10 Cool Summer Hairstyles for Men

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A very popular myth is being broken. The myth is that men don’t care about their looks, about the styles they carry. With more men becoming conscious about their looks and hairstyles, this very popular belief is broken. Now days men also want to stay trendy. Women are known to spend hours on their style, so men are also moving ahead and have started getting conscious about themselves. They are constantly looking for changes and want the change to gather some compliments for them. We all know that hair form an essential element of styling. Along with dressing, hairstyles play a major role on the impression of a human being. Men have also started realizing this fact, and hence different hairstyles are being evolved. According to the weather, they also wish to change the hairstyles.  In summer, usually less volume on top of head is preferred. In fact for some the less the hair, the better it is. Some times this is not possible. Hence in this article I have listen down 10 hairstyles which will give you respite from the summer and also keep you trendy. Read this and decide which hairstyle would be perfect for you this summer. So here are the top 10 hairstyle for this summer.

10. Rocker hairstyle


Rocker hairstyle is as the name suggests, always ready to rock. You have a wavy hair or thick hair or combination of both wavy thick hair, this hairstyle will definitely work for you .Rocker hairstyle is more about experiment with your hair. Have them cut layered with either bangs or fringes and you are ready with a celebrity cut. Usually they are quite low maintenance and eye catching hairstyle.

9. Retro short hairstyle

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Remember the days when the guys hairstyle spoke class. Retro short hairstyle is one of those classic, elegant hairstyles. This is the hairstyle which falls in the category of being incredibly masculine. The sides are tapered and squared off to create nice clean lines. The top is a longer layered cut in order to comb off to the side or sleek straight back. Part your hair with your natural parting to get a cleaner look.  Black tie affair i.e. formal meetings or a conference is where this look can be perfect. Even on casual occasions you can blow dry your hair to get the funky look.

8. Old Hairstyle


Don’t go by the name, old hairstyle is still one of the most preferred hairstyle among men. May be because the saying old is gold holds it’s meaning here too. Also this hairstyle is just not mean for older generations as the name conveys, in fact this hairstyle is worn by young and old alike. It is a very classic hairstyle which has been in trend since the time when even barbers or now known as hairstylist were not in picture. This hairstyle can give you a look of a prince charming. Wear Indian clothes with this hairstyle or even formal tuxedo with this look and be sure that you are going to be talk of town. You don’t need to give much instructions to the barber for this look , just let him you are in mood of simple and sweet hairstyle for summers.

7. Messy Top Cut


More suitable for the younger generation, Messy Top Cut suits almost all hair types. The layers and cut is what makes this style appropriate for those who have a busy lifestyle. It is almost suitable for people who don’t have patience and interests in styling their hair every morning. It requires very few product and training for the hairstyle to look good. After posing this hairstyle for some days you can also have a variation of messy crop which is shorter and manageable version of messy top cut. To get this hairstyle remember you need to get your hair cut in layers. The layers will style themselves when you head outside.

6. Short Sides with a curly top


Short Sides with a curly top is a hairstyle which is shorter closer to head and a very neat hairstyle. For this hairstyle you need to take some pains in the earlier days. You need to grow your hair longer. This hairstyle can be done for people with straight hair or for people with curly hair. The only difference being, the people with straight hair have to curl their hair, as the perfect look is achieved when the hair is curly and long. Once grown long, gather volume of curly hair on top and get the sides short. So the look would be curly on top with short sides, giving you a very different look.

5. Peak Side Crop Cut


A peak side crop cut is a very fashionable, elegant and street friendly hairstyle. In 2013 it is one of the attention grabbing hairstyle. But if your hair is thinning, then this hairstyle is definitely not recommended. It is ideal for men with lots of hair and ideal facial features. If you have long face, then this style can do wonders for you. Another advantage of this, you don’t need much styling products for making this hairstyle. All you need is some hair gel. Apply the gel to the long hair in the direction you wish to give them and the peak short crop is ready. Do remember to trim your sides, so that you have the much desired relief from the summer and also a trendy look.

4. Wavy Top heavy Cut


If you have a wavy hair and your barber says its very difficult to style it in summer, then show your barber a photo of this cut. Having this cut with medium length wavy hair will definitely put you in trend. I am sure all the men having wavy hair will agree with me that it is very difficult to manage this type of hair. The current trend in wavy hair is to keep the back and sides as short as possible , leaving the length through the top. The hair on top you can create a man made wave from your hair on your top or even get a natural one done from your barber. The advantage of doing it yourself would be you can style that part of hair as you want thus having different looks everyday and also different compliments everyday.

3. Quiff Hairstyle


Attention seeker males, please note, quiff hairstyles are meant for you. If the hairstyle is getting attention for you, then it’s obviously not an easy one. This hairstyle definitely requires styling everyday.  Quiff hairstyle requires efforts each morning with the hair dryers, styling combs, straighteners and also many follow up visits to hairdresser in the growing days of your hair to maintain the look. To describe the look in short it about long layered hair in the middle crown and still maintaining a very tidy look. Its also good in summers as you can maintain volume of your hair also avoids long hairs at the back. To understand what you need to do everyday to get this look, it better you search with the hairstyle name, as the procedure is very detailed and I wont be able to explain it properly.

2.  The short crop


For men, taking care of hair is the most ignored part. Usually this leads to thinning of hair and then the concern or question arises that which hairstyle should I get so that people don’t know about the thinning hair issue. If you fall in this category of men, then short crop is your answer. Better known as military haircut in naive language and usually seen on military people or crew, this hairstyle is summer hit. It is very easy to maintain hairstyle. The styling products and maintenance required in this hairstyle is almost negligible. It does magic to your hair as the volume of hair is concentrated on top middle part of your hair with edges cultured and polished. To get this haircut, cut the sides of your hair short while leaving short to medium length hair all around the crown.

1. Slick Side Cut Hairstyle


If you wish for a second look from the crowd when you step inside a room, then slick hairstyle can get you that. It’s an all time favorite and classic looking hairstyle. It’s a retro inspired look which will instantly give you a celebrity look. I have observed this hairstyle been posed by many models in the runway so slick hairstyle is definitely talk of the town. It will give you a very mature look and thus you can easily carry off this hairstyle at formal occasions. To get this look don’t dry your hair much after wash. Because it can create volume and it will be harder to define your parting. Use a little gel or oil whatever you are comfortable with, and apply while combing it through all of your hair. If you are heading for a casual function they give a little bump or boost in front to get a different look. The biggest advantage of this hairstyle is in summer weather. The hairstyle is perfectly set and you might even forget that you have hair, it is so well combed!!


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