10 Disadvantages of Living in College Hostel

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Education takes you to different places. It scatters you into different directions. Once you’re out of school, you need to enter a refined institution known as “COLLEGE”. Well, obviously it’s not necessary that your college will be right next to your home. Usually students have to leave their protective environment at home and enter into a whole new world. Having to make adjustments, they have to compromise and live in college hostels. Well, college hostel life in brief can be described as unexpected.  It has its own pitfalls. Some things may really take a toll on you. Perhaps, if you’ve lived in a college hostel, you can relate yourself to this list…


Your college hostel may be very well furnished but food is always a disaster in the hostels. You have to eat even the worst of the vegetables which you must have never even looked at when at home. Either you get habitual to eating such things or you have to sacrifice your personal funds. This makes you miss home food terribly.


There might come a situation where you don’t like talking to people because you seem to not adjust to this new environment. You avoid interacting as you miss home. This can lead to isolation on your part. Coming from such a well-protected environment of home makes things a bit tough. It’s not really easy to adjust into a college hostel.


Expenditure is more than income. This statement holds true in hostel life. You’re given a fixed amount of money from home which seems to never last for more than twenty days. The last ten days of the month go either into bankruptcy or loans from friends. This surely reminds of you of home where money is managed by the parents. Well, college hostel opens your eyes!!!


Its’ rightly said that “Company matters”. The kind of friends that you choose to make in the hostel intensely affects your hostel life. Either you become too studious or there are even chances that you lead yourself into wrong things like missing out seldom on classes, attending late night parties where you get yourself over drunk. Well you need to be really careful because in hostels you have no one to keep a check on you. You yourself are responsible for your actions.


Hostellers are very well acquainted with this term. Once you’re into the college hostel the very first day you might fall a prey to ragging.  Some seniors are helpful too but the others can be a pain. Also thereafter you might often be bullied by your seniors who never spare a chance to catch hold of you and play pranks on you. You live into a hostel and therefore you have no one to even resort to for this problem as you have to face your seniors daily. Complaining may make things worse for you.


Well yes, parents put you into hostel for studies but studies are not always that happens here. Often due to the enormous strength of the youngsters in college, the place becomes packed with merriment and fun. Students get involved in such stuff and this sure does hamper their studies. Late night parties become a daily routine which even leads to lack of sleep which further gives way to skipping on the early morning classes.


Hostel does not cater to all your needs. Sometimes it lacks on a well furnished infrastructure, proper rooms etc. Living conditions are far less comfortable than at home. You may have to compromise on things like a hygienic living standard of life. This sure does serve as a drawback.


Hostel life opens you up to a whole new world where you might across people who simply use you and just leave. You’re not able to trust anyone for anything. Even friends may become foes. Especially the excessive innocent students who’ve just been out from home get exploited the most.


Hostel and home are two entirely different places. Staying in both the places has a different effect on you. When you’re at home you’re living with your close knit family and spending all of your time with them but once in hostel, you seem to lack your special bond with your family. You may have to miss out on the special occasions and festivals. This makes life a bit uneasy.


Though you’re gifted with the incredible gift of freedom in hostels but you’re snapped off of your privacy. Unless you’re getting a single room which is a rare luck, you’re stuck with 2-4 people together in the same room or dorm. On top of that if you’re room-mate is not of your age group, things become all the more uncomfortable. A certain level of privacy is highly imperative in college life.


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