10 Fads We Were Better Off Without

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Anything that everyone does and that goes viral for some time becomes a fad. A fad is supposed to last for a short period of time and go away as soon as a new fad takes over. Mostly used in terms of fashion and style, fads are now used commonly for any arena like technology or human behavior or social networks. Especially with the internet, fads spread like wildfire and even before people can begin to copy it, its spoofs come up. Most are those that we love like the Bell Bottom Pants of the 60s and 70s or the Ouija Boards. However, some fads are so pathetic that the world will feel like a better place if they are out of the social realm. We bring you a list of ten such fads which make humankind suffer.

10. ‘Jeggings’ for women


A fad of the recent time, jeggings is a word formed by combining jeans and leggings, referring to the leggings that look like you’re wearing jeans. One word – ouch! At first they seem like a bright idea because it sucks to wear jeans during summer. But the looks that these jeggings give make jeans look like some other world phenomenon. Jeans and denim are lovers since time immemorial. Separating them means you’re calling for a fashion disaster. Just stick to the good ol’ jeans. It’s comfortable, fun and sexy!

9. Skinny jeans for men


Whoa, to be quite honest, I have no words for this. This is the most disgusting fashion statement ever made by men. Pair them up with hideous green and/or yellow converse shoes and you have a disaster! Many of these tapering jeans are even shiny and are worn with shirts that look like they’ve been picked up from the gutter. It might seem like a hyperbole but the truth is always bitter. The jeans need to taper in moderation but it just seems like jeans that were shrunk to look like choodidaar pajama. Sorry boys, if you wear this, you won’t even be friend-zoned!

8. A celebrity’s picture as your profile picture


Each one of us has done this at least once in our lives. Initially the excuse was “I don’t want to put my own picture, what if someone morphs it!” Everyone agreed to that. But now, people just put a pretty celeb as their display picture and then have hundreds of pictures of their own where they can be seen doing all sorts of things. So if you have public party pictures, why can’t we see you in the most important display picture! There can only be two reasons for this (God save you if you conform to any or both of them) – one, you look similar to Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Winget or two, you’re too ugly to be seen publicly (no offense)! Get your act together or get off the social network.

7. Scarf around the neck


Every boy and every girl seems to love this. Whether it is summer or winter, t-shirt or coat, skirts or jeans, the scarf has gained the status of undergarments. The style to tie it up is usually the same except it has become so repetitive and boring that it’s not ‘style’ anymore. With every Tom, Dick and Harry sporting the same style, you don’t even feel like wearing it and just wish the sight of this unsightly accessory goes away. After the film Ek Tha Tiger, scarves became even more prevalent. This is not to say that scarfs are bad but using it as a dupatta (by girls) and a ‘cool’ thing (by boys) makes it look ugly and unfashionable.

6. The ‘life’ pictures


Every big event in life deserves recognition. It is imperative for us to tell everyone how amazing our wedding was or how beautiful our newborn is. With social networks, it became much easier to do that – and it began raining pictures. Everyone marks their life events, posts a zillion pictures in batches of hundreds and expects the world to gush over them. With niche and expensive wedding photography giving out to the good old photo waale bhaiyya, people are looking for natural and spontaneous pictures, ready to make it their profile picture with a life altering quote from Grey’s Anatomy or any such show. Followed by these niche wedding pictures will be baby pictures, even a Facebook account for the baby! It’s too over-the-top and people eventually get sick of those who post updates by the hour and decorate it with more than required number of pictures. This fad needs to disappear for better or such people will be disappearing from their friends’ friend lists.

5. Checking into places via Facebook


This was an awesome service introduced by Facebook a long time ago. People could use it to tell the world exactly where they were, with whom and what they were doing. At first it was only about checking into places, slowly it became a topic of discussion as to where everyone was. It became a status symbol to tell people that you were at a fashionable joint. Every good check-in earned a good number of likes, increasing social popularity. Many a times, people took sick leave from work and then foolishly checked in somewhere, only to be found out and fired later. People even check-in their ‘home sweet home’ or ‘cozy bed’. Maybe it’s time to start a revolution against these social media hookers.

4. Instagram-ing food


Instagram is the one-stop place for all wannabe photographers who can afford and iPhone but not a DSLR. It has some amazing filters to turn the crappiest pictures into something wonderful. It’s alright for the bokehs and the children on the street but food somehow became the most clicked. From high-end cuisines to simple maggi, from before breakfast to after dinner, each one of us with an active Instagram account can be accused of trying this fad. Fancy foods arranged in a pretty manner with a vintage filter and you have your likes! It was okay in the early days, now it’s boring and so annoying that anyone posting it is in danger of being a social outcast.

3. BBM Pins with a smiley


Oh. God. Someone’s got a new BlackBerry! And what’s more – in every place that can be updated, they have posted their ‘BB Pin’ with a nice smiley face. Surprisingly, people still buy BlackBerry phones and then they flaunt it like they’ve got the treasures of the world. It is a fad that has lasted longer than the phone itself, making people hate the BlackBerry and its owner.

2. See-through clothes


Uh, what? You got a dress that allows people to see what you’re wearing inside? That’s a deal breaker. It may seem like the best way to catch attention (of boys, actually) but in a more sophisticated society, see through means you belong to the social slum. A bunch of sheer tops and spaghettis and they think they’ve cracked open the chest of some fashion treasure. Obviously this trend is common with girls but the male counterpart of this can be how the guys keep the top few buttons of their shirt/t-shirt open. Showing off chest or God forbid, horrendous chest hair? Only actors can pull that off, sorry. This fad is ugly and uncouth.

1. Selfie with your phone – anywhere


Who hasn’t whined about this one? And yet it refuses to go away. A bathroom mirror, a pout and a camera and voila, you have your selfie (ready to be uploaded on social networks). What’s more, this fad has spread among the boys too! Whether it is about flaunting a new phone or just telling people about the oh-so-beautiful mirror you saw yourself in, a selfie is the rage. Even though many spoofs have tried to ruin the art, turning it into social shame, people continue to lust after it. At times, a whole entire album is dedicated to them, in practically the same pose but maybe a different eye movement or head movement or the likes. This was definitely not something we had asked for. So much for internet fads!


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