10 Countries Infamous for Human Trafficking

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We live in the 21st century where each and every individual is free to do whatever they like, act however they like, and live however they please. We talk about freedom but in reality, not all individuals are free. Slavery is abolished and is made illegal in all the countries of the world, but people are still slaves to many things, knowingly or unknowingly. One such situation where an individual lacks freedom is prevalent widely amongst many countries of the world till date. This is none other than human trafficking.

Human trafficking can be described as – the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or for the extraction of organs or tissues, including surrogacy and ova removal. Human trafficking is done because it ensures that these traffickers get easy money in no time. It is a very risky job but the traffickers have established such a strong network throughout the world that the global police are finding it very difficult to curb these activities. Human trafficking is extremely inhuman and gross and it goes against the very principles of human rights. It is seen that human trafficking is carried out more in poor, under-developed or developing countries than in the rich and developed ones. The countries that have a huge urban-rural gap are especially targeted for human trafficking. Here are the top 10 countries infamous for human trafficking –

10. China

China Labor Law

China is a top developing country in the world and everyone keeps talking about how China will soon turn into a super-power. But, one must know as modern and planned the Chinese cities are, equally poor and unplanned are the villages. The urban-rural gap is tremendously huge. China is a source, a transit and a destination for human trafficking. Humans are trafficked mostly for the sake of forced labour or forced prostitution. Because of it’s population, the labour in China is cheap. Traffickers make use of this fact and lure poor people into trafficking for labour which is gruesome and hardly pays anything. Forced prostitution happens within the Chinese borders and beyond it. It was recently found out that there are large Chinese human trafficking rackets in Spain and France will buy and sell these Chinese people for about $72,000.

9. Ghana


Ghana is a country situated in the North West region of the African sub-continent. It is not a poor country but it is not a very rich country either. Ghana has a lot of mines, especially gold mines. So Ghana has become a point of origin and a destination for a lot of trafficking in children. These children are forced to work as labourers in these mines. They are not even paid, sometimes. The girl child is forced into prostitution. Apart from that, these children are forced into fishing, begging, agriculture etc. The conditions in which these children live and work is terrible. Sometimes, children are injured on purpose so that people give money to them out of sympathy but this money goes straight into the pockets of the traffickers.

8. Uganda


Uganda is not unknown to miserable life conditions. People in Uganda are subjected to violence on a daily basis due to the conflicts between the state and the rebels. Uganda is a very poor nation and these radicals do not have money to employ people into their armies. So, they traffic children and force them to join the military forces. Children, aged 11, have to vigil these camps with guns heavier than them and sometimes ever kill other people. Girls are forced into sexual slavery by men and they are treated very badly. Sometimes, these young children are killed for their organs which are then sold into the market for a very high price.

7. Nepal


Human trafficking is a very serious concern in the country of Nepal. The most booming type of human trafficking taking place is the trafficking of women from Nepal to India. Almost 5,000 to 10,000 Nepali women and girls are trafficked just to India every year. It is considered to be the busiest route of human trafficking in the world. Nepali girls are favoured in India because of their light skin colour. Apart from that, a lot of people are bought into India from Nepal as India is a fast developing country and in need of a lot of labour. Nepal provides for cheap labour which is forceful. Apart from India, Nepal also has human trafficking connections and routes to other countries across the globe.

6. Sri Lanka

sri lanka

Humans are trafficked in and outside Sri Lanka, mainly for the purposes of domestic help, prostitution and labour. But even within Sri Lanka, children are trafficked around to be used in the military forces. Sri Lanka is a country that had been in turmoil over the Government- LTTE conflicts since a long time. The LTTE sometimes forcibly recruited these children to be used in the war against the government. Girls and women are trafficked into Sri Lanka to be exploited sexually.

5. India


Human trafficking is a major problem in India. Although it is illegal in India by law by these laws are not implemented properly. Humans are trafficked in, out and across India for various purposes such as forced labour, forced prostitution, forced organ implantation etc. Girls are forced to become surrogate mothers against their will. Children are trafficked for working into factories that manufacture dangerous stuff like gunpowder and firecrackers. Sometimes, rackets are run by traffickers wherein they force children to beg. Just so that they earn more by gaining sympathy of passer-bys, the children are subjected to many atrocities such as hot oil is poured into their eyes to blind them, they’re beaten till they’re greatly injured. Their organs are sold off in the market. Indian government is taking action against this but it does not seem to be working so well.

4. Pakistan


Pakistan, like India, faces a lot of problems due to human trafficking. People are trafficked into the country and are sent out. The biggest problem in human trafficking that Pakistan faces is that of bonded labour. Bonded labour can be for domestic help or for working in industries, factories or in the mines etc. This takes place especially in the Sindh and Punjab regions of Pakistan. Prostitution is also a major reason for human trafficking. Although Pakistan is a very religious, orthodox country, the rate of prostitution is very high.

3. Haiti


Haiti is a small country in South America. It is a very poor country which mostly runs on tourism. Tourists influx from America and Europe is very high in Haiti. Haiti faces the biggest problem of human trafficking in form of slavery and prostitution. But what makes Haiti worse from other countries in this matter is that these prostitutes are young girls aged 12. These girls are forced to have sex with these foreigner tourists who crave for young virgins. They’re given $1 for it and sometimes, they have to beg for coins to be able to eat a meal in a day.

2. Brazil


Brazil, like India and China forms a part of the BRICS nation. It is a developing country but the gap between the urban and the rural and also between the rich and the poor is very large. Human trafficking is an on-going problem in Brazil. Women and trafficked extensively as prostitutes because the tourists that come to Brazil wish for them. It is a very lucrative business in Brazil. Men are trafficked as forced labour for doing the gruesome manual labour at a very cheap rate. The Brazilian government is trying very hard to fox this problem.

1. Bangladesh


Bangladesh is the most infamous country when it comes to human trafficking. It is a major hub for trasit routes all across the world. It is a source, transit and destination for human trafficking. Men, women and children are all forced into doing things. Forced prostitution, forced labour, forced organ donations, selling of organs, even selling ova eggs. A lot of Bangladeshi people are trafficked to India and China and from there, they are further moved to other countries. These people have a very terrible life. They are mistreated, they are stowaways, they are poor . Human trafficking is a criminal offence and all the governments and the police forces of the world, along with the UN should join hands in the work against human trafficking.


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