10 Best Automobile Magazines in the World

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Reading books is one way to be connected about what’s happening in this world and to be up to date about our surroundings. Magazines are such books which brings information about all the latest happenings around us and there are different genres of magazines. Each person is interested in different things. Some likes to read about entertainment, other about current affairs, someone about sports and some other about automobiles and about their favorite vehicles. There are many magazines for all the different categories and some of those bring in the best of the best news.

Automobile magazines are those which gives the news on the latest developments in the automobile industry. The cars being the most important topic in most automobile magazine and while people like to read more about these cars and the newer things happening in the car world, there are other things to know about automobiles as well. Some of the magazine bring in news about the motorcycles, bikes and other vehicles as well.

Most of the features of these magazines are about the performance, road testing, and about the technology. Many people depend on the reviews of these magazines before buying an automobile.

Below is a list of such automobile magazines in the world which is read on a very wide range of people, and they are,

10. Octane Magazine


Issues: Monthly- 12 issues per year

Price: $ 8.25 per issue

Octane is one stop solution for all those car lovers and who want to know what ever is happening in the car world. In today’s world owning a car is a must and everyone want to have the best of the best. But there is always something new and there is always a new car on road and with more attractive features. Octane is one such automobile magazine, which brings you news about those valuable sports cars which might not be seen in any other magazines. The magazine features everything about the performance of the cars, historic events, motor racing and all the details for a sporty man looking for about these cars. The magazine is also available in a digital version to read on your PC.

9. Overdrive Magazine


Issues: Monthly- 12 issues per year

Price: $7.08 per issue

One of the leading Indian automobile magazine, Overdrive is a one stop magazine for all those car and bike lovers. Although initially when the magazine started it was not the most desired one, but today Overdrive is the magazine which is preferred by all to know about the automobiles. The magazines covers up all the details about the vehicles, tips on safe driving, details about the new things in the market and also there are many contests to win.

8. TopGear Magazine


Issues: 13 issues/ 12 months

Price: $ 12.76 per issue

The TopGear magazine is one of the famous automobile magazines which is launched by the BBC and also it is a well-known television program. The TopGear brings the news about all that happening in the motor riding world and the magazine gives all the details about the new up coming news about the latest cars and other motor rides.

7. Road and Track


Issues: Monthly- 12 per year

Price: $47.88/year

Road and Track is one of the most read automotive magazine in US and it brings a lot of information to the people. The magazine contains news about the latest models and the technical details about the motor vehicles. The magazine has articles about many road tests and details about a single car comparison. The magazine give more information on all the performance based cars. Road and Track, the name itself suggest that its all about vehicles on road and track all the details about them.

6. Car and Driver


Issues: Monthly- 12 per year

Price: $ 59.88/ year

Car and Driver is yet another magazine for all those auto enthusiast and who wants to know more about the new cars and other automotive details about other automobiles in the market. The magazine gives an entire details for a new buyer along with all the required technical details and also details about its road tests. The magazine is one of those automobile magazine which has the maximum fans all over the world of about 10 million readers. The Magazine industry has made it more accessible for readers by providing its apps for iphone, ipads and other online sources.

5. Luxury Auto Direct Magazine


Issues: 6 issues per year

Price: $ 29.99/ year

Every man wants to make his life more luxurious and there are certain things which needs in their life such as an own vehicle, own house, own gadgets, jewelries etc. Well, although one might have money to buy all these, but we need to know what is there in the market or what might be coming into the market. Luxury Auto Direct is one such magazine which gives all the information about everything. The magazine publishes articles on almost everything such as the automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and also about real estate. They also provide special features articles on jewelry, gadgets, watches, technology etc.

4. Motor Trend Magazine


Issues: Monthly- 12 issues per year

Price: $59.88 / year

What can be more better than to find everything you want to know in one single magazine, and not only about your favorite car, but also about other automobiles as well. Motor Trend is one such automobile magazine which gives you information on all the latest things happening in the automobile industry. They provide details about all the latest cars and its reports, vehicle profiles, consumer guides, etc. They also give details about the performance tests of automobiles along with the flight jets details as well.

3. 4Wheel and Off Road Magazine


Issues: 12 issues per year

Price: $71.88/ year

4Wheel and Off-Road is a typical automobile magazine which gives details about all the four wheeled automobiles and the magazine is specially dedicated to the trucks. The Petersen’s 4Wheel and Off-Road is a magazine which brings in the best of the best news about automobile industry and all about the light-truck too. The magazine features all about the performance about most of the famous 4 wheeled vehicles, road tests and results, modifications and newer versions, new products with evaluations etc.The magazine is also available online and apps for iphone, android, ipad, etc.

2. Auto Express Magazine


Issues: 52 issues per year

Price: $ 5.77 per issue ($ 300.15/year)

Auto Express is one of the leading magazine of Britain with more in number with its readers who are all an avid fans of cars, while cars being the leader vehicle of the automobiles industry, people wait with much enthusiasm to read this magazine. This magazine gives the news first always before any other magazines about whatever new happening in the automobile industry especially with cars. The magazine features about the performance cars, road test results, and all other details making a buyer to decide more easily. Most trust this magazine for accurate information.

1. The Automobile Magazine


Issues: 12 issues per year

Price: $ 59.88/ year

One of the magazine which is in the top list by the readers who enjoy reading magazines on automobiles, The Automobile has been the best. The magazine is circulated in a wide range all over the world of about 44 countries. Not only they feature about the latest models, but also they give details about the olden cars and other vehicle details as well. Automobile is an unique information for the antique cars and also with the best photography as well. This is the magazine for all those you like to be different and to own a different kind of car with its own uniqueness.


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