Top 10 Women’s Summer Essentials

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Every woman needs her summer essentials by her side. It’s not just the clothes, but also products like sunscreens, lip balms etc. which are equally important in the season. Summer may seem like the best season of all but it does come with its own share of problems. Too many insects, unbearable heat and the excessive sweating tends to create skin issues and it’s very important to take care of ourselves in this season. There are some things which women shouldn’t go without this season. So here is a list of those top ten summer essentials for women. Have a look!

10) Straw Sun Hat –

A must for someone who is a regular traveler. A straw hat will help you hide from the sun when you need it the most. It will also help you protect your hair from dust and pollution. You can shop from Forever 21, Marks & Spencer’s, and Vero Moda etc. to get the trendiest and most fashionable hats that you can flaunt all summer!


9) Umbrella –

An umbrella should serve as your lifeline during this hot weather. Your hat can only protect your head, but an umbrella will protect your whole body from the sun. You can choose from basic solid colors to the multi hues one, but be sure to always carry it in your bag. Remember: your sunscreen can’t do all the work!

8) Cotton Shorts –

Cotton shorts are something that every women should have in her wardrobe, that too in plenty! Cotton will keep you cool in summer and will allow your skin to breathe. With so many different colors available like pink, yellow, mint, and blue etc. one thing is sure: You’ll have a very colorful wardrobe! They can be paired with anything, be it T-shirts, tops, crop tops – just about anything!

7) Maxi Dresses –

Maxi dresses have made a comeback and that too how! These fashionable long dresses are back in the markets and in every color combination possible! Maxis are like a breath of fresh air in the dull summery weather. They are perfect for day time – just add some funky jewellery and wear minimum makeup – you’re ready for the day!

6) Oversized Sunglasses –

To complete your look, you definitely need oversized sunglasses. They are not only fashionable but also protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Always carry one in your backpack! You can choose what shape suits you best – aviators, wayfarers, Lennons etc. according to your face type. You can never go wrong with sunnies so there’s no harm in hoarding them in all shapes and colors!

5) Basic Spacious Bag –

To keep all the things mentioned above like your sunglasses, umbrella, sunscreen and other essentials, one definitely needs a big spacious bag which is trendy as well as of use. Whether you’re going shopping or to college, one needs to keep all their belongings safely in their bag. Always choose a bag which you can comfortably carry and which will store all your important things.

4) Sandals –

Possibly the most important thing for us women in the summer season are sandals. You cannot expect us to spend our entire day in shoes or heels! Sandals provide all the comfort that you need – that too without compromising on fashion. Available in lots of different colors and styles, they are a sure shot way to perk up your look this summer.

3) Colorful Jewellery –

Baubles, baubles and more baubles! This is the season to take out all the flashy, over bright jewellery you have bought and have been hiding for years because they had made a comeback too! For a women who likes to dress up, a bauble is the best accessory to complete the look no matter what you’re wearing. So bring on the bling!

2) Lip Balm and Mascara –

The basic necessity this summer season is a good quality lip balm because nobody likes chapped lips! In summer season, our skin tends to become either really dry or oily. So you can only imagine the dust and pollution that gets onto our lips. That’s why it is very important to take care of them. Also a mascara is something that you should always carry with yourself if you require minimum amount of makeup. You can also include other make up necessities that you think that you require at all times. Maybe a light colored lipstick – anything that you feel will instantly improve your look after a long tiring day.

1) Sunscreen –

I believe sunscreen becomes our lifeline during the summer season. Spending all your time traveling or even a short trip to the market can expose your skin to high level of UV Rays of the sun which if exposed for too long, can be harmful for the skin. Also, to avoid tanning one must apply sunscreen properly without fail or else you’ll start seeing tan lines on your skin – and no one likes to see that. Sunscreen should also be applied judiciously even if only 1% of your whole body is exposed. Remember, it’s better to take precautions than suffer later.


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