10 Banes of Online Shopping

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There is no question to why India is witnessing such an unprecedented economic boom. We can see the effect of this boom all around us. Among others, there has been an exponential rise in consumer spending. At the same time, more and more consumers are looking for easy way to shop since their time is increasingly under pressure. Given the near universal availability of Internet connectivity, consumers save time and efforts by shopping online. As the potential of online shopping is being grasped, the risks are going up too, particularly for consumers. Sadly, many online shoppers ignore the pitfalls. Here are some of the banes of online shopping.

10. Makes you Lazy
This may sound unconvincing to several of you. But indeed it is true, the temptation of the comfort to do shopping sitting in couch makes you eventually lazy. The advantage of shopping comes when you hit off some malls, try out the stock and flaunt yourself with them.
9. Reliability Issues
There is always a reliability issue associated which is something worth uncompromising. Though you have the option of multiple sites to toggle between to compare the prices for a particular product, still you may end up getting things at higher price than what you would have paid at stalls in the market/malls. The newer or not-so-famous online shops try to sell items at relatively cheaper rate than the well-established shops. But the question arises is how to rely on those shops?

8. Time factor
You need to have patience and tolerance to get your order delivered for at least one to two weeks. It may even take longer in case stock is completely sold out. Again it may be disheartening to know that the item you selected is not in proper shape to be delivered to you. So this time factor keeps you eager and gazing at the doorstep for the order to come into your hand.

7. Entering Information

You surely have to be meticulous about the details you are entering while shopping online. An incorrect address, amount of items or wrong item code can result in several difficulties. Besides, you have to look for details like delivery costs, packaging costs, who is going to bear the cost of returning the item (in case required). These are the additional look ups you need to do when you shop online.
6. Return Policies
This is something you must keep the hang of before you make transactions. The return policies of many online shops do not provide much flexibility to consumers. There are some clauses which are not so favorable to consumers and about which they are completely oblivious of. So you have to control your excitement and you need to read these policies before you land up in some problems.
5. Wrong size/color of Products
Well, happened with me as well, the screen shows a very bright and high pixel image of the products especially in case of clothing and accessories. The actual is way too different than what it appears on website. Again not just the color, but the size also matters. At the end of the day, you want those clothes/shoes that fit you and suit you. And these things you won’t know till you try them on. Thus, you may encounter such issues after which the item may not be even replaced if the proper size/color is unavailable.
4.  Trade-off between Cost and Quality
Quite often when you purchase something online at a cheaper rate, you have to face a tradeoff between cost and quality. You can browse through the reviews given on online shopping website where buyers have complained about the quality of the products especially in case of the electronic goods. The heavy discounts might have been given to cover up for hidden defects.
3. Payments Issues
Though most of the online shops have this facility of cash-on delivery but consumers cannot avail this at all location. In such a situation, the plastic money is only way out for them. While using credit cards, you must ensure that the details are processed using a secure connection. There is risk involved with this sort of transaction in case it is insecure.
2.  Addiction
Online shopping provides you the opportunity to shop whenever you feel, whatever you feel like. No more barriers, whether it is 6 a.m. in the morning or 12 o’clock in night. But when barriers are removed, you tend to use facility again and again. The more you can access these online shops, the more addicted you get. Even the so-called discounts or clearance sales allure you to loosen your wallet.
1. Link or website
There is always a looming possibility that you end up discovering fraudulent sites. There are phishing sites also waiting out there for you where you end up wasting money for nothing in return. Surely there is this variety always present for a particular item, but you have to figure out a suitable site to enjoy the variety.


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