10 Drinking Games

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Adding the fun to a regular session of drinking alcohol, these drinking games are not just mere games but some of them are actually a test for your endurance, speed, skill, and thinking abilities under its influence. While some of these are very cheesy others require high intellect and can’t be shrugged off as mere fun and frolic. However it is advised to be responsible and “Thou shalt Drink and Derive but never Drink and Drive”

10) The Drink Chess/ Beer chess


May sound rather dreary for it involves the chess. Buy this one is very good and one of my personal favorites. It can easily be played with your drinking partner and the only game with minimum and maximums two players.

All you need is a big chess board and make your pieces with beer or your drinks. On the white side a few lighter shades Bud, Miller, Bush, Coors and Michelob and on the black side the original draft. The pawn starts with 250 ml, the rooks, knights and bishops are 350ml and king and queens are 500 ml each. To ease it out you can use different size glasses, because the better you get drunk the worst it gets to identify the pieces. Standard rules are; a sip to move a piece (* the horses prove difficult with 2 and a half while rooks are easy), finish the drink on being captured and on checkmate you drink the remainder of the opponent’s king. Though all the games pretty much end in resignation or passing out.

9) Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles


Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles or 7, 11 and doubles also sloppy dice or hero is a very simple drinking game or rather it assists you in adding a zing to that boring drinking session. All you need are two die, a cup is filled with desired alcohol and kept in the middle of the table. Each player than roll both the die if they roll a 7, 11 or double they can select someone to drink if they don’t then they have to compensate by drinking. Meanwhile,a player is drinking, the dice are rolled again, and you can’t stop drinking unless the die rolls anything else or you pass out. However,you can ask for a rescuer to save the damsel in distress but if the rescuer is caught in the act with a 7, 11 or double then the wreath is turned upon the rescuer.

8) Edward Fortyhands


I came to know about this one from an avid Tim Burton fan. In the honor of the famous 1990 movie Edward Scissorhands it was named Edward forty hands. All you have to do is to find your Edward and tape him or her with a 40 ounce liquor bottle (1.14 liter). The catch is that they can’t do anything until they have finished their drinks. The sincerity of the game lies in taking a day-off cancelling all your appointments, relieve  yourself prior to kicking off the game because once it’s started you can’t take the bottles of unless you have emptied them. No phone, opening doors um practically nothing. A Fortyhands once told me that the key is to start with light drinks and it’d end up doing good to my drinking capacity. On the contrary,I left the game for the likes of Burton and Edward.

7) Beer Funnel/ Funneling or Beer Bong


In medieval description the inverted funnel was symbolic of madness. So what happens when you bring it to the current century? Well, pretty much the same thing. If you are not a hard drinker it would be good to stand by to clap and watch this chugging ritual. An entire bottle is funneled through the Beer bong and the mightiest of them all don’t let it spill or turn their guts either. It is the greatest test of your endurance and a highly abnormal method of drinking for the conventionalists nevertheless a drinking get-together isn’t deemed successful sans one volunteer for Beer Bong.

6) Never Have I Ever


It is the most common drinking game yet the most popular. Much like the famous truth and dare. It is a verbal game so the more the number the merrier the game is. The player gather around in a circle , the first player (which is usually decided by spinning an empty bottle) will say a thing that they have never done.  Say for example “I Have Never done Bungee” so everyone who has done Bungee shall have to drink.

The other variant is ‘Ten Finger’ , you put five fingers up and put them down one by one by telling things you have never done so anyone who has DONE that thing shall put their finger down and the first one to get all their fingers down will have to consume a considerate amount of alcohol. This game can turn very interesting at time and is very revealing but only if you know the right ‘I have never…’ to say.

5) The strip trip or flip, sip or strip


It is best played in winters for obvious reasons. All you need is a coin and free flowing alcohol. The rules couldn’t be much simpler. You have to flip the coin and make your call, if you guess wrong then you are given two choice, either sacrifice a piece of clothing or drink as a shot. The one who has an amazing drinking caliber or the one who is an absolute proponent of Nudism generally win. One of the most preferred games post- Christmas and during New Year celebrations although the passed out people in minimal clothing looming over snow angels are a very common sight.

4) Game of Shots


I had to get this one in as you might be familiar with the addiction of Game of Thrones ‘this one’ is suffering from. It all started in June 2011 since post exams we had nothing better to do, so we all sat down to watch the series. The pilot episode and the nudity had us fazed. So one genius suggested a drinking game for the profanity as well as the nudity, the rules were; drink a shot for every *c word used and chug half a bottle every time characters had sex and a full bottle when your favorite character shows up naked although when Ned stark died we had to go for a waterfall for every time a character died.  Needless to say,the hangover for the first season lasted quite a while. You can try this with any of your favorite show or movie.


I have never ever ever, in my lifespan of 22 years, have managed to finish a game of FUBAR. The rules are simple yet tough to keep after a few rounds so it’s better to have as many players as possible. All you need is a deck of cards. You shuffle them all and scatter them in a pile, the first player take a pick and flip it over and do what the rule for the particular ask them to do. For each ace, two or three you get you have to take 1, 2 and 3 drinks each. For every 4 you get to ask a question, as weird as you can get although to answer or not is your choice the question or the 4 round goes until someone messes up or can’t think of one. The 5 lets you give 5 drinks and 6 is when you play the Never Have I Ever (see point 7) for a 7 you become a thumb master who put their thumb on the table as discreetly as they can and as soon as the other players notice it they have to enact the same, the last one to do loses. 8 draws a categorization which is to be completed by the rest of players (* say ‘A’ says bridges so everyone needs to add one bridge to the category) and 9 is for rhyme (* which get highly hilarious at times) in 10 every one on the table ought to drink. Wondering where the Face cards went? The ‘Jack’ draw means all the guys drink and the ‘Queen’ draw means (* Genius duh) all the girls drink. King gets pretty nasty and the sole reason why I have failed each time. King equals to a waterfall which is a synchronous drinking routine. You can’t stop drinking until the person before you have finished. All my sympathy goes for the last one on the table and his/her grey cells.

2) Pyramid of Fire


Required- Beer, A Pitcher and a Deck. The player set up all the cards in a pyramidal way into five rows. The cards are then distributed to the players four each and remaining stacked down near the pitcher. The first player turns a card from the bottom left of the pyramid and perform the rule associated with it, this is called the ‘rings of fire’ post this the ‘Pyramid’ is performed each player look at their cards and if any one of them has that card then they can tell any other player to drink the number of drinks that coincides with the row, the card has been picked from. Now if the one who has been asked to drink can guess the bluff the challenger has to drink the double amount otherwise the penalty is on the one who caught the bluff wrong.

1) Beer Pong


Beer Pong is the most popular and a must ‘ritual’ in all drinking parties. You need a ping pong ball and 12 glasses of beer. There are two teams so six glasses on each side of the table. Now the beer glasses can be stacked in different racks and the opposite teams have to toss the balls so as it lands in the rival team’s glasses, the beer glass is then captured, and the team has to drink it. At the end of the game, the team that manages to eliminate all the glasses of the other team wins and can celebrate sober. The game is best played in 4 or more people and ‘even’ are preferred.

* If you have some games to add to the list then leave a comment also if you find any mistakes with the rules then you are more than welcome to point it out and we will make sure that we do the necessary changes asap.


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