10 Best Airports in the World 2013

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Air travel has always been the first priority when it comes to sophisticated travelling. Swanky airports have always left our mouths wide open. The grandeur of any airports seems extravagant in its own way. Air travel though for the highly genteel comes at a rather steep price. Airports have been continuing to amaze us through these years in terms of their overall appearance to the way an airports professionally handles the customer travel. Presenting a list of the best airports in the world. They land here owing to their thorough professionalism and the opulence which is projected.

10. Central Japan International Airport


Civil and structural engineers in Japan prepared an artificial island especially for an airport. Believe it or not! One of the best airports in the world, the Chubu Centrair OR the Central Japan Intl Airport is located on such a man-made island. This Airport is given the first class credit and is a main gateway for the Chubu region. This airport is extensively used for commuting. More than 10 lakh people fly each year from this airport. Cargo transport is also encouraged through air travel. However in the last few years, the overall passenger density has been reduced. There were certain natural calamities which had struck the Kansai airport. Learning from that Environmental protection measures were adopted. There were changes made in the structure of the airport terminals as per the water current flow.

9. Vancouver International Airport


Out of the many airports in Canada, The Vancouver aiport remains the busiest and the one of the best airports maintaining its legacy over the years.It was the busiest airport as per 2011 figures. Canada has direct transport connectivity with Asian, African countries and daily flights to the US and Mexico. Owing to its popularity and worth, it has swept many popular International awards including the Skytrax Best North American Airport award. It has exotic ancient architecture which is of a Columbain nature. It is one of the few airports to have a huge immigration hall and a waterfall for aesthetic display. Other artifacts include the cultural Totem poles and numerous bronze sculptures.


8. Kuala Lumpur International Airport


One of Malaysia’s busiest airports, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is one of the best airports the world can witnessed. The cost of constructing this marvel was a jaw-dropping 5 billion dollars. The airport is known for its huge passenger traffic handling and timely cargo flights. Over 7000 metric tonne cargo is dispatched.The Malaysian Civil Aviation Department is one primary body who operates the airport. Infrastructure is mainly modern in design with glass panels and frames being the fundamental building blocks. It is one of the first Asian airports to have bar coding in a boarding pass.

7. Zurich Airport


Zurich airport is Switzerland’s most busy airports and a hub of the Swiss International Air Lines. It links all of Switzerland’s cities. It is the largest international airport in the Swiss. Zurich Airport is the abode of many top aviation bodies. The Swiss International Air Lines has its office on the airport’s land. This airport has a training academy which has its school located in the campus. The Swiss World Cargo finds itself in the campus too. Other prominent air giants like Edelweiss Air and the Helvetic Airways are located here. Corporate offices like Swissotel are located at the Zurich airport. After Lufthansa took over Swiss Air, traffic increased even more. Annually more than 25 million passengers use the Zurich airport for travel. Annually the Zurich airport handles more than 25 million passengers.

6. Munich Airport



Germany houses the very swanky grand Munich Airport. This is a major hub for Lufthansa and Star Alliance. Neck to neck with the Frankfurt airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world. Munich airport has a business area and many recreational areas making it very people friendly. A shopping mall was built for shopping enthusiasts. There is a airport hotel which is flocked by tourists who travel late. One of the most offbeat features of the Munich airport is EDEKA-a supermarket which is exonerated from the ‘Shop Closing Law’. It is open throughout the day and night. It is open even on Sundays making it  convenient timing wise. For sight seeing, a theme park has been developed which provides a panoramic view of the airport.

5. Beijing Capital International Airport



The Beijing Capital International Airport owned and operated by the Beijing Intl Airport Company is the most busy airport in China. It is one of Asia’s fastest growing airports in terms of passenger density and flight frequency. This rapid growth is also witnessed in goods transport. The only problem that this airport faces is handling the ever growing traffic. It is extremely modern in terms of architecture and designing. It has a peculiar dining area where over 70 different cuisines can be cherished. Even bakeries and supermarkets selling fresh foods are built. This airport  includes banks, business centers and shopping malls. It is kind of a city in its own. Domestic retailing is carried out along with other transactional activities.

4. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


The Amsterdam International Airport  is the most prominent airport in the Dutch i.e. The Netherlands. Rightly touted as the Airport City, Schipol does house the biggest airport in The Netherlands spread over more than 3000 acres. It is home to one of the largest shopping complexes and recreational centers. These recreational places attract lot of tourists. This contributes to the revenue too. It is probably one of the very few airports to build a museum and a grand library. It also offers e-books. Schipol has its own mortuary. A special roof-top area is a passenger favorite where sight seeing is a main activity. There are multi-cuisine restaurants offering a variety of delicacies. Apart from conventional restaurants, there are Coffee shops, Juice bars and Sushi bars along with sandwich bars and bakeries.


3. Hong Kong International Airport


The island of Chek Lap Kok was reclaimed for the purpose of an airport building. This airport is now a main airport in Hong Kong. This airport has a very large outflow of cargo and is the world’s busiest passenger airports. It has extensive network in the Asian Belt operating the Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines and the Hong Kong Express. The airport is home to the Hong Kong Business Aviation Center. It houses many passenger lounges, restaurants, business center facilities. The Hong Kong Airport is mainly business oriented so it offers a range of business related activities in a business centric environment.There are special facilities for aircraft maintenance and repair which also involves fuelling.

2. Singapore Changi Airport


The Singapore Changi Airport is one of the most prominent airports in Singapore constituting a major chunk of traffic density. The three passenger terminals handle more than 50 million pssengers annually. It is one the most busiest airports with regards to cargo handling almost 2 million tonne each year. Like many other Asian airports, there are numerous recreational facilities. There are shopping malls and eateries in abundance offering a range of cuisines. Sports fanatics can sink themselves in a very exclusive FIFA store. Fashion freaks have Gucci and Prada outlets at thier disposal. There is the coveted Ferrari retail store. There are many spas and lounges to destress. There are nature parks for the nature lovers and also fine dining restaurants. Duty free shopping generates a lot of revenue. Right from cosmetics to tobacco to liquor everything is available in the malls of the airport. There are gardens for beautification which include bamboo, sunflowers and orchids. There are also cyber cafes and swimming pools for chilling out. Children won’t get bored courtesy play areas.

1.Incheon International Airport


This airport is rated as the best airport for straight seven times in a row, The Incheon International Airport of South Korea tops the list for being the best airport in the world. Skytrax, a very eminent research organisation has rated it as the best airport and given it a full five star rating. Korean people seem to have a fascination for casinos such that even at an airport there seem a necessity to build a casino. Other luxuries include spas, golf courses, ice skating rinks and indoor gardens and parks. It has a very advanced parabolic dish antenna to control traffic obstruction and guide airplanes. This airport is very secure when it comes to cargo transport. It has very sophisticated security mechanisms and advanced computer facilities. There are different warehouses with administrative offices.




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