10 Common Desires of Human Beings

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George Eliot, the well known novelist quoted, “It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.”  As they say, it is never too late to make wishes! So, never stop making wishes! As humans, we understand and appreciate things better than the other beings and whenever we see something beautiful and captivating, we desire to possess it. It is a natural feeling of want, which is what we call a ‘wish’. From children to old people, everyone has wishes. Kids are taught to ‘make a wish’. It is a very positive feeling that they get when they make a wish. It’s like elation if your wish comes true.

Wishes may be small or enormous, one that lasts for a few minutes or one that we want with us forever; they may be realistic or they may be far-fetched fantasies! Whatever it is, wishes and aspirations are the ones that keeps humans going! For instance, you work because you wish to earn for a better living. Everyone has aspirations in life. They give the meaning and purpose to our life. Achieving what we wish for, and getting ultimate happiness therein, is what life is all about.

But there is one thing we need to keep in mind. Greed is the root cause of many problems. Expecting too much out of life will lead you to get disappointed. Greed also makes you very selfish. Whatever we wish for, we must remember that it should not harm our fellow beings. Moving on, this article talks about ten common desires of every human being. In this list, few are not possible to attain, yet they fall in the ‘most wished’ category.

10. To possess the riches


Money is the buzzword today! It has been, since ages, since the time it was first used. You cannot lead a decent living without earning money. It is every human’s desire to be in possession of the riches: to live in a mansion, to live a luxurious life, like an emperor. When you are rich, you can get want you want at the clap of your hands! Being rich will make one self-reliant, fearless and will boost the self-esteem. Just imagine owning your favourite sports car and zooming away in it! Imagine wearing your favourite expensive designer gown to a party! Makes you want to get rich, right?

9. To travel the world


“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” How true! To travel this whole, wide world has been on the wish list of too many people! In fact, it is on the bucket list of many globetrotters. It is such a great feeling, to go to different places in the world, meet new people, experience different cuisines and cultures and bring back many memories! Going a step further, there are many who want to travel into outer space too, to see what it is like, outside of planet earth.

8. To be famous


If you ask children ”What do you want to be when you grow up?” many of them will probably say, “I want to be famous!” It is every child’s and teenager’s dream to become a celebrity. The glamour, the paparazzi, the larger-than-life image, the recognition, the money and the lifestyle are just too good to imagine! The best part is, if you are famous, you are many people’s idol, their rolemodel. What more could you ask for?

7. To fall in true love!


True love is rare! It happens but once in a lifetime. The feeling of falling in love is ecstatic. You feel euphoric if you tie the knot with your soul mate. Love makes you a better person and brings out the best in you. Finding your other half on this planet of billions is not going to come about easily. Everyone wants to marry the one they love and spend their lives with them.  As they say, love makes the world a better place to live!

6. To be disease-free and healthy


Being healthy is everything! If health is lost, it’s as if everything is lost, for health is a pre-requisite for our development, happiness and success. Nobody wants to be down with any kind of illness or disease. A disease is like a curse. It does not let you do what you want to do, peacefully. But health is not just the absence of disease. It is the overall physical and mental well being. The mind is equally important, just as the body. Having good health is like a blessing, a boon. You can accomplish whatever you want to! The quality of one’s life increases with good health.

5. To never lose loved ones


Family comes first! Being near loved ones is one of the best things in life. To be surrounded by a loving family is an aspiration of every human. Family gives you everything in life: comfort, lots of love and strength. In a family, you have a sense of belonging and feel protected. A family is like the base of your building. It is like a supporting pillar. One cannot imagine the pain of losing loved ones. Even though death is inevitable, we always hope that we live with our blood relations forever, for family bonding is so special to each one of us!

 4. To go back in time


Nostalgia is not a new feeling. Nostalgia of people and places. As time passes by and things change, we have a tendency to want things as they were. We get attached to certain people and we want them back in our lives. When we graduate from our school or college, we want to go back there once again. Adults want to go back and live their childhood. Change is but inevitable! No one’s life is perfect. If you have made few mistakes, you would want to go back in time and do it right! But unfortunately, going back in time is impossible.

3. To become immortal


Even though it is a fact that death is certain, immortality is something most people wish for! “I want to live longer! I don’t want to die!” they say! One life is not enough to do all the things, to meet all the people and to see all the places you want to. The world is just too vast.

Sometimes, you realize that life is so beautiful and wish that it never ends. But, the curtains have to close one day! The stage is not yours forever. Actors come and go.

2. To be extremely happy and satisfied


Happiness, the most elusive wish on anyone’s wish list! Ironical, but true. You cannot go after happiness. It should come to you and it will, if you stop searching desperately for it. It comes when you feel content about everything. It is the state of complete psychological well being. Everyone wants to be happy and satisfied. It is the ultimate goal of life. When you are happy, everything seems just right. Your life seems perfect. The world looks beautiful and there is a positive aura in you. Everyone wants to experience this.

1. To stay young forever!


I am reminded of Jay Z’s song, “Forever Young”! As we grow older, we want to become younger! Who wouldn´t like to be forever young and enjoy life without responsibilities? Being young is all about being energetic and passionate. You have all the time in the world to go after your dreams. Youth hood is the best part of life. It is full of fun! The verve and the zeal, so full of life! Your beauty is at its peak, when you are in your twenties. Nobody wants to grow old and lose that beauty.

But then again, we cannot change nature’s way. As long as we are young at heart, we never really grow old!


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