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History quotes and so do we that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He is enchanted by a woman at the first sight by her subtleness and smile, patience and persistence, bashfulness and beauty, dazzle and dresses. Dresses seem to be bygone era friend of women. She has adorned them and wore them at every special occasion of her life. Benjamin Franklin once famously quoted, “eat to please thyself, but dress to please others”. It is true women like to be complemented for their looks, smile, tops, dresses and million other things but it is not only for the sake of complement that we like to be in beautiful overalls. We love to look beautiful for ourselves for when we see us in the reflection; we adore the lady smiling at us. Below I give you a list of 10 best dressed women. You might have different choices but I have tried to be as pervasive as possible.

10. Debbie harry


Debbie harry is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She is widely known as the lead singer of the band “Blondie” and has also had success as a solo artist. Harry had her band and wardrobe adapted to fit the emerging genre of those days, a new era. Even today she has not lost her charm of being a fashion inspiration for many. Her feisty and glamorous look helped to sell records and make it big in the music business. If this was not enough, she became a style icon. Wild bleached blonde hair with black roots, sharp cheekbones, sexy pout, and slender figure and daring clothes make Debbie a relevant person in the fashion world indeed.

9. Wallis Simpson


You can never be too rich or too thin. Wallis Simpson’s famous one-liner still proves to be an inspiration for many. Thrice married, she was an American socialite well known for her scandalous affair with King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom and the dominions. But this was not all that made her hit the headlines; she also gained a repute for her sense of style. She was not a runaway hit beauty. What influenced the king to marry her still remains a mystery but what made her stand out in the crowd was her impeccable dress sense. She followed the trend and had an incredible couture collection. Flapper dresses and pearls, Dior’s new look, A-line dresses with cut-outs, bejeweled kaftans and bell-bottoms, Wallis could make anything look chic. She had money and it was sure apparent.

8. Bianca Jagger


A social and human rights advocate in this list may sound a bit disturbing but let us not be judgmental for Bianca Jagger was once an actress and model. Her marriage with mick Jagger might not have lasted long but her wedding suit sans bra is still preserved in our memories. She was quick in covering up for it saying that she was pregnant ant the suit shirt was way too tight for her. Her low cut suits, over sized sunglasses, floppy hats, skinny mannish jackets and boot-cut flares; she is still one of the most stylish women alive. In fact the mere word style icon makes Bianca Jagger’s name pop out of nowhere in some of our minds. She is a living epitome of elegance in deeds and looks. The fashion world covets almost all her class. After all who says you can’t do well and look good?

7. Marlene Dietrich


Marlene Dietrich was a German actress and singer but remained popular by continually reinventing herself. The Paris society booed her when she first appeared in a mannish suit, but then they copied her. Marlene’s most famous aspect of style was masculine three piece suits topped with a chic hat. Be it a fedora, beret or top hat she revolutionized each one of them with confidence and ease. Although she had a thing for androgyny she looked nonetheless sultry in pencil skirts, form-fitting dresses and silky blouses. She passed away in 1992 but has served as the muse for several designers.

6. Katharine Hepburn


The American actress needs no introduction for her acting skills, headstrong independence and spirited personality. The most remarkable feature that made her unlike the rest was her casual clothes that went strongly against the convention in an era of glamour. Then what made me include her in this list you might wonder. Think of a lady who demeaned stockings and mocked about them being the invention of the devil. You will know why. At the time when actresses and the common women ordered girdles and stockings, Hepburn made khakis and open-collar shirts her trademark. Her image often said aloud that one doesn’t have to be in tight skirts, show her cleavage and curves, one can choose to be comfortable. Had it not been for her, women wouldn’t have dared ventured out in slacks to their offices. She remains a role model for independent women who don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

5. Jackie o


Jacqueline Kennedy often referred to as Jackie o was the first lady of the United States married to john Kennedy. She became a symbol of fashion for women worldwide. The “Jackie look” as was famously called consisted of suits with skirt, three-quarter sleeves on jackets, A-line dresses, above the elbow gloves, low heel pumps and hats. Think of legends like Dior, Chanel and before they became big people they tailored for the first lady. Even after Kennedy’s death, and when she became Mrs Onassis, she easily carried off gypsy skirts, kaftans, tight white jeans without any belt and turtle necks. This might sound as no big deal but it came in fashion only after she brought it on the road. Needles to mention her large collection of exquisite and priceless jewelry, she was a trendsetter.

4. Grace Kelly


If I say a word about her biography that would disgrace her fame because every girl and guy out there knows her. Who doesn’t consider grace Kelly one of the many style icons of the 20th century? You name it; she had it ‘all’. She had a lovely face and whatever she wore both on and off screen; she was quick in adapting to it. When a movie star she wore belted outfits perfect fit for her waist, V-neck gowns showing her decolletage and after marriage she was seen in cardigans, Chanel skirt suits, coats and petite accessories. She has a Hermes bag named after her. Other than her serene highness princess grace she should also be called fashion icon.

3. Carine Roitfield


She is 58 and is considered the most stylish and sexy woman in fashion. Know who I am talking about and she is none other than the former editor-in-chief of vogue Paris. Kate moss’s style icon, fashionista and grandmother, she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. She is seen in impossibly high heels, smoky eye make-up, a pop hairdo and showing off her cleavage. Whether she wears a yeti coat on stage or a lace micro dress backstage she will strike you. At 54 she was photographed for Gucci campaigns. If you don’t believe me check out those photos online.

2. Coco Chanel


The only fashion designer to appear on time’s magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century, coco Chanel was a prolific ‘fashion creator’. She actually tore apart the old pages, edited, re-edited and wrote a new book on fashion. Her design extended to jewelry, handbags and famous of all fragrance. Here is an interesting fact about her; she would have her iconic Chanel no.5 sprayed throughout her home. She kept it simple yet managed to look elegant and stylish. So great is her fashion legacy that people visit her house in Paris to wonder at her marvel. Her monochromes, over sized costume pearls and cuffs, everything is preserved as if in an art gallery.

1. Kate moss


The high profile top class English model, Kate moss is the trendsetter behind the zero size figures. No wonder she is the modern day trendsetter. There is a long list of wardrobe things which she popularized, denim cut-off shorts, uggs, ballet flats, skinny jeans, waistcoat, skull scarfs, leopard cashmere scarfs and a lot more. The tight jeans, messed up hair, over sized jackets falling off her shoulder, she can pull it all off. Is it just her or the hair or her skinny figure or is it her unpredictable style sense which makes her look chic and us following her blindly. Thanks to her we now have an eclectic and extraordinary clothing line.


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