10 Best Universities in USA 2013

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University is the highest place of academic learning. There are thousands of universities around the world constantly engaged in world class research and development activity and producing never seen technology, creating future world leaders in all fields and promising the world a better tomorrow every day. Each of them is trying to be the best, reaching the top, attracting the best student, researchers to be a part of them in a mission to increase knowledge. Based on several parameters like research, teaching, development of technology, contribution to society and others, they get their deserved position in the world ranking of universities. In the world ranking of universities, USA still dominates today. It has the highest number of best universities than anywhere else. Considering several parameters of ranking, the top 10 Universities in USA in 2013 are listed below.

10. Columbia University, New York

Columbia University, New York

Located in the city of New York, this university is renowned for its world class research facility, education and producing world leaders in different fields. This private Ivy League research university came in to existence in the year 1754 and as of now includes 96 Nobel laureates, 26 Oscar winners and also it produced political leaders, presidents (including Barack Obama) and Supreme Court justices. The selection process for admission is one of the toughest in USA.  It is the birth place of many medical products and today its research and patents is among the highest in world. As a member of Ivy League, it has 29 sport teams. Orgo night, the varsity show and Christmas tree lighting are the main traditions of this university.

9. University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles

This public research university occupies the number 9 in our ranking. It is one of the 10 universities of the University of California (UC) is a public university system in the U.S. state of California. This university is located in Los Angeles, the most populous city of US state of California. It has a strong reputation in both education and research activity. There are 12 Nobel laureates, one Field medalist (widely regarded as the Nobel prize in Mathematics), 12 Rhodes scholars has been affiliated with the university as researchers, faculty and alumni. Apart from academic activity, it has also reputation for its wide contribution in field of music, sport, etc. Its faculty and alumina has own Academy awards, Emmy awards, Tonys, Pulitzer award, Olympic medals, more NCAA titles than any university and more Olympic medals than most nations and many other global awards. Its research activity created more than 100 companies. It proved to be a dream choice for higher education.

8. Yale University, New Haven

Yale University, New Haven

Coming on the 9th spot, Yale University is located in the city of New Haven, the second largest city in the US state of Connecticut. This is a private Ivy League research university has produced many world leaders in education, politics including US president and Supreme Court justice, Oscar winners, successful entrepreneurs and so on. Yale enjoys the affiliation of 49 Nobel laureates. Its student body comprise of wide diversities. It has 12 residential colleges and its central campus located is in downtown New Haven. As an Ivy League university it is reputed for 35 varsities athletic.

7. University of Chicago, Chicago

University of Chicago, Chicago

Located in Chicago city in US state of Illinois, this is a private research university. Its strong presence in research and education can be judged from the fact that as of now it has the affiliation of 87 Nobel laureates, 9 Field medalist, 49 Rhodes scholars, and many great figures in science like astronomer Edwin Hubble and Carl Sagan. It started in the year 1890 and within short period of time it became a major destination of higher education and research.  It also has good reputation in sport. There are 19 sport teams’ represents the university in sport meets. It is one of the founding members of Association of American Universities. It also governs the Chicago University press, a renowned publisher of academic books.

6. University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley, as it known as, was established in 1968 and located in Berkeley city of California. This public research university is less to none in terms of research and development. Its faculty member, researchers and alumni have owned 71 Nobel prizes, 7 Field medals, 11 Pulitzer prizes, 20 Oscars and many more acclaimed awards. Berkeley Physicist Oppenheimer was the director of Manhattan project that developed the first atomic bomb. Its athletic teams have won several sport championships and brought fame to the university. Apart from Nobel laureates, some of its notable alumni include Gordon Moore (Co-founder of Intel), Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman of Google Inc.) and Douglas Carl Engelbart  (The inventor of computer Mouse) to name a few.

5. Princeton University, Princeton

Princeton University, Princeton

A reputed world class university, Princeton University comes in the 5th position of our ranking. This private Ivy League research university is located in Princeton city of New Jersey state. Since its inception in 1746 it has excelled in all areas of education and research. Its dynamic research and development activity has resulted in many global acclaimed awards and recognition including 35 Nobel Prize winners. It has 6 undergraduate residential colleges. It offers many diversified options to its undergraduate and required independent work is the hallmark of its undergraduate education. Princeton is highly selective in case of admission to undergraduate program. It has a good athletic and cultural activity. Its notable alumni includes physicist Richard Feynman, Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos and not to mention the current first lady of USA Michelle Obama.

4. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

 California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

Caltech, this is what the world knows California Institute of Technology as. It’s a primary choice for many high school pass outs to join the bachelor program. Since its establishment in 1891, its dynamic research and development activity, teaching has given it a world class university status. Some of the most influential scientist like Feynman, Gell-Mann, Millikan, Pauling, Anderson and the creator of Mathematica, Stephen Wolfram are associated with it. Since last few years Caltech holds the record of highest cited papers published by its faculties. Caltech also has very good athletic teams in sports like baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, fencing, swimming, etc. It affiliates 32 Nobel Awards. This small private research university has six academic divisions with main eye on basic science and engineering. Its physics department is one of the best in world. The student strength is low compare to other universities but it has a strong PhD program. It also manages the JPL research lab.

3. Stanford University, Stanford

Stanford University, Stanford

It needs no introduction. Stanford is a first destination when it comes to research and teaching activity. This private research university came in to existence in 1891 and now it is one of the most reputed universities in the world. Its faculty, alumni went on to win 52 Nobel awards and the top companies like Google, HP, Nike,  Cisco, Wipro, and Yahoo were built by its alumni. It is one of the most difficult universities to get in. Its main focus lies in research and graduate studies. Its athletics team won numerous championships and medals. Its alumni highly contributed to almost all fields, from science & technology to art, social science and entertainment. Its online course is a big hit in YouTube.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

MIT, the university which revolutionized the online learning platform is unmistakably the dream destination of every student. It is the birth place of many advanced technology innovations in computer science and defense technology. Today it is the leader in science, economics, and business and not to mention computer science.  It has 78 Nobel laureates associated with it. It has great many numbers of notable alumni including Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Physicist Feynman etc. It offers numerous scholarships to its students. It has more than 31 athletics teams who represent MIT in NCAA, EARC like meets. Till date MIT has 632 invention and 153 high level patents in its name. It is situated in proximity to Harvard and they have several research collaborations. Its online MIT open course ware program helped to educated millions worldwide which inspired other university to come up with open education program.

1. Harvard University, Cambridge

Harvard University, Cambridge

This American private Ivy League university established in 1636. Since then its quality research and academic influence made it the most prestigious university in the world. It has 144 Nobel Prize winners, 8 US Presidents associated with it. It is the wealthiest university in the world. Harvard business and medical school are the best of their kind in the world.it has a strong athletics team. Its undergraduate admission is very selective making it a tough place to get in. As a research university, it focus lies in high quality research and development, to state more specifically the purpose of Harvard is not to educate students but to produce quality research and scholarly work. It devotes most of its fund towards research by creating better research facility and hiring the best researchers from all over the world etc. its notable alumni includes Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more who went on to be the best in their field and created history. It always stays on the top of all universities in ranking.


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