Top 10 World’s Biggest Sporting Events

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Sport is like passion for the millions of people and when any of the sporting events occur, people follow it with utmost dedications and enthusiasm. There are many sports which are played in different parts of the world and almost all of them have major tournament which is held on certain time interval. Here we are taking about ten such biggest sporting events which when organised are like grandest event that is being taking place in the world and many people follow it with passion. Here follows the list.

10. National Basketball Association

National Basketball Association

This list starts with the National Basketball Association. Yes we are taking about the NBA which has its popularity in the world. It is a basketball league which was started on 6th June 1946 in the New York City, United States. Slowly this league started to grow and from the New York City now it has spread to each every corners of the United States. They have viewers form around the globe. A total of 30 teams are these in this association and each season they fight with each other to be the greatest champions. The huge amount of sports fan which this sports has is the reason it has grown so much in last few years. The 29 teams are from the United States while one is from Canada.

9. Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

There are not so many permanent members of the International Cricket Council but then also there is a huge popularity of this sport in the international arena and when the cricket world cup is organised, one can measure its popularity there. The ICC Cricket World Cup is organised every four years in its permanent member countries to decide the current champion in the one day international format. The first ICC Cricket World Cup was organised in the year 1975 in England and from then on this sporting event never looked back and has crossed every milestone. The amount of people who watch this sporting event from different corners of the world makes it so big and so with each passing years its standards are also improving.

8. Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup

Rugby is among such sport which is played with so much intensity and enthusiasm. There is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind when we talk about the break taking performances that takes place in this game. The Rugby World Cup is the most important tournament that happens in this sport. It is organised every four years between the top teams that are affiliated to the Rugby League. Rugby League is the governing body of this sport. When this Rugby World Cup is organised there is hell lot of passion in the mind of the people and so they follow it with so much enthusiasm. A total of 20 teams from around the world take part in this mega sporting event.

7. Tour de France Cycling

Tour de France Cycling

Tour de France is the professional bicycle race that happens each year in the month of July in France. The whole tournament is organised into different stages and so the champion is decided. The Tour de France is organised by the Amaury Sports Organisation. The first edition of this championship was held in the year 1903 and since then with each passing year more and more people have associated with this sport. In today’s time, Tour de France is one of the most happening sporting events that happen in France each year. Its popularity is not only in France but also in various parts of the world where it is followed with so much of dedication and enthusiasm.

6. The Championships, Wimbledon

The Championships, Wimbledon

The next sporting event that we will be talking here is The Championship, Wimbledon which is organised each year in the month of June and July in the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club which is in England. This tournament was started in the year 1877 and so it is the oldest tournament that happens in the professional tennis. It is like a dream for every professional tennis player to play in this prestigious tournament and become the champion. The popularity of this sporting event is just unimaginable. It is followed in every corner of the world. The total prize money which is given away every year in this tournament is 34,500,000 US dollars.

5. Super Bowl

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the name of the annual championship which is held in the National Football League in the United States. This is in fact the highest level of the professional tournament held in the United States. Initially it was started in the year 1967 and since then it has become one of the most important sporting event in the America’s calendar. People in this country follow this sporting event with utmost enthusiasm and dedication. It is the Vince Lombardi Trophy for which the teams from various parts of the Unite States fight. In the United States there is no any other sporting event which is organised as big as the Super Bowl. People take it as a festival and celebrate their teams’ victory all day and night.

4. Formula One Racing

Formula One Racing

The number fourth place is for the sporting event name as the Formula One Racing. This is the professional race which is organised throughout the year in different racing circuits which are located in different parts of the world. The popularity of this sport is huge and any Grand Prix organised attracts thousands of people towards it. With every passing race a table is maintained and in the end the greatest driver and the team of the season is rewarded with cash and other facilities. Initially Formula One started with few countries but now it has circuits in almost every corner of the world and people who follow this sport with utmost commitment. There is an enormous amount of money involved in this sport.

3. UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is the greatest football tournament that takes place in the Europe. This tournament is played by a total of 32 teams who fight with each other for months to get the final prize. UEFA Champions League is also known as the Europeans Cup. It was founded in the year 1955 and since then it has progressed a lot in every field. The different clubs which are located in the Europe continent are part of this league. From a lot of 77 clubs the ultimate 32 are selected to fight for the glory. The UEFA Champions Leagues’ popularity is unmatchable. Each year endless amount of money is used for the successful commencement of this tournament. It is followed in almost every corner of the world.

2. FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

Yes the second place is for the FIFA World Cup which is organised every four years. The FIFA World Cup is the goal for any football playing nation and so they fight for it with so eagerness that it feels like players are taking part in a war and not playing a match. Undoubtedly Football is the sports which his followed throughout the world and it has its popularity more than any other sport has. One can imagine the atmosphere when the FIFA World Cup is organised. The first FIFA World Cup was organised in the year 1930 and since then the world has seen 32 editions of it. In term of popularity, in terms of money used FIFA World Cup stands next only to the Olympic Games. The last FIFA World cup final was witnessed by 715.1 million people around the globe.

1. Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Now the greatest sporting event according to our list is the Olympic Games which is organised every fourth years. The International Olympic Committee is the responsible body which has rights to give away the hosting rights to various nations. It is one such sporting event in which almost every country of this world participates and so the excitement as well as the commitment level is at its extreme in the Olympic Games. This sporting event is grandest sporting event that takes place in the world. It has a huge history and is inspired from the ancient Olympic Games which were regularly held in the Olympia which is in Greece. The last time Olympic Games were held more than 200 countries take part in this mega event. One can imagine how much bigger this event is.


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