10 Best Military Schools in the World

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If the love for mother is considered as the great love; love for the motherland is the greatest. It is the greatest love known or felt. The weight of this respect the militants carry for the country is absolutely incredible! The fortune to serve the motherland is something one always looks forward for. Be it India, United States of America, Germany, Malaysia or Cuba; by the end of the day, it is who we are and whom we stand for- the nation. No county is perfect; people living in it make it a place to live. Without the military forces, no world wars would have been fought and won, or no safety would have been assured on the borders. Nation without military would just be like any other anarchy. Mass massacres, theft, injustice, violence and death are all what we would encounter with. Throughout the world, the military is the umbrella of any nation. The intense 3P’s; passion, perseverance, patriotic nature forms the crux of any military training. For you are not just protecting your mother but the whole mother land. It is the military that confides with the safety of the nation.

For all those passionate patriots out there, here is the list of top 10 military schools in the world.



If it’s history, it’s Greek. Be it the epic literature or the war tactics, Greek made the history. With military history backing in centuries, it has nothing but to pride its existence till date. With solid training in military education, its students are no Spartans! Founded in 1828 at Vari, the academy’s previous records show a number of note-worthy names who have fought the wars globally. They are now scientists, authors, engineers and professors who are highly regarded in their respective fields. The training includes in and out field trips, physical training and fitness, military and defense education cover upto 50% of the curriculum. The Academy aims at improving its’ cadets general knowledge who upon graduating develop military merits. Definitely with a unique approach, the University welcomes students from all across the world apart from its own students to become responsible military officials with efficient qualities along with physical and mental endurance.



Founded in 1950, South African Military Academy along with the provision of accommodation, offers training to its cadets in various courses like Technology, Technology and Defense Management, organization and resource management, Human and development organization, Security and Africa studies. With a proper medical fitness certificate and a minimal aggregate in matriculation with computer knowledge qualifies you to apply for the University. One of its kind, the military academy has a reputation of its own.



In 1953 at Yukosuka in Japan, National Defense Academy of Japan was established. Since then, there has not been a look back. The course offers a program to the cadets who choose to be the officers of NDA. With a different approach, the University pays the students initially in school and are then required to proceed to Officer Candidate schools after graduation. For all the school lovers, they also offer a course in Masters and Doctorate (under supervision). The graduates include Astronauts, scholars, government and high ranking officials.



Din’t hear about it yet? Well, for all the Russian patriots, you will taken by surprise to know the list of its graduates working for the Russian (former USSR) military forces. Moscow witnessed its establishment in 1936 in order to give the Russians the best military protection. Eventually, today its ranked as one of the most deemed Academies in the world. Wondering how to get in? Think twice, unlike the functioning of other military schools, this academy requires previous military experience and almost all the graduates (already holding Colonel or General rank) come under 30+ age group.



China is not left behind! To answer the West Point, PLA National Defense University offers training and education of senior commanding staff officers and researchers. With the affiliation of the number of military and political schools, the University stands as the premiere military school today. Located in Beijing, this deemed University offers courses to the military cadets. One of the top Universities offering best education in China.



One of the oldest military schools by Napolean Bonaparte in 1803, the Special Military School is a French National at Saint-CYR, Coetquidan. Through rigorous training program, the school produces the best of the cadets to the French military. With the motto ‘Study to Vanquish’, the school is known to be one of the oldest and most reputed institutions. Graduates have known to fight nearly every European conflict and have an in-depth knowledge of war tactics. Charles De Gaulle, the famous president is an alumni of the same school.



With the motto of ‘Excellence in Leadership’, this academy is definitely another prestigious choice. Located in Sandhurst, Camberly, United Kingdom; embark on this rigorous training for better leaders tomorrow apart from bachelor’s degree. The course offers four internal academic departments; War Studies, Communication and Applied Behavioral Sciences, Defense and International Affairs and Library. The Royal Military Academy has produced a number of eminent scholars to the world who have done in depth analysis on war crimes and war case studies since 19th century. Also to be noted that the academy is not a University and doesn’t offer courses to the general public. Everything doesn’t come with a silver spoon. The Academy serves to lead and leads to serve.



Located at Sleaford, United Kingdom prepares the air men of tomorrow. It not only selects and trains the future air force leaders but also recruit the trainers. With special lodging units, the air force college runs on its own terms. With a profound methodology, the Royal Air Force College aims at excelling their cadets in their respective fields. With the best faculty and best practical approach and procedure, the college has earned the reputation of its alumni like Prince Williams, Prince Charles, Frank Whittle, etc. With the availability of sports, bunker, charitable trust, career, display and merchandise, the college has made a name of its own.



Located in Annapolis, Maryland, USNA is one of the most premier institutes in the world. With the motto of ‘Leaders to serve the nation’, the institute fulfills the very purpose. With a blend of required and elective courses, the course offers a program in practical training to teach leadership and professional skills required for merchant navy. With a thorough research, the USNA aims to mould its students at Under-graduate level. With strategic training in various fields, the course offers twenty-four majors including history, economics, naval architecture, etc. All students must complete the academic majors in science, technology, engineering or mathematics discipline. The physical requirements, academic backup and SAT scores hold the same value. The course also offers minors in a number of foreign languages like French, Russian, Japanese, German, Arabic and Chinese. One of its kinds, the Academy provides and serves nothing but the best.



With the army affiliated military branches and ranked 7th by Forbes Magazine, this military training offers basic office leadership, cadet training, para gliding, infantry tactics, summer training, law enforcement tactics, cavalry and scouting, Joint professional military education and combat weapons training in the city of New York. Also with specific degrees in military history and science, it also offers training in defense and strategic studies and leader development science. With no religious affiliation, this course can be completed in 4 years duration with best available resources with an age restriction of 17-22 years. With physical test requirements, strict rules, discipline, SAT scores, etc. the college is all set to send in the best of their alumni into the army. Undoubtedly, one of the best and most prestigious institutions in the world.


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