10 Best Crime TV Shows

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Now days entertainment has become synonymous with TV shows. Our fast paced life warrants very little time for other forms of entertainment like movies, theatres and operas. We get our daily quick fix by watching television shows, which could be one of the reasons why the TV industry is a rapidly growing industry. They know the responsibility that is on their shoulders and they do not fall short. TV entertains us every minute of every day with a plethora of TV shows ranging across various genres. One such genre is of Crime Drama TV shows. Crime shows focus on the darker aspects of human nature, and darkness has always intrigued mankind since time immemorial. Thus we have an abundance of crime shows gracing our TV space, each getting intriguing and darker than the other. Here are some of the best crime shows that have been entertaining us and attracting us.

10. Beauty and the Beast

This TV show derives its name and a part of its story line from the fairy tale we have all read and heard as kids. On the surface it’s like your regular cop drama show, with a homicide detective and a lot of dead bodies. Sounds pretty usual right? But it’s not; this crime drama comes with a twist. The young homicide detective crosses paths with the beast, who in some ways was involved in her mom’s murder years ago. And this beast isn’t some rabid animal lurking around in the forest, but an ex soldier, who was part of some military supersoldier program, the only one to survive it. A little bit of your fairy tale and some X-men Wolverine weapon X angle added to your usual crime drama is what makes this show unique.

9. Bones

This show focuses on FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, and Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and her team. Each individual episode deals with a special case that this team manages to crack and solve. Currently onto its tenth season, it’s the chemistry between the lead characters Bones and Booth that has fans glued to this TV show. The deep understanding and bond shared by the two is what garners most of the attention. The rest of the team, with their interactions often provides some amount of comic relief. Watch the show for long enough and these characters will start to feel like family.

8. Castle

This show focuses on NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett and crime novelist Richard Castle, who comes to assist her on one case which is based on one of his books, and stays on to shadow Beckett for his next book. The childlike, playful character of Richard Castle forms a stark contrast to the workaholic, serious demeanour of Kate Beckett. And it’s  this very opposing nature of their personalities that gives their characters a good chemistry and makes them fun to watch. This duo solves a lot of interesting murders with wit, humour and hilarity. If for nothing else, you have to watch this show for the amazing chemistry and the intricate bond shared by the characters.

7. Grimm

This is a police procedural fantasy television drama series. If you’re a fan of procedural cop shows and TV shows with supernatural elements in it, then this show is an answer to your prayers. The show revolves around a homicide investigator who is a descendant of a line of guardians known as “Grimms.” He helps maintain balance between human and the occult and supernatural by killing the latter.  Many characters from the Grimm’s brother tales make appearances in the show as well as from various other folklore. This show has received a lot of critical acclaim for the dark, moody, entertaining twist it provides.

6. Criminal Minds

As far as crime TV shows are concerned, this one is pretty popular and hardly needs any introduction. This show revolves around FBI Agents from the BAU section that is the Behavioural Analysis Unit. They hunt down criminals and serial killers by creating a psychological profile of the suspects and tracking them down based on the profile. Each show has an interesting case and on a minute level gives us an insight into the lives of the characters. It’s the psychological profiling aspect of the show that’s most intriguing, bringing fans back for more.

5. The Killing

This American TV show is based on its Danish counterpart Forbrydelsen. The first two seasons revolve around detective Sarah Linden solving the murder of a local girl Rosie Larsen. The third season focuses on a different serial killer. The dark, complex and grey character of Sarah Linden makes for an interesting character to watch, as she is constantly haunted by her demons. But the show stealer is Peter Sarsgaard’s performance as a death row inmate in the third season, absolutely spine chilling, and brutally honest, it’s by far one of his best performances and one of the best storylines on the show.  This show becomes a must watch for his performance alone.

4. True Detective

It was an HBO original series that was eight episodes long starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as the leading homicide detectives. It focused on the hunt for a serial killer over the span of 17 years and the story keeps going back and forth between the present and the past. More than reading what the show is about, the true magic lies in watching it. Beautiful acting supplemented by fine storytelling and smooth direction is the shows strong point. With its dark, gothic, neo-noir elements, this show will have you hooked in no time.

3. Sherlock

This show definitely needs no introduction because lately it’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongue. This modern day adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has made Bennedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman superstars overnight and rightfully so. Their portrayals of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson respectively have been spot on and perfect. You have got to watch the show to realize why everyone is so crazy about it, after all there is no smoke without fire.

2. Breaking Bad

Creator Vince Gilligan struck gold, when he made the show Breaking Bad. The show follows the life of chemistry professor Walter White who turns to a life of crime and cooking crystal meth after being diagnosed by cancer. Downtrodden and defeated by life, he becomes a powerful, ruthless and a dark drug kingpin resorting to morally questionable acts and murders, as if swatting a fly. Rarely does a TV show turn its lead character into an anti hero, but this show does it brutally well, and shows us the dark and horrifying aspect of the American Dream.

1.  Hannibal

You have good TV shows, and great TV shows, and then there are some shows that are a work of art, beyond this world, completely creative and artistic, and Hannibal falls in this last category. No other show is as intriguing and as craftily handled as Hannibal is. Its unique direction and the brutally gruesome yet artistic visuals blow your mind away. No other show romanticizes or depicts murders the way this show does. It seduces you with its darkness and visuals and the psychological manipulation. It’s like fine wine, or the expensive dessert, that needs to be savoured and tasted for each of its aspect and not roughly devoured. This show is Art, and the best show in all the genres put together to have graced our screen space in a long while.


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