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We all loved to watch animated cartoon characters on television when we were kids but now that we have grown up, our needs with these type of shows has also changed we don’t want that happy go lucky kid’s stuff, we want something more mature and reasonable but that does not necessarily mean we have to part our ways with it. So here is a list of top 10 animated tv shows most of which can be watched even if you are an adult.

10. Pokemon


This is a Japanese children’s TV series which once created rage among kids not just in japan but all over the world. The show is about the journey of a Ten-year-old boy, Ash Ketchum who aspires to be the greatest Pokemon (short for pocket monster) trainer in   the world. On his journey he makes many friends mainly Misty and Brock, and his first and favourite Pokemon, Pikachu who help him achieve his aim while avoiding the imposters like Team Rocket and their Pokemon, Meowth.

9. Looney tunes


Looney Tunes is a series of animated short films produced by Warner bros. from 1930 to 1969 during the period known as the Golden age of American animation. The show was actually developed to promote the music owned by the Warner bros company through a series of musical animated short films. Looney tunes has provided us with many great characters like bugs bunny, daffy duck, Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.

The series has now been adapted into many other forms like the feature films,i.e., space jam starring basketball legend Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Also it gave rise to shows like The Bugs Bunny Show, The Road Runner Show (1966-1973), The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries (1995-2002), Baby Looney Tunes (2002-2005), Duck Dodgers (2003-2005) and The Looney Tunes Show (2011-present).

8. Dragon ball Z


Story of a superhero “Goku”, a sayen, an alien from another planet sent on earth to capture it, when he a mere baby. But due to an injury he suffered in his childhood made him forget about his real nature and his upbringing made his him a better person and with his superpower he has become the protector of earth, now together with his friends Piccolo, Vegeta and many others he fights against any human or alien species who want to capture or destroy the planet.

The story also involves seven dragon balls which if assembled together leads to unleashing of a dragon who grants one wish to the person responsible for it.

7. Batman: The Animated Series


After batman movie trilogy all of us are familiar about the masked superhero of Gotham, which is a secret identity of billionaire Bruce Wayne who decided to create a fear in the minds of criminal after the tragic killings of his parents.

The series was based on the popular Batman comics created by Bob Kane. The series focused on the adventures of Batman who defended Gotham City with occasional help of Robin and Batgirl from a variety of criminals. The series won four Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program.

6.  Futurama


It is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening(also the creator of “The Simpsons”), the show is very critically acclaimed and has won  seven Annie Awards and six Emmy Awards.

The show is about Phillip Fry a 25-year-old pizza delivery boy whose has no future planning and one day due to an accident he freezes himself on December 31, 1999, and he wakes up 1,000 years later in the future when the method to bring frozen people back to life is invented which gives him a chance to make a fresh start.  In future world he finds employment at Planet Express, a 31st century delivery company that transports packages to all five quadrants of the universe. The series follows his adventures along with his companions Leela, the delivery ship’s captain, a competent beautiful one-eyed female alien, and Bender, an abusive, alcoholic, cigarette smoking, short tempered robot with many other flaws.

5. Beavis and Butt-head


Beavis and Butt-head is an American adult animation series originated from animated short film “Frog Baseball” made by Mike Judge in 1992, after seeing the short film, MTV signed him to develop the series. In 1996, the series was adapted into the animated feature film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.

The comedy musical series is about two socially awkward teenagers who are a big fan of heavy-metal music and are occasionally found doing idiotic things because they are just bored and for them everything is classified into two dimensions, that is, it is either “cool” or it “sucks”. They are under-educated, barely literate and have no adult supervision, and in one episode they even say that they aren’t sure if they have the same father or not.

4. Family Guy


The story centers on the dysfunctional griffin family, Peter griffin the head of the family who tries his best to good but always ends up doing something stupid and hilarious, his daughter meg who is hated by everyone, his elder son chris who is as dumb as one can get, his younger son Stewie, an evil baby who makes numerous attempts to eradicate his mother and take over the whole world, his crazy wife lois and a cynical family dog who is apparently smarter than everyone else.

Family Guy has won three Primetime Emmy Awards and three Annie Awards and in 2009, it was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, the first time an animated series was nominated for the award since Flinstones in 1961. Though this is criticized for its similarities with The Simpsons but it still continues to make us laugh.

3. Death note


With a single season this Japanese animated tv show has delivered a stunning crime story and has made a special place in its viewers heart. It is based on the religious belief of existence of Shirigami (the god of death much like our Yamraj). One day a shirigami drops into human world his death note, a notebook in which one can write the name of a person he/she wants dead and so it will be (based on some conditions). One can also write the time and place of death.

The story starts when a very intelligent boy picks up this death note and decides to kill all the criminals, in order to make the world a better place and calling himself “kiri” as soon as the police gets suspicious about the deaths they launch an investigation against kiri and hence starting a series of run and chase between kiri and head of investigation team called “L”.

2. South Park


The people who always thought that animated shows are just for the kids, think again cause this an “adult sitcom” because of its crude language and dark, surreal humor. Its creator parker and stone created two videos in 1992 and 1995 of which latter called “the spirit of Christmas” became viral on internet thus leading the production of series.

The show revolves around the lives of four foul-mouthed 4th grade school friends Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman and their bizarre adventures in and around the Colorado town south park where weird things keep happening, like being abducted by aliens or fooling Cartman to buy pubic hair. Due to its adult content and abusive language the show is intended for mature audiences.

1. The Simpsons


The show has been entertaining its viewers for more than two decades and currently airing its 25th season, the simpsons family has become an icon in America. Started way back in 1989 this show has now become the longest running American animated program and also it is the longest running American sitcom. The show became so popular, that it in 2007 a movie called “The Simpsons Movie” was released based on it.

This animated series is about a dysfunctional middle class American family consisting of an alcoholic, dumb and crazy father, notorious son, genius elder daughter, non-verbal younger daughter and caring mother which together produce a series of incredibly funny episode that one cannot afford to miss.


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