10 Best Headphones Brands 2013

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If we consider man as the best creation of God then undoubtedly, music is the best creation of man. Music is the universal language. Music has been portraying its presence since time immemorial. All the people in the world, including the most isolated tribes in every nook and corner of the world, have some form of music. This means that music has been present in the world even prior to dispersal of humans.

Music is one of the best experiences in a person’s lifetime. Music touches the emotional as well as the spiritual side of a person. It fuels up the mind and boosts imagination. After the day’s toils, mankind has always found ease and relaxation in music. Thus, music helps mankind achieve tranquility.

Earlier, music was confined to concerts, TV sets and radios. People needed to sit at a place to enjoy the harmonious production of melodious sound. But in today’s life people have very limited time to sit around and enjoy their peace of mind. This problem was completely solved by the vast strides in technology. Music was no longer limited to concerts and TV sets. People could now move around but still be in touch with their favorite music. Technology evolved the way we play our favorite tunes.  It became possible to store an entire library of the songs we love. But most important of all was the device that let us listen to the soothing music. Portable devices like Walkman came to the market. With music becoming an integral part of life, having best quality headphones is a must. Be it jazz, rap or romantic music, good quality headphones keep the beats going on like a smooth breeze.

Numerous brands produce headphones. Varieties of headphones are flooding the market every day. Taking the general perspective and reviews of the people into consideration, the following list was prepared that portrays the top ten brands that produce the best headphones worldwide.


10. Creative


Creative was established in 1991. This Singapore brand provides some of the most stylish and affordable headphones that you will ever come across. The quality of the headphones is up to the mark. Creative has developed headphones catering to different needs of the users. The only problem with creative headphones is their durability. Most of the headphones are not durable. Sometimes the connecting cable is too thin or the headphones are not sturdier. Extra care needs to be taken to ensure they do not break. Though people are happy with the sound quality and comfortable fit but durability factor holds back many customers from purchasing Creative headphones.


9. Shure Incorporated

shure incorporated

An American giant in the headphone industry, Shure Inc. started off as a rookie but took to producing headphones for the masses in 2009. They are well known for producing headphones having snazzy designs. Their lightweight design and gentle earpad pressure makes for an extra comfortable fit. But their headphones are generally larger in size and do not fold which limits their usage by people during travelling. But on the bright side, they have high detailed sound that thrills the user. This brand has always stood toe to toe with the big companies and has been providing constant and stiff competition to all the big names.


8. AKG Acoustics

akg acoustics


Another German company, AKG Acoustics produces the best music accessories in the world. It was founded in 1947. AKG Acoustics supplies the largest number of headphones to recording studios worldwide. The AKG’s are pricey and aren’t as comfortable as the Bose or Sennheiser but they are well built, offer good noise cancelation features and recharge via USB. There constant devotion to produce good music accessories has earned them the title of “Big Daddy of Headphones.” After Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time”, the AKG headphones were sold at an exorbitant rate!


7. Logitech



Logitech was founded in Apples, Switzerland. Logitech has a very different view from the other brands. They aim at creating compact and lightweight headphones that are a great choice if you are on the go. The open design of the headphones enables them to remain cool even after long hours of usage. Logitech believes that hearing some natural sounds from the surroundings is okay when you are in the move or in public.


6. Beyer-Dynamic

beyer dynamic


German companies have always had a reputation for providing the best products be it automobiles, engines or audio systems. They have always had a name in the global market. Back in the day, Beyer –Dynamic used to supply public broadcasting systems. They used to manufacture only microphones and conference systems. But they changed track to headphone production and were soon world renowned for the appealing pieces.


5. Audio Technica

audio technica


This Japanese brand deals with the production of a wide range of products, including high performance microphones, headphones, noise cancelling headphones, wireless microphone systems, etc. They lead the market in producing the trendiest headphones. Their award-winning noise cancelling headphones are the answer to anyone who hates the noise surrounding them at their workplace of home. With the motto to innovatively reinvent, Audio-Technica has climbed a few ladders to produce top-notch quality headphones for music lovers around the world.


4. Koss



Koss has grown to provide best quality headphones around the world. Initially the company did not deal with headphone production. But after John Koss partnered with Martin Lange, they ventured into the new idea of producing headphones. It was by accident as they came upon the headphone idea as a result of an attempt to market a portable phonograph. Their stereo headphones highlighted their name in the global market and they still continue to do so.


3. Sony



A brand that doesn’t need any introduction. Who hasn’t heard of them or have not owned a pair of their headphones? It is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered at Tokyo, Japan that primarily focuses on electronics, game, entertainment and financial services sector. This is the most widely known brand when it comes to common music lovers. It has been one of the most entertaining and comprehensive companies around the world. It has the widest product line that one can come across in any company. Sony introduced the Walkman to the world that created the demand and void for headphones. To keep up in the race for producing the best quality products, Sony has emerged as the brand to bring the newest technologies upfront before any other brands. The technological innovations incorporated by Sony can make any tech freak want to buy their products.


2. Dr Dre Beats


Dr. Dre is gving the world the best treat of bass medicine through the Beats headphones! Every ‘beat’ with ‘Beats’ is loud, clear and perfect. This giant from California is loved by musicians around the world. It was founded by rapper and hip-hop producer Andre “Dr Dre” and primarily produces audio products and equipments under the brand Beats by Dr. Dre. They are mostly known for a bassy delivery that makes the headphones suitable  for listening to pop, hip-hop or rock. Its very different from the other headphones where the bass just balloons out and obscures the other elements of the music. The built quality, the folding earcups and the thick replaceable cable are the takeaways for Beats!


1. Sennheiser


On the top of the list of the best brands is Sennheiser. This German audio company, specializing in the design and production of microphones, headphones, telephone accessories, etc., is the heart throb of millions of audiophiles! Their constant pursuit for the perfect sound has built their reputation as the most widely used brand by musicians around the world. Their top-notch noise-elimination technology has enabled noise reduction to a great extent. Even though they have this hard plastic outer covering on the headphones, the soft black cushions that line the inner covering of the band provide a smooth and comfortable pad for the ears. Sennheiser’s product line is available at an affordable price.


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