10 Definite ways to Scare Someone

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Intimidating someone is an art and once you master this skill you can go a long way in having numerous moments of fun and laughter which you can cherish all your life. Although some may find the scary tricks we are about to tell you funny, whereas some may find the dark humour unacceptable in many ways. Therefore, we want you to be sure that the person you play these tricks on enjoys your idea of fun later and also understands the sense of humour attached to it. Ofcourse, the person on whom you play the prank will be taken aback for sometime, but eventually, they would be more than happy to have some crazy stories to tell. So let’s get started with some of the best ways to scare the living hell out of people.

10. Hide and scream –


Show me one person who hasn’t tried this trick to scare someone and I promise to show you one who’s telling a lie. This is the most common way to put the fear of God into someone. Hide in a closet, behind the door or at any place where you cannot be seen and when your target enters the space, scream loudly and you’ll send the shock waves into the victim’s body. When you screech in darkness or when someone is home alone you can fill that person with terror. Although this is the easiest way to scare somebody, but there is a point to keep in mind when you employ this trick and that it not to use it too often or at expected places

9. Get some fake lizards, snakes and creepy reptiles to throw it on your target –


I bet, reptiles can beat the hell out of anybody. Use of fake but original looking rubber reptiles is the most conventional way of scaring people instantly. The best thing about this prank is, we don’t have to plan anything and we can scare anybody anytime. This trick is an effortless way to scare someone and it doesn’t need any prior preparation, but it’s important for you to note that the person you want to fool and scare is totally unaware about the fake retiles you have so that when they encounter them they are astounded. You can also coat your reptiles with petroleum jelly to make them look slimy and spooky.

8. Stare at a random person with a serious face and follow that person –


This trick of scaring by staring only works on strangers and it can be executed anywhere. Staring can make anybody freak out and get conscious. If you stare somebody particularly in a crowded place then the person starts feeling that there is something wrong with their clothes or face and when the person who you are staring at is on the move then act like you have a hidden weapon in your pocket with which there is a possibility of an attack. The whole idea of an insane person stalking can scare the heck out of anybody. But if, you are not lucky enough then this trick may not work, as everybody is not that afraid.

7. Fake Knife –


A fake knife is a perfect accessory to make your targets blood run cold. Put a fake knife on your stomach with your shirt wet in blood and enter your house with a painful expression and every single person in your home would be horrified. Yes, I know, they will definitely scold you once when they get to know about your scary prank, but you will be glad to know how much they love you and nobody will be able to stop laughing after that for a long while thinking about the incident. This prank is good to play on your sibling and friends; try not to involve your strict elders or else you will surely be attacked by your father or mother.

6. Stage a scene –


There are so many ways in which you can stage a scene with your friends’ assistance to scare your target. For instance, exam nights are really crucial for someone who believes in lighting the lamp at the eleventh hour, you can take advantage of this situation by asking your friends to call your target a day before exam to inform about the change in the time table which the victim was unaware of. Then again, you can call to confirm their doubt about the shift. This can daunt your target and scare the bejesus out of him. But don’t forget to reveal the truth after sometime. Staging a scene requires a crew and ergo, you have to be sure that nobody spill the beans till the time your mission is accomplished.

5. Scream for no reason with your friends –


Screaming for no reason is a classic way to make anybody’s hair stand on end. You alone may not be able to scare many people, so it would be better to play his prank with your friends on a crowded place or on some stranger walking down the street. When you screech with a group of people at a crowded place, you actually can scare everybody around at the same time. It’s a human tendency to respond to the environment and your plan is to take the leverage of the surroundings. People usually get scared when they see others in a state of panic around them. Try it once to give yourself a treat because it’s a really funny prank to make anybody’s flesh creep.

4. Exploit your victim’s greatest fear –


Probably the easiest way to scare someone is to take advantage of their dreads. Everybody has some or the other kinds of fear which they want to be away from, all you have to do is hit the bullseye and your work is half done. Some people fear dogs, dentists, heights, fire or say darkness. So, if they fear darkness, turn off the lights when they least expect it and make some weird noises or even better light a candle very close to your face wearing a vile expression. There are some people who have an irrational fear of dogs and this trick works just fine on them. You just have to act like a dog, not literally but you have to wear a costume of a large dog that can bite and in background you have to play the barks. In order to exploit the victim’s greatest fear, your task is only to make them live their dreads.

3. Tell a scary story –


Story telling is so much fun especially when the whole idea behind it is to frighten the listeners. It’s important that the scary story you plot is believable only then your target will be scared and for making your premise solid, you have to do some homework. Prepare a story beforehand so that you don’t break in between and as you build the suspense remember to tell your audience that it is actually a real life event. Once they start believing you, the show is all yours; either you keep you voice low and husky when you tell the horrible ending or can reveal your prank by screaming after a calm moment. This trick works every single time, given you play it on someone who doesn’t read our blog.

2. Take your victim to a haunted house and disappear –


Taking your victim with you to the nearest haunted place you know is the deadliest way to frighten someone. Haunted places are usually away from the city where nobody comes so often and such locations are perfect to scare any brave person to death. Before entering the haunted place you can concoct a scary story to tell your target so that when you are in the house, the fear is more realistic. Steal a moment to disappear somewhere in the house and then you will see how effectively the trick can work. This is a terrific way to scare someone and it would be better if you don’t play this prank on someone who is meek and has a weak heart.

1. Wear a clown get-up and behave like a crazy person –


I was in love with Heath Ledger before I saw him in the movie “The Dark Knight” and after watching the movie, I salute him for what he did. He was that one actor who intimidated me from his crazy acting in that joker get up. For once I couldn’t see the beautiful person hiding behind the make-up who took my breath way from his previous acting demeanours and this is exactly what you have to do for making this trick work. Dressing up like a clown is not enough, you have to conduct yourself like one. This trick requires you to forget yourself for sometime and become an evil joker to scare the living daylights out of someone. Again make sure that you don’t give your target a cardio arrest, we don’t want that to happen, right?


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