Top 10 Ways to Tackle a Bully

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Life is never an easy road to travel and especially when there are people who are reckless and act like the BULLY. Yes, many have come across this major problem and many have suffered. Truly, when a little child is being harassed just for no reason at all, it might lead him to a terrible state of mind. People from time to time are affected by this a lot. Truth be told, it’s just not about little kids. There are many people who have forgotten to act like matured people and even in their mature stages of their age, acts like a complete bully. There are ways to avoid such people, and it not that difficult. Here are the 10 ways you can actually avoid or so to say tackle a bully:


this goes out to the parents

The child shares special bonds with their parents and so it is the parent’s duty to actually make sure that the children are not really pampered a lot. They must be prepared for the harsh world and be told the truth as how the parents in their life has come across a bully, if ever they have, and advise them to know how to handle people with such mentality. Over pampering a child can really be fatal and it is absolutely essential that the child is prepared to be strong both mentally and physically. Mental strength is the most important thing that can transform the child from being depressed to being a strong willed person who can handle any such troublesome situation.


know your bully

Whenever you enter into an institution, we are tensed and worried as to if we will ever get a friend and live a peaceful live. We try to settle in and with this we also try to make new friends and try to know everybody. But knowing about people who you are going to befriend is not going to simply help. You have got to know you enemy and in this case the bully. Knowing the bully can be of great help. These people are mostly like wild animals; they act immature and have a pattern of hunting. The wild animals are bound to do so to survive and the bullies are supposed to do so as they have nothing else to give to the world. So once you know the pattern, you can act accordingly and make your way out.


work your way around

Like, previously stated, the most important thing is that knowing your bully and really working your way out. The more you seem to be invisible the better. For those who are shaken with the guts of such people, make sure that there are no such encounters with these people. Know your strength and also know that bullies are not the best kind of person to be. They are just a phase in life. They will make you stronger if you can just ignore them.


befriend them

This might sound weird, but there are actually some ways you can befriend the leader. Yes the bullies actually have a leader. They do act like wild animals, see. So if you come on the radar of the leader and act like a friend there is nothing like it. But that does not mean, you too have to be a bully or hurt someone. It just means that you are looking out for yourself and making sure that you are simply not bothered with all the silly things they have to put up every single day just to entertain them.


self control

Just no one thing, bullies are not really cool. They are lame and act immature. Every individual is a human being minding their own business and so you really don’t need to pick on them just to prove a point or even worse, to show who owns the power. Lame! And I am sure that no one wants to act like a cave-man just to show their superiority. So when people are picking on you or bothering you, simply know you are way better than them, and control your emotions. The more you react to them, the more they are going to bother you. Anger is the worst reaction of all, they bully you to make you angry.


mock mock mock away

Anger is not the best way to tackle the bullies you come across. They want the reaction. All they need is reaction. So what is the best thing to do is put the joke on them. The more they pick on you just react with a smile and be very polite to say how sorry you are to know that. Smile away and nothing can be more annoying to them. When you don’t give them the reaction they want out of you, they really tend to get angry themselves and with that they fumble or do something silly that might turn the table around and make them look like a fool. And they don’t like being the fool themselves. Smiling is like the best thing you can put up, even if it is fake, it will get you out of any trouble and always be polite. Mocking does not, mean you have to be harsh and really use strong words. But it is actually something that is going to hurt so bad yet, something that is said politely.


help others

It’s not always you. The person sitting next to you or that girl or boy you don’t like, they may also be the victim of a bully. When in such cases, try and help them. There is nothing wrong with helping those poor people. They may not be that strong when faced with such situations, and can be really hurt with the bullying. So what is the point in keeping the anger when you can be the bigger man? Not only are you helping someone, but also becoming a hero and if done in front of a mass, they will know where they can turn to when in such situations. So, that gives you the power to outdo the bullies and get rid of them once and for all.


report to authority

The next best thing you can do, even if the mockery does not work and you are enraged by the fact that the bullying did not stop is to inform the authority. Bullying is banned and should not be done, so once the authority is aware of such a problem taking place in their institution they are bound to take action. This will save a lot of people. Being scared of the bully is not going to work, if you want it gone forever. The authority will make sure that such a behavior is not put up any more or they will know how to deal with such kids.


slef defense works wonders

Learn self-defense. Yes, there are some bullies who are not only abusive with their words but can actually hurt you physically and that is not something that is encouraged. Know you way, how you can stop them from hurting you. Once you know how to put up a defense against these creeps, they will too make sure that they steer clear of you. But self-defense should not be taking in the wrong sense. It means that you must know to defend yourself at times, when needed, not hurt somebody.


mental strength

Mental strength is essential. You must have the strength to overcome such situation. These are just some phase in your life and it is not going to continue throughout your life span. Bullies are not what a real man should be like. They are cowards. They know that they have nothing else that might interest people and so they do such silly stuff. With the mental strength, you can avoid depression.  With mental strength you can not only tackle the bullies but you will also be able to overcome the huge hurdles laid on the path of your life.


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