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We truly value our Contributors and Writer’s, if you are looking to write regularly for us or submit a One odd article don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would really be elated to post your article on our Website provided it’s written well and not copied (Did i tell you we really hate content scrapping?).

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  • Karan Gupta


    I’ve got a mail in the name of mr.toukir ahmed, offering me an opportunity to write as a content writer in your blog.
    But , since due to some technical issue my response ain’t communicated, i wanted to respond to it through you blog.
    Suggest me something!

  • Yogender Singh Choudhary

    can u plz elaborate me about the scheme running in the listdose for new aspirant .

    • listdose

      We are looking for writer’s/contributors for the blog. Could u please send us an email at info@listdose.com so that we can send you the complete details.

  • Ankita Sood

    Do you pay for writing the articles?

    • listdose

      Yes, we do compensate authors for writing articles. However we are essentially more interested in finding authors who have the passion to write and reach out to people.


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  • omkar varma

    Can write from home or should i come to office…….I also want to know the details, regarding how much i get paid.

  • virgo


  • dr devil

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  • dr devil

    how much do you pay for the list and how do you pay

  • Gwangjin Jay Huh

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    I read good article in this site. everyday
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    If u don’t mind, plz give translating licence for me
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    have a nice day!
    and I’ll wait 4 ur answer!

  • Charles Hitsugaya Toshiro Aize

    is there a payment for writing articles? because im interested to write informative articles

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