Top 10 Weirdest Hotels in the World

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A holiday is made all the more memorable when the accommodation you chose makes it so. To give your next holiday an edge over the ones you have had till now, here is a list of the weirdest hotels around the world that not only stand apart from your usual luxury-providing lavish hotels but can make your experience truly worth remembering.

10. Karostas Cietums

Situated in: Liepāja, Latvia

A former military prison, this brick building has seen the administration of powers such as the Soviets, Nazis and most recently the Latvians. Karostas contrasts with the perfect picture of a hotel giving its guests an opportunity to live the life of a prisoner, with the typical prison food and the filthy prison bunks along with the uncivilized prison officials who abuse without a reason. Your stay here will also give you a glimpse of the lives those inmates had and the graffiti left behind as you take a tour of the building. The question that might be lingering in a lot of minds right now can be that why would one want to live in such a hotel. Visiting it may be the only way to find out.

9. The Capsule Inn

capsule inn

Situated in: Osaka, Japan

The Capsule Inn in Osaka is the first capsule hotel opened in 1979. If there is conservation of space, it is right here. Capsule Inn is built to provide basic overnight accommodation for its guests who mostly check in because of an urgency. They are systematically placed inside confined capsule-like spaces that are just big enough to contain a guest’s luggage, a bed and a TV. ofcourse, the Japanese are known for their innovative ideas but this one truly marks a revolution. It might be a helpful idea indeed for a country like India where the population is booming and land area per person is seeing a sharp decline

8. The Marmara Antalya


Situated in: Antalya, Turkey

This one is the world’s only moving hotel, revolving on its foundation. Unlike every other hotel, the view from your window is not going to be monotonous as this hotel brings to you dazzling and each-day different views to refresh your tour stay. Your stay can start by gazing outside your window at the endless sea and finish by gazing out of the same window but at the swimming pool below. This 2750 ton building floats on water with the 3 lowermost floors immersed in it. This hotel, with its unique features, can be a part of one of your most memorable holidays due to its uniqueness. Unless you suffer from motion sickness.

7. Palacio de Sal

Situated in : Uyunia, Bolivia

This one is for people who like that extra flavour. Palacio de Sal is a Hotel entirely made of salt. The owners wanted to make a hotel but had no material to do so in their area. So they used the only material readily available to make their dream turn into reality. From the building to the rooms, you can smell the saltiness in the air. Salt blocks are used to make the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture, including beds, tables, chairs and sculptures too. For maintaining the sanitary policies of the hotel you may not be allowed to lick the walls but you can surely reside in this salt palace and the stay will be as comfortable and beautiful as any other hotel. And oh wait! They have a ‘saltwater’ pool too! Therefore, this idea of using salt instead of concrete is definitely innovative and unique.

6. The Cake Hotel


Situated in: Soho, London

Another strange yet delicious idea for a hotel was conceived by Tate and Lyle Sugars is made to promote their new range. It took 14 cake-makers almost 2000 hours to transform a London home into the mouth-watering Cake Hotel. The visitors can eat its windows, table and even the walls, all of which are made of edible material. Walls made of macaroons, rugs made of marshmallow garlands and the bath tub full of caramel-popcorn, this hotel is a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. Checking into one of its theme rooms you may find yourself in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with not just the treasure chest thrown open in front of you but eatable as well. Make sure to bite into those ginger-spiced pearls!

5. The Library hotel

Situated in: Manhattan, USA

Does your idea of a relaxed holiday include indulging into the wishful fantasy of a novel you love? Hold your breath because here is a place just right for you! The Library Hotel of Manhattan is nothing less than a mystical haven for book lovers where you are not only surrounded with books but specific books of your choice. For instance, there’s a mathematics room, erotic literature room (you read that right) and a music literature room. Hold your horses, there’s no need to rush away to the hotel at once. Make sure you get prior reservations!

4. Das Park Hotel

Situated in: Linz, Austria

Bored by the ultra-luxurious fabulous hotels and same old suites and penthouse setting? Here comes an accommodation for people who like organic living. An exclusive place where you get your way of privacy in the lap of the nature, this is the perfect place for people who like park-romance. What’s more, you don’t have to look for a tree to sit behind either. The hotel rooms are made in gigantic cement pipes but are nothing less than the lavish designer suites. They include bedding, TV and enough space for people and their luggage. Great idea for an environment-friendly living!

3. Sandcastle Hotel

Situated in: Weymouth, UK

This particular idea of a hotel is one of its kinds with the whole hotel built of sand. And that includes the guest bedrooms, their beds, sofas, tables and lavatories too! The coolness of sand grains on your back will give you a pretty relaxed sleep. Since it is a hotel that comes without a roof, the guests can enjoy a quiet night beneath the starry sky and wake up on an a sand bed feeling like they had passed out on the beach last night and are too hungover.

Sand master Mark Anderson is the mind behind this unique idea who conceived and made this sand hotel a reality.

2. The Ice Hotel

images (1)
Situated in: Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This ice hotel has to be re-constructed every year with snow and ice to support the structure. The water used in making it is taken from the River Torne and is poured back into the river as soon as the season for the hotel to be opened passes. It is not just the structure of the building which is made of ice but the rooms and everything in them. The guest beds, the bar, chairs and the sculptures lined in the corridors are all made of ice giving the guests a complete arctic experience. You will be asked to get into thermal underwear, wool hats and a sleeping bag but it would only be to save you from freezing yourself. It’s literally a spine-chilling experience but a worthy one at that.

1. Propeller Island City Lodge

Situated in: Berlin, Germany

This last hotel on the list is going to change your definition of ‘weird’. Lars Stroschen is the German artist behind this quizzically named Berlin hotel. This hotel has 30 rooms and each room has a different ‘work-of-art’ interior signifying some of the strangest ideas one could come up with. These ideas include rooms having glass walls all around, rooms with coffin boxes as beds, forest-themed rooms with beds situated on logs and an upside-down room where the floor and everything that should sit on the floor like lamps, tables and chairs are above you and you seem to be sleeping on the ceiling with the bed that temporarily unfolds from the supposed ceiling. So this would be the place to visit if you want to remember a stay of yours for the rest of your life (at least sleeping in your coffin box would certainly stay with you for a very long time).


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