10 Best FPS Games 2013

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RPG! Fire in the hole! There’s nothing like a good old gun shooting game. Armed with guns that sling bullets in fictionally insane trajectories and the seriously amazing game universes, First Person Shooter games have evolved like a million folds from the classic shooter video games. From customizing appearances to making crucial decisions, FPS games have evolved like a million fold with the help of technology of course!  Interactive gameplay modules along with narrative voice-overs stringed with real-life like graphics give the enemies a Tarantino’s styled bloody death! FPS games, I believe, are one of the earliest forms of videogames and till date, they haven’t lost any popularity in spite of the different game versions like strategy games, role playing games- you name it, the developers create it! Moreover, any game is a stress- buster and a FPS game has far more advantages. Imagine your girlfriend dumping you for no reason; there’s no use whining now b’coz she’s obviously at a coffee shop with some other guy!  Go home, activate your console, weaponize yourself with a joystick and start shooting like hell! It is important to assume the enemies to be your GF. Bam-bam…kaput! There’s nothing like ripping bodies bolted with grenades and blowing up tanks with bazookas! It gives you inner peace. Plus who said saving the world would be that simple!


10. Duck Hunt


Release Date: 1985

Publisher: Nintendo

Duck Hunt is a simple shooter game where the player has to shoot at ducks flying past them. Of course the games of this genre have been around since the early 1930s, but few games have had a definitive acceptance and success rate which includes the Duck Hunt. The game is played with a light gun console that is obviously light sensitive and reacts to any fluctuations on a CRT display. That’s right; it’s CRT, not LCD. Duck Hunt was Nintendo Entertainment System’s launch game. The most popular beam gun was the NES Zapper which came along with the NES package. Aim at the ducks and shoot them as they start flying. The player has a total of 3 shoots per chance and if he misses, a hunting dog emerges and taunts the player by laughing. Sometimes, the annoying laughter could get on your nerves if you’re a sensitive type! But, the dog went on to become on of the most memorable characters in video gaming.

9. Max Payne 2:  The Fall of Max Payne


Release: 2003

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Remedy

Ever since the release of the first installment, Max Payne has always been notoriously addictive. I mean, the seriously trippy comic strip narratives, the broody voices and characters, the neo- noire skylines, the ever raining outside world, the romantic outburst between a NYPD cop and a contract killer, the magnificent slow-Mo explosions integrated with bullet time; Max Payne 2 can make a good mess of any gamer! Max Payne 2 is an extended storyline of its prequel; the game begins at a hospital where Max wakes up from a terrible nightmare (He does that all the time). Initially, Max takes a little time to cope with the flashy memories and disgruntling voices. At some point, he manages to grab a gun and the vigilante cop starts bringing the house down. Shotgun + Bullet time = Oh, yeah! Now that’s what I call a delightful execution. Let’s just say, the number of jaws drops increased exponentially during bullet time. Then there she comes- Mona Sax, a contract killer. Femme Fatale strikes Max Payne and the rest is a sad love story. Vladmir Lem appears as Max’s friend in need. But we all know how things turn, right! Vlad was obvious. A Russian guy who owns a restaurant called ‘Vodka’. His warehouse is full of shooters disguised as cleaners. He always leaves messages for his wife which means he is devilish busy. His voice is deceptive in nature (“Max, the dearest of all my friends.”). I guess painkillers don’t do much to trigger brain activity. Hell! Max was heavy on them.


8. Metro 2033


Release: 2010

Publisher: THQ

Developer: 4A Games

The year is 2033 as you know. More than the shooter combat experience, I would prefer to hang around in the apocalyptic ridden game universe enjoying the creative overload of suspense and horror.  You play as a ranger called Artyom in a futuristic-annihilated Moscow plagued by horrible creatures mutated by red level radiations. In reality, Artyom is a popular Russian city and it is also one of the most common male names in Russia. A fictionally adapted game, Metro 2033 is essentially the Moscow metro, below which the survivors are hiding from the evils of the outside world. The creatures are steadily evolving with the radioactive environment which is bad news for the humans. Mankind can’t last for long and it is Artyom’s job as the protagonist to fight through relentless creatures, mangled remains of fellow humans and the changing outside world and ensure that all underground survivors reach the Polis before things take a wrong turn!


7. Crysis


Release: 2007

Publisher: EA

Developer: Crytek Studios

That’s got to be the best suit ever. Whoa! A combination of Nanotech and alien technology is what Nanosuits are. It’s always a pleasure to play hide and seek with villains and bash them up with these suits. And I thought Kevlar suits were the best! Fast forward to 2020, Crysis begins with the crucial kidnap of American archeologists by North Koreans. As usual, America wants a win-win situation and so deploys Special Forces. In the beginning, the Koreans seemed to be the problem. Set up in a tropical forest, the delta team started losing its members as the clock ticked. (I thought it was a Predator rip- off!).  Halfway through the game and then you realize its aliens all the way. Alien ships, nuclear bombs, nano suits- Shooters will fall in love again and again!

6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Release: 2010

Publisher: EA

Developer: DICE

The Bad Company is back and what seemed like a last retirement mission turned out to be the beginning of a whole new operation. The game provides ample opportunities to swap guns and drive abandoned vehicles. From sandy deserts to chilly mountain peaks, the squad is screwed all along with RPGs and the occasional Latino music on the radio. The game pops up with a flashback called “Operation Aurora” in which a group of US commandos break into Japan to secure a dangerous ‘scalar’ weapon. Result: Everyone perished. With a modern day follow-up, the gamer plays as Private Preston Marlowe of the Bad Company guys who are screwed repeatedly and finally end up SAD. I meant Special Activities Division! So, the weapon is not a myth and is onboard a plane bound for US. Heroics demand explosion and so, the plane goes bang-bang. The freefall kill is the best climax. Parachuting on border Mexico, they were informed of a Russian invasion coming through Alaska. The Bad Company is screwed yet again!


5. BioShock


Release: 2007

Publisher: 2K Games

Developer: 2K Boston

BioShock is a game well known for its interesting storyline not to mention one of the best opening scenes in gaming history! Jack as the main character is the only survivor of a plane that plummeted into the Atlantic. Soon after, you will be underwater walking through the sunken city of Rapture. A 1960’s set-up, Jack uses weapons of various strides and also uses plasmids – that alters your DNA providing abnormal powers- you know like shooting  electrics, fire et all just from your bare hands.


4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Release: 2007

Publisher: Activision

It’s war! Power, that’s what it’s all been about. COD moves up from the colonial World wars to present day sophisticated battlegrounds horded by multiple enemies. COD 4 stares through 2011 when things started to turn ugly from all kinds of perspective. The gamer gets the thrill of being both a US Marine and an English SAS soldier who fights through a heap of treacherous paths left over by a rebellious faction. The coordinated strike attacks are visually heroic. Endless firepower, twisty storyline, kill streaks, UAVs, Russian outbreak; COD 4 is a thumbs up!


3. Halo: Combat Evolved


Release: 2001

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Bungie Software

I reckon this must be the beginning! You’ve got to admit the fact that Halo was a forefront. A ‘lead’ picked up by up-coming FPS games and later on significantly developed. Almost all FPS games exhibit some aspect of Halo stringed within its gameplay or design feature or whatever! OK. Now what year does the calendar say –It’s say the 26th century. Meet the Master Chief, a supersoldier augmented by cyber tech with whom you will be spending the next few days fighting aliens and defending Earth as you try to discover the secrets on a ring shaped alter world called the Halo. Halo takes you through a perfect story supported by a cache of weapons and weighty multiplayer options. Master Chief is my favorite gaming character next only to Commander Shepard. Good job Microsoft!


2. Mass Effect 3


Release: 2012

Publisher: EA

Developer: Bioware

Please don’t tell me you haven’t played Mass Effect yet! Can’t you read the sign? It’s mandatory! A single sitting of Mass Effect 3 will teach you everything about diplomatic bureaucracy, saving the world, making the right choices, sticking by your friends, picking up the right girl or boy! (Let me know if I have forgot anything else!) Alright now, I have my own reasons for naming ME3 in this list. Most people say it’s an RPG game and I agree partly but just one look at the wide arsenal of armor-sets, helmets, masks, visors, interfaces, weapons, powers and latent talents will give an insight of an FPS set-up! Look at Shepherd and his fellow squad mates, they are definitely built for combat. I could go on and even write a Mass-o-pedia about the powers and alien races but some things look better on screen! Personally I like playing the biotic Vanguard!

ME3 is the final testament of the Mass Effect trilogy. Commander Shepard is back after some manipulative changes he underwent in ME2. (For a better understanding of this bible, I seriously recommend you to play both the prequels) So, we have Reapers- giant doomsday machines trying to erase all of the galaxy’s civilizations on one hand, the Cerberus headed by the Illusive Man in another hand and bitter galaxy politics in another virtual hand. Cmdr. Shepard has to bring all races together, track down Illusive Man and stop the Reapers from ending the primordial cycle of annihilation. Lots of work to do. Time to mobilize the troops into the Sol System!  I will be available at the Vid Com if you need anything.


1. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


Release: 2012

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

“I will be back.” The utterance made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the uber cool alternate sci-fi future film -The Terminator went on to become one of the best moments in Film History. The concept of not- so -distant future mangled by nuclear remains, the lingering cold war between America and Russia, rise of machines called cyborgs, a military defense network called ‘Skynet’ – all these really made my childhood awesome. And then came Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon figuratively teleporting me back to the days of a machinist pop culture universe! Strange yet funny, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an eerie 80’s interpretation of a futuristic 2007 gobbled by nuclear war and cyber operations. You are Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV cyber soldier and your objective is to blow up Omega forces and stop Colonel Sloan, the bad guy (Obvious from the name!). The game is riddled with cheesy one-liners and Easter eggs referring to popular 80’s movies and TV series. The best part of the game is the blood dragons, pre- historic creatures formed as a result of nuclear bonding that shoots eye lasers! There’s also a final show down with a Titanium Plated Cyber-Dragon. The electrifying soundtrack will take the players to a completely new shooter dimension!


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