Top 10 Weird Addictions

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Addiction is a term we hear on an everyday basis but do we know what that exactly means. Addiction means not being able to resist the force or compulsion of having or doing something. We read in the newspaper about the drug addicts and alcohol addicts. But these are not the only things that cause addiction. A lot of weird and unusual things can cause addictions. Some of them are:

10. Shopping:

Shopping is not just buying things. For some people, it is a compulsive disorder that compels people to shop. Such people feel relief when they shop and discomfort when they don’t. They have to shop even if they don’t have enough money which leads to heavy loans. This kind of addiction is called Oniomania. And also, these people spend hours on a daily basis at a store, online or offline, and can’t help themselves from not buying stuff.

9. Body Modification:

On the scale of weirdness, body modification addiction mat top the scale. But on the scale of ‘number of patients or addicts’, it is not the same thing. Body modifications include tattoo, piercings and cosmetic surgeries. People have an addiction of having tattoos. They say they feel confidence and self-assured after they have had a tattoo. This feeling of confidence is erased if they are denied of having another tattoo. Same goes for piercing and people like every organ of their body to be pierced to have a feeling of ownership and being different.

8. Tanning:

The tanning at some beach gives a person a certain high in a natural manner. But there can be addiction of this high anxiety feeling that a beach offers. Such addicts go to a tanning booth if not at the beach, but they cannot stop themselves from getting tanned and feeling high. But this activity is really dangerous for their skin and can cause cancers.

7. Drinking or smelling unusual things:

You thought smoking pot was only addiction. Some people have addiction to the fumes of petrol, nail polish and even kerosene. You thought only drinking alcohol is addiction. But some people have an addiction of drinking bottles nail polish. Drinking such weird inedible things causes harm to the body and you have no immunity against these.

6. Chewing Ice:

Chewing ice is a pretty much weird thing to do. People addicted to chewing ice are said to be suffering from the medical condition called Pagophagia. In this condition, people chew excessive ice and the cause of such addiction is usually the lack of iron in the person’s body. A lot of people have been found and treated from this addiction by treating the deficiency of iron. Some doctors classify this addiction under ‘Pica’ where they eat non-food items, while some say that ice is an edible item.

5. Exercising and gym-ing:

The addiction of exercising is very dangerous because of the illusion that it is not even an addiction. An addict of exercise or gym can and will easily overlook how serious of an addiction it is. If you are working out for more than two hours a day, you may want to stop them because it is unnatural. Such addicts skip social events, family gatherings and even work to exercise. Over-exercising may cause serious injuries to the body muscles and may spoil the health instead of improving it.

4. Pulling hair:

The addiction of pulling hair or the compulsion of hair pulling is, in medical terms, known as trichotillomania, or just trich. More than 11 million people in America are suffering from this urge and addiction, including both male and female. People having this kind of addiction will pull their hair from any either scalp, or eyelashes or any other part of the body.

3. Eating non-food items:

Eating dirt is a disease according to medical experts and the addiction of eating it is called pica. Pica means not only eating dirt but having an addiction to eat any item which is not supposed to be eaten. These items may be paint, ashes of cigarette, paper, chalk, etc. If a person has a craving for eating any earthy materials, like dirt and clay, then the condition is called geophagia. There are therapy sessions to treat such addiction conditions.

2. Internet and mobile phone:

People these days are getting addicted to internet and mobiles. They just don’t use it when needed but there is more to the story. Doctors recognize this as the Internet Addiction Disorder or IAD. This is defined as a condition in which the person suffers from hypertension whenever the person is unable to access the phone or internet or go online. This causes stress in the person. Such addicts have a compulsion to check their messages calls, mails and updates in every few minutes.

1. Gaming:

Gaming is not just pleasure. We usually play games to refresh ourselves and spend some leisure time to have fun and entertainment. But does everyone play with this intention? There are gamers who have an addiction for online gaming. They play games all day and all night long. Some even play games for days continuously. Even while they are involved in non-gaming activities, their mind is constantly overwhelmed with gaming thoughts. Studies show that such game addicts are mostly young male below the age 30.


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