10 Area 51 Secrets that you don’t know

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It is the most famous Military Installation in the world which doesn’t exist.  It is officially known as the Groom Lake and its primary purpose is still undetermined. What is Area 51? Why was it established? What activities go on there? What is its significance? All these questions are unanswered. Even then, people say that Area 51 plays a major part when it comes to USA’s defense and military. CIA is closely related to it. What is this all about? Let’s try to explore it. Here, we try to solve this mystery and answer all your questions. Listed below are the Top 10 Area 51 secrets:

10. Food and Entertainment


If Area 51 is to be isolated, the people working there should be secret, their amenities should be secret and their food should also be secret. No third person should know from where they get the food, who gets them the food and also what they eat. Most of the times, the people working there and the army deployed there are served Lobsters and Oysters which is available at the ‘place’ itself. They have a streak night once in a while. A single tennis court, a bowling alley and the fluctuating radio are their only source of entertainment.

9. The ‘Hello Phone’


Yes, you are a woman whose hubby works at Area 51, what is going through your mind? Have you made a mistake of marrying him? Married Women say that their husbands never ever let a small secret out even to their closest of kin. People work there for years together, and the communication is once in a while (once for every 6 months). The once in a while communication is short lived with the OXCRAFT interruptions and network failures. ‘I do not know where I am, but I am fine and am at my work’, this is what the people who work there say to their acquaintances on phone. The phones employed here are special phones named Hello Phones which cannot be identified in anyway (location can’t be identified). There have been instances where relations broke up because either of the partners weren’t able to cope with the peer work pressure.

8. Presence of Dangerous chemicals


A few witnesses who had been there say that Area 51 contains large quantities of unknown chemicals which have been burnt in open pits. The biopsy reports of bodies of the people who were killed there due to various reasons say that high levels of dioxin, dibenzofuran, and trichloroethylene are present there. The people who worked there complained of skin, level and respiratory injuries. There are reports which say US defense has handled toxic material improperly and illegally. Several cases/petitions were filed in the court against this activity but the court disallowed the petition stating ‘State Secrets Privilege’ as the reason.

7. Interplanetary Aircraft/Moon Landing


There is a Conspiracy Theory which says Moon landing was staged at Area 51. This theory is well supported by video evidences which show the army men and astronauts testing land rovers and various life support equipment. The increased number of UFO sightings, credible reports from observers led us to conclude that the interplanetary aircraft was designed, manufactured and tested here. Manned observation air-crafts (fly in the outer space) were manufactured which could fly at great heights and spy enemy country activities without getting noticed. Design and manufacture of such air-crafts elsewhere would raise speculations about US’ activity. So, Area 51 was the best place for this purpose. A12 Spy plane was used to photograph the area secretively when US’ Ship Pueblo was captured by the North Korean Forces. This spy craft which traveled at extra ordinary heights (space) gave brilliant pictures of the ships’ exact location which gave tremendous leads to the US Navy to attack and get back the ship.



OXCART was a miracle. It flew at 2200Kmph, required 186 miles just to take a simple U-Turn. So, initially area 51 wasn’t considered for testing OXCART. But, later Area 51 was given thumbs up because the authorities felt the place was right to test a secret project like OXCART. The aircraft made a hell lot of noise during its take off, had strategic bombing capabilities, had the side looking cameras and sensors, had a long lifetime period and was regarded as one of the best ‘intelligent’ air-crafts. Initially ‘land’ wasn’t sufficient for OXCART activities at Area 51. To accommodate this ‘beauty’, additional 38000 acres of land was acquired, denied public access and extra runway space and base were constructed. OXCRAFT required special fuel in order to fly at great speeds and heights. This fuel had to withstand extremely high temperatures and had to be stored and transferred using special equipment. Special equipment facility was made available at this base. An American Airlines pilot who saw OXCRAFT compared OXCRAFT to a goose and American airlines to a gosling. This statement says it all about OXCRAFT and ultimately about Area 51s uniqueness.

5. UFO Activity


With so much research and development happening there in the field of Avionics/Aeronautics, UFO couldn’t be left behind. UF0 – Unidentified Flying Objects has always been the world’s ‘Most Wanted’. Everybody in the world from a school going child to a Highly Learned Scientist wanted to know what’s happening in the outer space, who lives there, is life possible there and many mystery things. USA built a conspiracy by exploring the UFO world in a illegal/secretive fashion. The conspiracy facts included storing, examining and reverse engineering of a crashed alien craft, study of the occupants in space and manufacturing of air-crafts based on alien technology. Meetings with extraterrestrials also happened. The means of Weather Control were worked on and experimented. Time Travel technology is almost coming to reality only because of Area 51 activities. Area 51 activities were trying to make the impossible to become possible though secretively and unofficially. A ‘Disappearing aircraft’, Underground rail-road system were developed based on Alien Technology secretively.

4. Security


The first thing is that no civilian will get to know  the location of Area 51, even if he/she gets to know about the location, the army deployed will stop him/her several hundred Miles far off from this location. The view of Area 51 from that particular point (where the person is stopped) will be like a scenery (far off hills and mountains surrounded by forest). There are Closed Camera TVs everywhere round the perimeter of the place. Even an animal won’t pass by unnoticed. Photography is strictly provided inside Area 51 and in the places surrounding it and use of camera will lead to use of deadly force (authorized). Buried motion sensors are used for surveillance. Civilian and Military air traffic (regular) is prohibited. This area is not found on US Geographical Maps and Images. The authorities make sure that the satellite images are censored before getting global.

3. The ‘Files’


Reports suggest that many confidential files and data are dumped at Area 51. These files include UFO Confidential details, several financial issues and political issues. Witnesses say that these files can create havoc and lead to the downfall of USA Government and USA on a whole if made public (disclosed). The computers here can create a chaos if accessed by a third party. Wiki-leaks details included the information from these computer systems. All these systems were destroyed when the wiki leaks episode happened.

2.  Dreamland


It is basically a large military airfield with equipment, facilities area so fantastic anybody can ever dream of. So, it is considered a Dreamland of a Commander/Major of any nation’s army/defense. It supports weapon and Aircraft testing. It covers an area of about 10miles (rectangular space), has wide and well maintained road connection through the jumbled hills, has all the equipment and freedom for nuclear weapon testing, offers a Nuclear Waste Repository and keeps updating itself with the latest technologies. There are underground tunnels which connect to various important parts of the country. It is considered the world’s most secretive place. With all these facilities, the enemy country will never know what the USA Army is up to, its defense plans, its operations, its machinery will always remain secretive. A traveler travelling across it could never view it openly. The reason for this still remains a secret. It is completely shut from the world. There is no television or radio, and the only communication signals are available once in a while (in the evenings – moving between the mountains).

 1. Weapon/Aircraft Testing


It is USA’s secretive site for Cold War Operations. Even if all the rumors about Area 51 are neglected, a common man will still believe that US government is up to something at this particular area. The fact is that the US Government always keeps denying activities at this place, and it has always been a mystery. Now, let us explore the weapon and aircraft base of USA at Area 51. All the enemy air-crafts captured during wars have been installed there. Continuous testing of all these air-crafts keeps happening there trying to explore the Aircraft and Missile technology, identify the defects and ultimately helping USA Defense to design/manufacture a better Aircraft. The spying activities are also administered from this place. Use/Testing of Nuclear weapons is banned by UNO (United Nations Organization). So, Area 51 serves as a safe place to test the nuclear weapons. A clear idea about the weapons’ range, destructive power and the incurring loss can be got from these tests. Area 51 has an airfield which has two huge dirt runways and can be used for bombing and artillery practice. Reports say that Area 51 played a major role during World War 2 (pre Hiroshima, Nagasaki Nuclear Bombing). ‘Dragon Lady’ (the high altitude, day-night, electronic sensor), super powerful aircraft was tested here for the first time. It was used for War, weather intelligence, satellite calibration and communication purposes later (was a part of Cold War).Unusual and exotic propulsion systems which could destroy the entire world in a span of few days were developed and tested here. Even though so much was happening at this ‘point’, the world knew nothing of it.


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