Top 10 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day

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Rains- we all love it! What’s the best part about rains? That it comes right after the scorching unbearable summer heat and soothes our body, soul and mind! The first rain, especially, is the best thing we get to experience. Those dark clouds transforming the weather into a beautiful, cool and breezy day, almost always bringing out the inner artist and poets and authors hidden in all of us, the smell of the wet earth after that first downpour, the cool breeze blowing our hairs in all directions and we love it o much that we do not even want to manage our hairs. It is the rains, after all! We want to stay away from college and work, just to spend some me-time at home. And what better time to pen down this article in the monsoon itself? Here are some simple, but great ideas to spend a rainy day that simply spells out F-U-N!

10. Bake a Cake

Cakes religiously and spiritually unite us. Yes, that’s the immense amount of power cakes hold within them. On a rainy day, with a heavy pour outside when you are back home, be it alone or with friends or family, you all want to gorge on your favorite chocolate cake, right? So get your ingredients right, bring out the cake oven that has been lying in dust for months or even years now and bake up your favorite cake. Yum! I am already feeling hungry.

9. Read Books

Got a new book but have you been so busy that you are not getting time to sit quietly and read it? Sounds like all of our story, right? So what better day to start reading up that particular book on a rainy day when you are at home, or at the college canteen or even while travelling by bus or metro? The mind remains calm and the intake capacity increases tenfold, so the story and characters are permanently etched in our minds. Now, you have got no new book? No worries! Bring out that old book which you have read over and over again and probably know all the lines by heart, but ca never get bored of reading it. Bring out that book, snuggle inside a quilt and fall in love with it all over again!

8. Pamper Yourself

The rains might look beautiful, but they are not great news for your skin and hair. The humidity in the air leads to sticky hair and oily face, and who wants a bad hair day any day? So rush in to the nearest salon or spa and treat yourself. If you do not feel like moving out in the rain, even better! You can pamper yourself at home with all natural products. Get a hot oil massage and massage the oil onto the scalp really, really slow so that you can feel the de stressing. Make homemade face packs and get that perfect radiant look no beauty product can give you! Isn’t it great?

7. Get Drenched

The best way to enjoy rains is to go out and get drenched. That pleasure is unexplainable. Reminds me of my childhood. Wear your crocs or rubber slippers, and without a thought, just step out in the rain. Whether you have a partner or not does not really matter, all that matters is that peace of mind when you close your eyes and let each drop reach your heart. That fresh feeling stays with you all day long! But if you have a tendency to catch cold soon, please refrain from it. Health comes first!

6. Be an Artist for the Day

This is no myth that we all are born with a hidden art lover inside us. Even scientists, engineers, doctors, astronauts and people who completely belong to scientific field cannot deny that streak of love for art inside them. Sp when the heavy rain outside spells romance, why not let that artist inside us come out for a day? Do anything you love to. Paint, sketch, make albums, write pieces- do whatever your mind commands you to do at that very moment.

5. Do all the Household Chores

Now, this sounds like an absolute spoiler for the rains but trust me, it is not. Rainy days are actually the best time to do all those household chores that have been pent up for days and weeks and months. Who likes to work and arrange the house on a hot sultry day? Nobody! Rains act as the cooling agent for the weather and the freshness that it brings along is like a new wave of energy. So gear up and do up your place beautifully.

4. Time for Pakoras

Pakoras and rains are inseparable. Those little balls of gram flour make the rainy day worth it. Whether you are living alone, or with your family, or partner, heat up some oil in the pan and indulge in some guilty pleasures of life. A hot, steaming cuppa along with that is nothing short of heaven. If you are not at home and the pakodi bug bites you, no worries! There are snacks shops on every lane and by lane. Run, run, run for you might not get the good pieces after a point of time.

3. Call Over your Bestie/Partner

Rains bring in floods of memories along with them. So you are just sitting and looking at the rain and suddenly you remember your childhood days? Or those days when you first met your partner? Call them up to your place, right now! The moment they enter your small room, do you even need this list? Time will start flying and you will lose all sense of it. The day will pass by without any fuss. And this particular day is going to stay with you for a long, long time. Mark my words!

2. Head to Your Favorite Coffee Place

New in the city? Missing your family and friends? Umm, tough it is, I know. But that is not an excuse to stay away from the rain. You have that favorite coffee corner in that city. We all agree unanimously that coffee cannot be enjoyed without that perfect ambience. So what are you waiting for? Take your i-pod and head towards your favorite café. Order a cup of steaming café latte or a mocha and grab the seat by the window! Its such a bliss!

1. Have an Indoor Picnic

Rains call in for some fun. Plan a picnic or a feast randomly when you see that the rians are here to stay. Call over your friends from your apartment or your locality, decide on everything, the menu, the playlist, share the responsibilities and bang! That enthusiasm is just sky high and the party begins even before it begins! Woohoo!


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