Top 10 Worst Addictions

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When too much of something comes into being, it starts to haunt you. Addiction as we know is the excess of anything despite the adverse consequences. Addictions can include drug abuse, work abuse, alcohol, nicotine and the list is endless. Symptoms of withdrawal from their muse lead to physiological problems such as irritability, nausea, headaches, anxiety and tremors. There are various ways to combat addiction, some of which are therapy, rehabilitation programs and self-help groups. Families separation, divorce, isolation are a few of the after-effects of addiction. What makes it so tempting about these vices that we fail considerably to get rid of them? Is it the peer-pressure, the mere thrill, joy of indulging oneself or a passing fad? A list on worst addictions is not the most common read until you make it so.

10. Work


Seriously, did I misspell it or you misread it? Work-taught to us since we were handed a pencil and notebook turned into an addiction. When did that happen? The best addiction and the best adjective ’workaholic’ describes a potential leader. Hard work is the key to success. Work hard and you shall reap success and what not! But when you have too much on your plate, can’t think of anything else your work, it is a high sign that your dedication has turned to an obsession. The best ways to take care of it- a day off, chill and relax spend time with family.

9. Shopping


Compulsive or not, shopping is the worst enemy of the fairer sex. We don’t think twice before entering a shop with big neon signs ‘sale’ winking at us. The price tags bother us for a moment or twice but it is no big deal. We have the money and an uncontrollable urge to spend. Shopping is good so far it doesn’t get into one’s habit and an all-too-real problem. It often becomes an excuse to get over an emotional catastrophe. When your habit starts burning a hole in your spouse’s pockets, it is high time that you stop being a spendthrift.

8. Food


Eating should be a comfortable experience, not the one where you are too busy gorging and stuffing yourself with junk. Getting over a break-up? Let’s get you an ice-cream bucket. Or better let’s order something at home and chuck the worries, enjoy the food. We never realize when this way-out becomes our addiction and we see ourselves entering almost every food outlet. Moreover internet has made it so easy and feasible for us to order food. Your favorite pizza is just a click away. Worse even, we hardly burn those extra calories and head towards obesity. Two thumbs down to this addiction.

7. Internet


When the resource turns ugly, it turns against us. Internet is one such resource. No one will deny the multi-purposed network uses in our life. Music, videos, blogs, movies, news and weather, information, social networking are on our tongue tips. Who is hot and who is not, the latest updates, entertainment insights, internet has crept stealthily into our lives like a slow drug. Its use turns into compulsive obsession when we refresh the webpages every ten seconds. We become restless when our status is not liked and our photos are not commented upon. If an individual wants to be online always, S/he is hit by the internet bug.

6. Affairs


While it is normal to have a healthy interest in one’s love life, a person addicted to it is likely to engage in risky sexual behavior. They may be visiting red light areas, having extra marital affairs and engaging themselves in unsafe conditions. Internet has revolutionized obscene videos and its sites in a rampant fashion. When this addiction turns to something more or less than a crime, we begin blaming the internet and the social media for spoiling us. But throughout the picture, we remain in the center stage and it is us who need to control our obsession with it.

5. Gambling


Gaming is not illegal but when monetary resources are involved and used as bait, it turns to gambling. People in the earlier stages of this vice are quickly able to get over. But those who are affected by problem gambling find it absolutely impossible to leave. In spite of having problems in the family, incessant fights with partner, desolation; the person finds himself getting indulgent. While on one hand, there stands a risk of losing almost everything to others; on the bright side, we think of it as the easiest and the quickest way to earn money. Gambling is not a bad thing if it is done within the framework of fun and enjoyment. When despite the fact it hampers us, we refrain from bailing our money; that is a sign we are addicted.

4. Drugs


Substance dependence or drug addiction is a compulsive physiological need to function properly. When the substance is unavailable the user suffers from withdrawal. Depending on the jurisdiction, addictive drugs may be legal as far as they are prescribed. The legislation covers opiates, cannabinoids, cocaine, barbiturates, anesthetics, hallucinogenic and many more. Unlicensed production or supply is an offence. Possession can land you in jail and cost you more money than you used to buy the stuff. Treatments depend on the types of drugs involved, amount used, duration of addiction, medical complications and the social psychology.

3. Technology


When we were small, we were fascinated by the new pilot pen. Times have changed since. Now children are more excited about their i Pads and i Pods. Has it happened to you often that you are in the middle of a family get together, enjoying the nuisance, sipping your coffee, and your smartphone whistles and comes to life, and so does your technology addiction. You are so addicted to your phone that you leave your food mid-bite and rush to reply. Does technology run your life and has been acting your better-half? Our uber-connected lives have made us omnipresent. We are wired just like our laptops and live and die with them. Technology is a boon in disguise. What we don’t understand about modern technology is its great thing that we can do so much and so is its curse.

2. Smoking


When a person takes a drag, he is introducing more than 4000 toxins in their body. Of these, nicotine is the highest addictive substance. The nicotine enters the blood and goes to the brain, triggering adrenaline production. The rush felt by a smoker is due to the increased blood rate, respiration and heartbeat. Not only brain but pancreas is also affected by the nicotine. It temporarily inhibits the production of insulin. The reason behind smoking addiction is not the cigarettes but the nicotine in them. It acts on the pleasure centers of the brain and the person smoking experiences a ‘high’. Hardly any of us would resist that feel-good thought and skeptically indulge ourselves. Unfortunately this feeling of high lasts for only a few minutes and the person craves for more. People who crew tobacco can also become addicted. Passive smokers are nonetheless the worst sufferers of respiratory diseases like asthma.

1. Alcohol


The foremost cause of all types of domestic violence, reason behind uncontrollable anger and rampant crimes is alcohol. Now there is a fine line drawn between an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic. A person who is unable to resist its consumption, has cravings for it and is unable to control their drinking is an alcoholic. But one who drinks occasionally in parties and is not a regular drinker is a non-alcoholic. Addicted or not, once alcohol takes over your brain, it starts to affect the chemistry of your brain. A person falls in the throes of an alcohol addiction with due time. There are a number of causes for this addiction including stress, family history and social situations. It is an estimated fact that alcohol roots for 50 per cent of accidents, suicides and violent crimes. Still in its awe?


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  1. Noah's Ark

    July 26, 2013 8:00 am

    There is only one reason why men become addicted, they are weak men. Only strong men are cured, and they cure themselves…. nice article… keep it up

    • Jeff Thomas

      May 19, 2015 3:51 am

      I rarely reply to anything posted on the Internet. HOWEVER… “Men curing themselves”: this is like being a little (bit)pregnant. Just absolutely NOT POSSIBLE. SHALLOW !!

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