10 Best Baseball Stadiums In USA 2013

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Baseball is probably the game that the US loves the most. Majority of people here love watching baseball and never want to miss the games. There would not have been any person on the land of US who has never seen any baseball game in his life. The craze for baseball in US is extraordinary. In addition to game, the baseball stadium is of equal importance. The stadiums of baseball are also very much attractive and are worth watching. Sometimes even if you do not like the teams and the match, you just go and watch the match because of the amazing stadiums. Several stadiums have associated with them, many historic moments. However there are some stadiums which are known just by their names, every single kid around the corner knows the name of these stadiums- Yankee, Wrigley, Fenway. Starting form Miami to San Fransisco, the United States is filled with baseball stadiums everywhere. Some of these are even like a home for the historic teams. In some of these parks, even the scores of championship banners are hung. everywhere Those who really want to enjoy the match and meanwhile check a cool new city, there are numerous options, as these stadiums are located in several cool cities of the United States. Here we want to give you a list of top ten stadiums of the country.

10. Safeco Field, Seattle

Safeco Field, Seattle

This stadium is the home of Seattle Mariners and is also known for its retractable roof. The amazing thing is that even since the roof is closed, the stadium is not enclosed. An area is present above the left field seats which is always open, thus providing open environment tot he entire stadium. The stadium provides the feeling of a traditional and an open-aired ground. The presence of open area provides an amazing view. One can even watch the Mount Rainier, and the Puget Sound, it depends upon your seat. The stadium is owned by the Washington King County Stadium Authority. A total of around 47,476 people can easily be seated in the stadium. This stadium was started on 15th July, 1999.

9. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles 

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

The stadium has been opened in the year 1962 and had been the home stadium for Los Angeles Dodger team. It is built to a mountain side and thus a great view of the hollywood hills can be experienced while seating in the stadium. This amazing park is the largest one in the world, by the seating capacity that it holds. It is the third oldest baseball park in the world. The year 2012 had been the 50th anniversary of this amazing stadium. The stadium has hosted more than 120 international games of MLB. Though the stadium is not centrally located, still you can manage to some famous places of LA.  If you wanna visit another park of the city, you can also go and visit the Los Angeles Angles, Anaheim.

8. Oriole Park , Baltimore 

Oriole Park , Baltimore

The full name of Oriole Parks is the Oriole Parks at Camden Yards and it has served as the host of many major and minor baseball leagues of the world. It also has its branch in Australia, known as the Oriole Parks, Australia. The location of the stadium in the city of Baltimore is quite incredible and the vies of the stadium is very mesmerizing. Seating in the park and having the fun of the game is probably on of the best things that a baseball lover can do. Additionally, the location of the city of Baltimore is outstanding. It is located near to two big cities of US- Washington DC and the New York City. Thus if you go to watch a match at Oriole Park, do not forget to visit these two amazing cities of the United Nations.

7. Petco Park, San Diego 

Petco Park, San Diego

Before this open air park had been built and started, the home stadium of the San Diego Padres was the Qualcomm Stadiums. But since the year 2004, this is the home field of the team. This stadium is located in the Gas Lamp Quarter of the town The stadium is named after a pet supplier Petco, who paid for it. The Petco shares a very wonderful architecture. It took around four years to complete the stadium construction. A large number of restaurants and shops are present near to the stadium. If you go to San Diego, you have a lot of other places to go and visit. The most famous zoos of the nation are present in San Diego. The Wild Animal Park,is a place where you can see many exotic animals in the natural habitat, i.e., in the same way as they live in forest.

6. Coors Field, Denver

coors field, denver 

This amazing park located in Denver is most certainly among the greatest parks of the country. Its unique entry gate and fantastic view, make it the most spectacular one. The stadium shares a mile higher upper deck. The purple colored seats looks very attractive to the people. The seats are located around 5,280 feet above the sea level. The ballpark is surrounded by some very cool restaurants and many shops. If you go to Denver, never forget to visit the Winter Park Resort and have a great experience of Coor’s beer and skiing.

5. Fenway Park, Boston 

Fenway Park, Boston

Fenway Park is a way too awesom and way too old ballpark. It was started in the year 1912. People call it the granpa od all the ballparks. People of Boston love their park and are strictly against in tearing it ever. It is the home stadium for The Red Sox.  It is the oldest ballpark, but instead of tearing it down and building a new one, people like to renovate the park. Throughout these years, it has been renovated numerous times. Some of the main attractions of the park are- Pesky’s Pole, The Triangle, and The Green Monster. Among these, the green monster which is located on the left side of the field is the most famous one.Though the park provides an obstructed view from some areas, still each match that is hosted by the stadium has been sold.

4. Turner Field, Atlanta

Turner Field, Atlanta

Turner Field was built in the year 1997 and is the home of the Atlanta Braves. It had been built by Ted Turner. One amazing thing about the stadium is that  you can have the view of the Olympic Torch and also the skyline from the upper deck. Although this park is the most underrated one, still it stands on the position of number four. This stadium has hosted the series of National League Division a total of around ten times and the National League Championship series a total of around four times.

3. PNC Park, Pittsburgh  

PNC Park, Pittsburgh

It was opened late in the year of 2001. Though the team Pittsburgh Piratesare not doing so good in the game, but the PNC park is doing very good at its part. The way the park is positioned drags it to the number third position in the list. You can have an astonishing view of the river, the skyline, Roberto Clemente bridge,and at the top most locations, the Mount Washington. The beauty of the park attracts many game lovers to this location.

2. Wrigley Field, Chicago

Wrigley Field, Chicago

Though the team Chicago Cubs is probably the most cursed team in the Major League Baseball, after their defeat in the year 2004 and 2007, but this did not effect the popularity of the Wrigley Field Park. It was built in the year 1914. The recent game hosted by this stadium is the NHL winter classic in the year 2009. The stadium is not exclusive for baseball. This stadium is also nicknamed as the Friendly Confies. It is the oldest ballpark ans has a small number of seats of around 41,000 only.

1. Yankee Stadium, New York City 

yankee stadium, newyork

It is the home of New York Yankees and it is the most popular and the newest ballpark of the Major League Baseball. It has been built in the year 2008 as a replacement of the old Original Yankee Stadium. The original Yankee Stadium was a very old one, constructed int he year 1923. It is located at the Bronx in New York and is at the number one position among all the ballparks of the United Nations. Its additional feature is its location at the New York city.


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