10 Awesome Things you can do in Goa

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Goa is one of those places that everybody has been to for a holiday, may be for a family vacation or for a bachelor’s party or just for a break. It suits everybody who craves a holiday and a break from the regular life-routine. It offers you one of those quiet, private places by the beach or atop a hill to relax and get away from civilization and enjoys the beauty of nature for a bit. While on the other hand it also entertains the party-crowd with its high energy levels of night-life, parties and casinos. It is the most happening and chilled out tourist spot in India. It has a diverse set of tourists all around the year from all over the world.

10. Adventure Sports

Goa is a coastal state with beaches all around the state. So the tourism industry developed a strong water sport base in Goa about 10 years ago when it’s tourism began booming and it worked in their advantage. Considering all the tourists prefer staying near the Goan beaches in the fancy resorts, they don’t mind some adrenaline rush while going paragliding, para-sailing , water skiing, deep-water diving or snorkeling. As for the people who just want to have fun in the water chooses to go on the Banana boats, water jet skiing and dolphin cruises.

9. Trekking

Goa is not a land of just beaches; it also has a lot of hills and cliffs to explore. If you are one of the nature lovers, Goa can be your new favorite nature hub after you discover the beauty of this land. You can connect to nature either by spending your days and nights by the beach or go into the land and trek up these hills and cliffs. Spend your nights pitching tents and star gazing. Reconnect to mother earth while on your vacation.

8. A treat for your tummy

Goa is all about the food, apart from beaches. It has amazing shacks lined up the beaches, serving you the authentic Kalamari fries and prawn curry, apart from the best Pork vindaloos. Goa has been influenced by a lot of cultures, the main one being the Portuguese because of their long span of colonization in Goa. So if you want to try the Portuguese cuisine in India, this is the place. But over all Goa offers you all types of cuisine with rates that aren’t that heavy on your pocket.

7. Camp by the Beach

If you are in Goa with your BFFs, you need to spend one of the nights by the Beach and stay up all night to see the sun-rise while catching up on old times and life stories in general. Most of the beaches in Goa come to life when the sun has set. The atmosphere is lively with a enthusiastic crowd with amazing energy levels which can be proved when they dance until the sun-rise around bonfires. There are specific beaches which have parties all night long in shacks, and certain beaches which lay quieter with just live music and  all-night jam sessions.  Anjuna, Baga, Candolim and ashvam are some of the beaches you must check out for night life whether party or quieter and sober fun.

6. Saturday Night Flea Market

Arpora and Ingo’s Saturday Night Markets should be one of the shopping destinations on your schedule of a Goan vacation. It is situated in the northern part of Goa, near Chapora River. The market was an inception of Ingo, a German. The market opens every Saturday evening around 5 and is open to people until early hours of Sunday morning. But keep in mind it is only during the tourist season in Goa, that is set from the month of October to March. The market sells everything possible : clothes, shoes, leather, jewelry, home decorative items like pillows, wall hangings . Apart from which there is food, spices, hammocks other various home and personal accessories. The market has items selling from the lowest range of prices to the highest by international designers.

While the market is on doing some business, for entertainment of the crowd there is a DJ and a tequila stand for those who are just tagging along for shopping and not really interested.

5. Watching Tiatr

Going to a new state, requires you to also try and explore their culture and traditions while making an attempt to understanding their lifestyle. We here give you an easy way out to explore what life at Goa is to the people living there through theater. Goan dramas and theater, also known as the Tiatr, are a insight into the subtleties of Goan society, in Konkani and Marathi.  The only downside of Tiatr is you need a person who understands Goan with you throughout the performance. The dramas are usually satires of the social and political life and issues of Goa.In fact, a lot of these Tiatrs are said to be financed by rival politicians to try to slander each other while entertaining the voters.

4. Spot some Crocodiles maybe.

Want to make your adventurous trip to Goa anymore fun ? You can go crocodile-watching ! Among the numerous sight-seeing spots on the itinerary of the local tour operators, you will find a trip to Cortalim jetty. You can also try getting there on your own. From here on, board a boat to Cumbharjua canals where the crocodiles are found. These crocodiles are out in the open, in their natural habitat and not captured or kept captive there. So spotting them can be, as hard as spotting tigers in Bandipur but after all its all for the thrill of it. They are usually hard to spot also because they look like a lump of rock or mud in the mangroves, but when they lunge into the water they scare the living daylights out of you. This region also has a number of birds for bird watchers and it is very scenic for nature lovers.

3. Jungle Guitars

Jungle Guitars is a name of a workshop in Goa. Jungle Guitars is located near Baga, in the northern region of Goa. They teach you not how to play a guitar, but how to build one. For all you music lovers, if you want to contribute to the world of music by helping make some, here is a place for you in the most ideal location. The course is priced on a lightly heavier side with the cost being 70,000 INR for a 15-day course which will teach you what wood to pick for your guitar, and then how to string it, add varnish to it, etc. By the end of 15-days you will hold a custom made guitar made by you with all those rustic tools. They teach you either how to make acoustic or an electric variant. The classes run outdoor and the environment is fairly informal, so you can enjoy the place around you while you are learning something this innovative. You can also go to Jungle Guitars to pick a hand-made guitar.

2. Experience a floating tent

So you have heard of house boats and floating beds, and voila, now there is a floating tent in Goa! It is one-bedroom tent floating in the middle of a lake in Goa. It is found near Mayem Lake near Bicholim. You will also spot some at Champions Yacht Club at GTDC Residency around in the same area. You can spend your Goa holiday in these tents, where you can laze all day and all night, or get out and take part in more boat-related activities like Shikhara ride or a bumping boat ride. These tents are surrounded with floating restaurants so you don’t have to worry about food or the lack of it.

1.Relax in Massage Parlor

So you are in Goa, and surely the whole point of going there is to take a break from the usual monotonous routine of life. So the first thing you need to get to do after landing in Goa is chill, and relax at all times. To help you get at it faster and more easily, you must try out one of the many famous massage parlours in Goa. The most recommended is Snip Salon and Spa located between Candolim and Calangute beach.


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