10 Cool Ways to Wake Someone Up

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Waking is literally he hardest part of the day. No one likes waking up in the morning, and if they do,well, God help those poor souls! You might want to take revenge on a snoring partner, or just kill your boredom- whatever the reason may be, waking someone from their slumber can be most humorous and exciting event of your day. An achievement even, for some like me. But, you should always keep in mind, that you too can’t stay awake forever. Also keep in mind that you’ll have to deal with the ruckus that will follow your treason.  Tread carefully therefore! Thinking how cool can you get in your efforts? Check out our list of ten coolest and funniest ways to wake someone up!

10. Crash Cymbals


Banging the cymbals together right in the sleeping person’s ear is probably one of the most annoying way to wake someone. Loud noise, and that too at such a high decibel is the last thing you want while you are sleeping. Now remember, it can also be harmful. You should probably keep the person’s medical history in mind. Nevertheless, the joy of seeing someone screaming and jump out of their bed 4 feet high at the high pitched sound no doubt can be very self-satisfactory at times! It does sound a bit ruthless, but, the result is worth the madness.

9. Draw on their Face

drawing on face

This one’s easy and never loses its charm. Grab a marker or a pen (now, don’t be so cruel to choose a permanent ink!). Even paint colors will work. Ever dreamed what your sister would look like with a beard and a mustache? Or what your brother would look like with a lipstick and other man-hated cosmetics on? Here’s your chance to live your dream. Let the artist in you take over. You have to be gentle, else he/she will wake up before you’ll finish and heavy chances are you’ll end in smoking hot pool of trouble. Draw with peace, take time to admire your work, hold a hand mirror right in front of their face and then wake them up. Did we miss something? Oh yes, enjoy the shock and succeeding abusive screams!

8. Make your cake

This one is a bit tedious. But, the rewarding contentment beats the hard work. If you have more than some time on your hands to kill, and nothing is appealing you, probably making a cake will soothe you. Oh, don’t worry about being a victim of your horrible cooking. You don’t have to eat it. Get eggs, water, and flour. Make a paste if you want. Else, one by one, let the ingredients adorn your prey’s face. Crack the eggs, let the liquid run over them. Gently dump the flour and rub it. And the, with little ice chilled water, give way to the finishing touch. What better than two eyelids gawking at you in a pool of cake mixture, right? Last, but not the least, run for your life!

7. Poke pencils in their nostrils

poking pencil

Can’t tolerate the giant snores of the sleepyhead? You possibly want to hold their nose to stop them from making that sound. Better than that, considering the possible suffocation, take a pen or a pencil. Slowly start its journey upwards through the nostrils of the sleeping person. You can bet that person will wake up in such a flustered hurry and panicked confusion, probably thinking a spider or  a lizard is trying to crawl up his nose. The expression of panic and fright is hilarious no doubt. Only, you probably will lay awake the entire night next day fearing the same will happen to you!

6. Earthquake, eh?

No, you don’t have to make things fall on the sleepyhead. Tie his/her feet to the bed post. This may involve two-people work. Station your partner in crime at the most suitable position from the sleeping innocent’s ears. Start shaking the bed violently while the other dramatically gives out panicky shouts, “Get up! Oh, my God! What’s happening? Save me!”. This is the worst possible way for someone to wake up abruptly. He/she will be terrified and shocked to the core to find himself/herself unable to move while still groggy and with all the screams the other is one is shouting, like all hell has broken loose! Be prepared for a thrashing, though, when the consciousness seeps back in, all the more if you are rolling on the floor laughing and the person you have so mercilessly brisked out of sleep has no freaking idea why.

5. Boss Calling

boss calling

Your friend goes to work at 8A.M. How about giving him a eventful start of the day? Have the target’s boss actually call them 2 hours before they should be up and ask “Where the heck are you!?!?” This, when your prey is in la-la land, and what you get is an extremely panicked individual, trying with all his might to get hold of a watch and take a look at the damn time. How funkier can it get? Also, it’s safe for you. After all, the BOSS was your co-conspirator!

4. Blanket game

This is not a game so much as it is an experience of slight to moderate torture. Here’s how it works. While your friend is asleep, get up slowly, fall quietly onto the floor and crawl to the foot of the bed. The goal is to act as much like a flesh-eating zombie as possible while simultaneously crawling up through the covers. Bet your life, that person is going to flip out every time. The only risk is getting kicked in the face, which can happen more often than not. You should know how to prevent the foot from connecting with your face, and you are good to go!

3. Scary Mask

scary masks

Seen those masks kids wear on Halloween? Well, they can be put to good use in daily life too. Having a hard time waking up the lazy one? Put on one of the most horrible and scary masks you can get your hand on. Come close to the face of the person sleeping. Induce consciousness with a whispered phrase that gradually gets louder. Suggestions for the phrase? Could be anything under the sun, depending on the flow of your creative juices. Watch the eyes of the sleeper grow wider instantly and ready to pop out on seeing a monster right in front of them. You can rub in their lameness to them for several days with great satisfaction. Oh, you might want to put ear buds before this stunt to prevent ear damage from hearing a scream that close!

2. Alarm Clocks

alarm clocks

If you have 5-6 alarm clocks, set them to an exact time or times which with a gap of 1 or 2 minutes and place them in the room in different places far away from each other in corners. As the first one goes off, the rest of them follow, and soon the entire place is a ringing palace. The person sleeping will wake up with a jolt of his lifetime. When he finds out the source, you should probably have yourself covered in suitable armor to sustain the clock blows!

1. Bucket of Cold Water

Bucket of water

Well, as they say, OLD is GOLD, and so this age old technique used universally tops our list. Get a bucket – fill it with cold water- empty the bucket on the target- run like hell! You could probably be at a safe distance while the victim manages to comprehend what just happened with him. Nevertheless, it’s still the best way and the most used way of waking the lazy beings. And it will never go out of fashion as long as it remains parents’ favorite!

So when an early morning turns into a grumpy day and we are in need of a laugh or two, all these ways are an instant path to cheer you up!


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