that nap and feel fresh when you wake up. Just take a 30-minute nap, and you’re re-set! A nap is like a restart button for life.


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