10 Best DJs in the World 2013

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Djs or Disc Jockeys are the heart and soul of any party. They make the night come alive by playing select multiple tracks, back to back, supported with their unique sound manipulations. With a crowd pulling personality and the ability to know what exactly your audience wants to hear, it is an art they have mastered. It’s while they mix their songs that you know it’s a small introduction to their DJ mixing of attitude. Spin the party alive with these 1.3 million people’s industry. If you in the mood to go in a trance or just wish to have your own little party at home, get these top best DJs, to give you the real time rave party feel.

10.  Tatiana Alvarez

DJ Tatiana

This Cuban lady is the best female DJ in the world. Having started her career as early as a 16 year old, she is trusted to introduce new styles and her special touches to her Mix. A regular at the 3 largest events at the States: Coachella, Electronic Daisy Carnival and Burning Man, she has a vigor to fuel life into raves. She was also into the Ska scene, connecting vinyl from The Jam, Selektor, The specials, The Skatalites and The English Beat. She represented Feelgood entertainment at the beginning of her career soon performing with the great stars and was chosen the Official DJ for the Spike Television Network. She was released on the label Moonshine, Kinkysweet. She recently opened her own label, Jook Music and has produced some of the most sensual, exotic and hypnotic beats, to her original tracks. This lady, is soon to be a star in this male dominated list of the best DJs in the world.

9. Steve Aoki


An American, celebrated in the genre of electro house and Indie dance started his career under the moniker “kid Millionaire”. Soon starting his own Record label called Dim Mak Records, he released artists from the- The Kills, Mystery Jets, Klaxons, The Rakes and more. Aoki’s first debut album, Pillowface and his airplane chronicles was released in January 2008 along with his Essential Mix. The 2010 release, “I’m in the house”, saw itself in the top charts of the UK Singles in its first week of release. His latest the wonderland, is already out their getting his fans crazy, with feature guests like LMFAO, Kid Cudi, Will.I.AM, Chiddy Bang among others. He is also the board member of the Music is Revolution Foundation, providing music education support within public schools. Aoki’s most popular mix is the Aoki’s house on the Electric Area, having over 60 episodes. With his relentless touring and an average performance of 250 an year, he is tying the flag at the 10th position in the world today. His mantra in life, he believes is “Absorb life. Embrace your passion. Wield it and you will learn to love yourself.”

8. Kaskade

DJ kaskade

Ryan Raddon, the American started his career in college as an A&R with his favorite label Om Records. Tuning in the genre of House and Progressive House he has produced some of the finest albums giving a glimpse into the depth of his passionate love for music.  His first record, “What I say”, featured on Mark Grant’s widely acclaimed “Sound Design Volume 2”. Yet that wasn’t enough to prepare him for his widespread praise for the debut album, “It’s you, it’s me”.  Jay Hannan chose Kaskade to debut his new label, Society Heights, with the Soundtrack to the Soul standout “In this life”, as if one needed more proof of his talent.  With uplifting sounds, organic instruments, catchy vocals or the diversity of his sound, Kaskade’s music promises a lot in his albums, The Grand, Strobelite Seduction, Bring the Night, Love Mysterious among others.  His recent album ‘Fire and Ice’ earned him his current earnings of $10 million, edging at the fame world. “There’s a lot of love in house music and this is just what comes out”, he humbles himself.

7.  David Guetta


Pierre David Guetta the French man is one of the demand music producers on the planet. He has sold over six million albums and 15 million singles worldwide. Poised to take the electronic house music and house music out of the confines of global underground, he is now one of the biggest names on the urban scenes. He achieved mainstream success with his album “One Love” in 2009 adding “Just a little more love”, “Guetta Blaster” and “Pop Life” as the three chart topping albums in Europe. The recent claim to fame follow-ups includes, “Without You”, “Titanium” and “Turn Me On”. He has won the World Music Awards along with the Best DJ Award by the DJmag in the same year. This MTV music producer is a hit with his signature sound of quirky, igniting across the world. “I am not trying to be credible”, David admits with an indelible smile on his face, “I am trying to be incredible”

6. Deadmau5


This Canadian, born as Joel Thomas Zimmerman, is a progress producer of house genre and electronic dance music. Under the labels of Mau5strap, Ultra, Ministry of Sound, Songbird he has some the popular records to his fame. His debut album Get Scrapped was released in 2005. Over the years he has released a string of club hits, with the trance house hybrid “Faxing Berlin”, “Ghosts N stuffs”, “I remember” and the recent “For Lack of a Better Name”, which is believed to bring together his best single releases. With his technical whizz he has also helped iPhone write an app called Touch Mix. At the 54th Grammy Awards he gave a monumental performance celebrating electronic music. Winner of the Beatport Music Award, Deadmau5 (read dead mouse), he hates being called a DJ. He says, “It’s a technological orgy up there and I try and keep it more my music than anyone else’s”.

5. Armin Van Buuren


This Dutch Trance Music producer was ranked number one in the prestigious DJ Top 100 poll three times in a row, in 2007, 2008 and 2009. He has hosted a weekly radio show called ‘A state of trance’, claiming to be have had over 20 million weekly listeners. He had his major success with a track called “Blue Fear”, when he was 19 years old. Followed by his various releases under his own label Armada, “One”, “Touch me”, “Free” at the beginning. Armin’s back catalogue includes Back Fear, Sound of Goodbye, Rush Hour, Burned with desire, Exhale, Love you More, Yet another Day, each a stormer that has earned its place on the top charts. He won the best European Dj award at the IDMA awards and received the highest music distinction for a Dutch the “Gouden Harp”. With his latest hit ‘Feels so Good’, winning the International Dance Music Awards, I suggest you make it imperative to have it on your playlist this year. The essence in Armin’s life would always be music, “…It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby, it’s about a way of living…” he says.

4. Avicii


Tim Bergling is a Swedish DJ, remixer and record producer. Placed in the genre of House and Progressive House he released the first big track in 2008, “Manman”. With the first Single “sound of now”, followed up by remixes for D.O.N.S, Roger Sanchez, Jose Nunez, Richard Grey and Erick Morrillo, he sets his audience on fire. With his original track Ryu, he topped the charts for over 4 weeks, and it was enlisted as the track of the week on Tiesto’s Club Life. With his incredible hit singles, of the recents, like Bromance and My Feelings For You, along with radio shows at SririusXM, Avicci has quickly climbed the ranks and is looking at establishing his name among the known, with his innovative sound tracks.

3. Paul Van Dyk

DJ Paul Van Dyk


Matthia Paul is a German based Electronic Dance Music DJ and record producer. With over 3 million albums sold worldwide, PvD travels around the world to sold performances internationally. He has bagged several awards including the “Best international DJ Award” in London, “Best Euro Dj” at the IDMA awards. His VONYC sessions air weekly on the Area Channels on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. With his volumes “Hands In between”,” Cream Ibiza”, “In between”, “Volume” featuring on his radar, we suggest you check this DJ out for his special Mixed Album “(R)EVOLUTION-The Remixes”.

2. Skrillex

Skrillex DJ

Sonny John Moore, the American is an electronic musician known for an impeccable intuition to set the night wild on fire. He is believed to be the best on earth for his heavy bass lines. With his first debut EP, My name is SKrillex in 2010, he soon got absorbed in the band as the vocalist for Bring Me Horizon. He started his career by displaying the three demos of his songs, “Signal”, “Equinox”, and “Glow Worm”, on Myspace. He won 6 Grammys in the year 2012 an 2013 among 8 nominations, for Best Dance Recording, Best Remix Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album. He also nailed the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Annie Awards for Wreck –It-Ralph as Music in an Animated Feature Production, early this year. This man holds only to himself an industry of $15 millions.

1. Tiesto


Tijs Michiel Verwest is a Dutch musician, DJ and record Producer of electronic dance music needs no introduction in this industry. With over 400 million views on YouTube he is a global phenomenon with his Club Life radio show and his Club Life iTunes Podcast, which happens to be the number one podcast globally. Awarded the Best DJ in the world MaxMag and ranked the #1 by Rolling Stones, he is the guy to look out for in 2013. With his first solo album in 2001, “In My Memory”, he ranked himself on the top three consecutive times at the DJ magazine. With his studio albums “Just Be”, “Elements of Life”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Kiss From The Past being on fire”, we suggest you don’t give his latest Mixed Album “Volumes at Las Vegas, Miami and Stockholm” a miss!


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