10 Creative Ideas to Seek Revenge on Your Ex

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The relationship phase is the best time for a couple, they laugh, they cry, they fight still they enjoy each other’s company because there is nothing more beautiful than having someone only for yourself. But the happy days too, come to an end and everything vanishes the day you have a breakup. The harshest reality of the ending of a relationship is the feeling that you are not loved anymore, you are not competent enough to fulfill the needs of that person, you are not important as you used to be. Everybody has their own way of getting out of a bad breakup, some weep over it, some drink a lot, some try to indulge with other people and some go in depression. But why torture yourself because of the fact that your relationship could not survive, especially when a bastard or a bitch is the reason behind your sufferings?

Why not take revenge and get even so that you can get some peace of mind and your ex will realize the consequences of breaking your heart, big time. Now talking about revenge, you can have it simple or by going some crazy way. Everyone has a bending towards a specific way of doing things, same is the case with breakup revenge. I have got some pretty wicked ideas that you can use to make sure that you get a sound sleep every night where your ex’s life might just turn into a nightmare!

10. Destroy expensive clothes

ruin her expensive clothes

For a girl, her clothes reflect her personality, 80% of her best time of life is spent shopping! Her clothes are like a parrot in which her life is preserved. She can have a wardrobe full of clothes but still crave for more. And with today’s modernization even guys are becoming more and more interested in grooming. So why not messing up a little with their wardrobe? Sneak into his/her house (You are doing it on your own risk!) and take out their favorite piece of clothing and splash some ketchup over it and her brand new dress or his favourite white shirt, which was so dearest to your ex would be ruined in seconds. Or you can even auction it online for charity and this way you don’t even have to worry about Karma!

9. Prank Calls

prank calls

Before breaking up, when the relationship is going through a low phase, ignoring your partner is a pretty usual trait which can be very disturbing. Not picking up calls and ignoring messages become very devastating for a person who starts feeling ignored by his/her love. So make your ex pay for all the time you spent waiting for his/her calls, by dwindling their time by making prank calls. This is one of the most widely used way for seeking revenge which has become so popular that there are plenty of websites that charge you for making prank calls to your ex. But the point is why let anybody else has the fun when you can do it yourself. After all it’s all about the satisfaction derived from it which gives your heart a relief seeing your ex bearing the cost for his/her wrongdoing.

8. Glass Crack Stickers

broken car glass

Broken glass of car is a sudden shock one is going to get early morning. Although it’s a short lived fun not a complete revenge but the sudden shock and grief on the face of your ex would be enough to make your day. This prank is an all-time classic and we all have seen this “n” number of times but still we get be-fooled by it every single time. Tough this prank is an understatement to the heartache you got and the misery you suffered but this might help in relieving some of your brain nerves.

7. Embarrassment on Social platform

embarass him on socail platform

Friends and couples usually have a whole collection of embarrassing pictures of each other which make a great memory, but the situation gets totally out of control when it becomes accessible to the whole world. People these days are very conscious about what picture to share and which to hide on social networking websites. What if you leak some really embarrassing pictures of your ex on a social platform? The picture is going to make a laughing stock out of that person which is well deserved because of the sinful crime s/he did by breaking your heart and shattering you to the sheer core. After all if the person could not respect your feelings than s/he does not deserve to be respected by others.

6. Hack it!

hack it

Another typical long followed revenge yet highly effective. Hack into your ex’s Facebook or Myspace account and you can send terrible messages to people, put up weird status updates, upload funny pictures for which s/he won’t have any answers just the way s/he did not have while cheating on you or ditching you. This trick is more like putting your former lover in a situation that takes off his/her peace of mind in the same way s/he stole yours.

5. Stinky House

stinky house

This one is a deadly revenge and very smelly too and it is perfect for those girls or guys whose partner is in a habit of keeping the house dirty while they keep cleaning. So get into your ex’s house when s/he is not home and dump all the junk you can collect, at their place so that the place becomes a stinking cesspool. You can also put some cheese in the curtain rods which nobody would ever be able to find but its smell would become absolutely tormenting. The utter happiness derived from the mere thought of them cleaning the whole house by themselves is so great that it will bring a wicked smile to your face. Now it was high time that s/he realizes your importance in his/her life, what all work you used to do which they never valued that and now when you’re gone, s/he is a wreck.

4. Fuel the next relationship

fuel the next relationship

Your ex was cheating on you with some other person? Or did s/he dump you simply because s/he got a new one? If yes, then it’s time for some mean business. Visit the restaurant or hotel that s/he visits often and wait for their next date. Now talk to the waiter, maybe bribe him, so that he enacts as if your ex’s kids are on phone and wanting to speak to him/her. This trick is surely going to fuel the new relationship your ex is seeking happiness in and it might also end that affair. Well, that person ruined your happy life, now s/he must be deprived from happiness.

3. Break their beloved gadget

break his gadgets

Gadgets are this generations’ best friend on which everyone has become too dependent. If your ex is also like that, then a suitable revenge for you would be breaking his/her phone or laptop. The gadget which used to cater most of their time, the time they should have spent on you. It can be the perfect revenge as your ex would lose both the things which were dearest to him/her in past. If that jerk left you, you take the other down and they will have the realization of what was more important, their phone or your love. After all one can live without gadgets but not without love and changing them is easy but changing your partner is definitely not.

2. Date the friend

date his ex

What could be the best way to punish that bitch/bastard by making them jealous, that too by going out with their best friend. It might seem immoral as you will be using the friend but, hello? You got used too. And who knows, you might actually start liking that best friend and love strikes you again. Meanwhile your ex will be fuming seeing you with their friend. When it comes to love it’s not a hardened fact that it will be for forever because people can change any day and you should always welcome the love coming your way taking into consideration that it’s coming with right intentions.

1. Move On!

move on

Ok! This might seem pretty lame and I’m sure you must be thinking that after breaking his phone, putting crap in the house and all that creepy stuff, what I am offering you as the “best revenge” is moving on? Well, yes! What happened, happened for a reason and for a good one. That person did not deserve your love or affection and even now s/he does not deserve your time or that little space you have allotted him/her in your brain. Nothing can screw up their head more than seeing you happy again and not thinking about them. So just do that! Forgive him/her but for yourself, not for that loser. Meet new people, start living life a new way and you will find happiness knocking your door more often than before!


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