10 Commonly Used Products that Damage our Environment

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Today’s lifestyle is brutally damaging our environment in one way or the other. The speed by which people’s never ending needs and demands are exceeding, our environment is being ruined at the same pace. Not only the scenic beauty, like forests, rivers etc are getting disturbed but also animals, birds and humans themselves are adversely affected by their own actions. Almost every day, we harm our surroundings at a minor level which in turn accumulates and damages the environment at a major level. The need of the hour is to observe our own activities that are posing threat to our environment and rectify them. But we are neglecting this aspect and consistently using the products that damage our earth and its environment. We generally ignore our duties towards the environment in which we live thinking others would work on it. It goes same for all and as a result we bring destruction to the very place we live in. Some of the generally used products in our daily lives that keep on destroying the elements of the earth i.e. land, water and air are explained as follows.

10. Leather Products – shoes, belts


Leather is directly made from the skin of animals like cows, buffaloes, snakes. Therefore, its production involves killing of thousands of animals as leather products are so commonly used that we cannot even pass a day without their use. Not only killing of animals at large number is posing threat to our ecosystem and thus in turn to our environment but also the waste products formed in the making of leather products like purses, shoes etc is hazardous as they contain phosphorus and nitrates that contaminate water bodies as well as the land where they are dumped. Thus, these products create an imbalance in the nature by killing of animals and also contaminate the environment.

9. Paper


Use of paper is indirectly damaging our environment as paper is obtained from the bark of the tree and for the manufacture of paper; ceaseless cutting of trees is being carried out. As it is known, that trees are the provider of oxygen and also they claim the primary and the most important role in keeping the ecosystem balanced and pure. Due to constant cutting of trees, the harmful ultraviolet radiations are not absorbed by the atmosphere and they directly reach us harming our bodies. Also bleaching of paper is done by chlorine which acts as a danger to the environment. A number of efforts are being done to discourage the use of papers so as to save our earth such as using electronic media in place of newspapers, e-tickets, online examinations etc.

8. Disposable and Ceramic Plates


Using disposable and ceramic utensils in place of metal ones has become a popular trend these days. Ignoring the consequences, though knowing about them, people aptly keep on using these items. Disposable plates are for one time use only and then they are dumped here and there polluting the surroundings initially and as they are non-biodegradable, they are never disposed off, thereby polluting the whole environment.

7. Paints and Varnishes


Paints and varnishes are among the generally used products. They come in use even at indoors but they are hazardous for human health as well as environment. The fumes produced in paints and varnishes are quite toxic and they become even more dangerous when not handled or stored properly. Since their use is inevitable as they are used for painting walls and furniture, we need to be more careful in their use and storage.

6. Insecticides and Pesticides


These products are also contributing to damage the environment. Insecticides and pesticides are sprayed during farming for the eradication of insects and pests that grow with the crops on them. But the situation becomes worse when these chemicals enter the natural food chain. After rains, the contaminated water from the farms mix into the water bodies thereby poisoning their water and brings death to the water life. Those water animals who luckily survive, when eaten up by the humans, disease their bodies. Thus, these chemicals in place of protecting the crops from the pests disturb the whole ecological system.

5. Cigarettes and Hookahs


Cigarettes and hookahs are the most popular trend among today’s generation. These are not just destructive for human body but also for the entire environment. The smoke exhibited from them contains certain chemicals that are bad for the air we breathe. The suffocating air around the smoking zone proves its damaging tendency very easily. The oxygen content of that area tends to decrease as the whole atmosphere becomes contaminated by the smoke. Despite knowing the fact that they are injurious to health as well as environment, people’s lavish lifestyle is refraining them to quit their use.

4. Motor Vehicles


The use of motor vehicles these days has become a part of life. People are so much reliable on them that without their presence their live look paralysed. But the emissions from these vehicles are quite dangerous in nature. The smoke emitted by them contains harmful gases and carbon particles that create a hindrance in breathing and leads to many respiratory problems and also these gases encourage the increasing green house effect in the environment. There is a constant threat to the environment because of motor vehicles due to the emissions and also petrol, diesel used to run them are depleting. Thus, in both the ways the motor vehicles are damaging our environment. Measures are being adopted to save the environment like promoting the use of CNG which is quite effective on its part.

3. Soaps and Detergents


These are the daily used products. Soaps and detergents contain sulphates and phosphates that harm the environment. After washing is complete, the detergent water goes out of houses and factories, which in turn mixes with the water bodies and pollutes them. The water gets contaminated and is rendered useless for drinking purpose. Also due to the presence of phosphates, a layer of algae is formed over the surface of water which suffocates the life beneath it as the supply of oxygen is cut off and the useful plants and other water animals die due to no supply of oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on the way of this detergent rich water so that it doesnot harm the environment.

2. Mobiles phones


Where the invention of mobile phones came out as a boon for the entire world, its disadvantages have become a matter of apprehension. It is said that the radiations emitted from mobiles are harmful to health. Also the metallic body of mobiles contain large proportion of tin and lead that are heavy metals and not easily disposed off. So, the biggest threat from mobile phones is that, according the present needs and luxurious lifestyle of people, the production of mobile phones is increasing rapidly but there is no way discovered for their disposal. Number of mobile phones in a house always exceeds the number of family members. And then it becomes very difficult to dispose their bodies and they keep on existing even without coming into use. Thus, mobile phones can damage the land and its surroundings.

1. Polythene and other Plastic products


Plastic products are made from polymers that are non-biodegradable in nature. These are not disposed off even after thousands of years and as a result they contaminate the land and soil. If tried to dispose by burning, the smoke emitted contains dioxins that are extremely hazardous for health as the smoke contaminates the air we breathe, thereby causing several lung diseases. Also the poly bags frequently used in shopping choke the drains which become a cause of pollution. Since they do not degrade so, being for long term in environment, are swallowed by animals which in turn cause their death because choking. A number of revolutionary movements are taken up by various organisations to retard the use of poly bags, so as to keep our environment clean and safe.


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