10 Famous Celebrities that Beat Cancer-The Survivors

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The very word “CANCER” makes an icy chill run down the spine…it is a disease no one would ever dream to suffer from and yet, it is rapidly affecting people across all age groups in recent times. Although cancer is known to have no quick or easy cure (until, sometimes, detected too early) yet various procedures such a chemotherapy and many new advancements in science have given hope to those who surrender to the disease and succumb to it mentally much before they actually die of it !

Cancer has, in the past as well as in recent times affected many well-known faces of the world. Many of these celebrities have bravely faced this disease, fought it with valor and emerged as survivors… they have not only given a new dawn of life to themselves and their families but also to those people who look up to them for inspiration.

Here are the 10 Celebrities who had cancer and BEAT it for a new lease of life !

10. Kylie Minogue

 Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is a multi talented Australian songwriter, actress and singer. She is best known to her Bollywood fans as the “Chiggy Wiggy” girl who starred in a song with Akshay Kumar in the movie BLUE. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 years in 2005. Things were never easy for her because her cancer had earlier been misdiagnosed. She underwent rigorous chemotherapy and even braved many radiotherapy sessions. She openly talked about her illness, diagnosis and the treatment post recovery. She is an icon for all the women across the globe who have started becoming aware of this disease and getting their regular check-ups done, a phenomenon termed as the “Kylie Effect” !


9. Lance Armstrong

 Lance Armstrong

This man needs absolutely no introduction. The record seven times winner of the Tour De France American biking champion, Lance Armstrong was detected with cancer at a tender age of 25 years. Unfortunately, when diagnosed with testicular cancer, it was already in its third stage. Though the doctors claimed that he had less than a forty percent chances of survival, Lance Armstrong never let his spirits down.The cancer had spread to his lungs but he bravely faced the chemotherapy sessions in Indianapolis. After his treatment, his organization after his name, Lance Armstrong is the LIVESTRONG helps cancer patients put up a strong fight against the deadly disease.



8. Christina Applegate

 Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate suffered a setback after being detected with breast cancer. She was a famous face of the American television shows right since her teenage years but she is easily recognizable as Amy Green, the sister of Jennifer Aniston in the famous television series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fortunately for her, the breast cancer was detected in a very early stage. Her mother too had been a breast cancer survivor. Christina underwent proper treatment of radiation and breast removal after which she got herself rid of the cancer and staged a comeback to her career. She actively participated in breast cancer awareness programmes thereafter.


7. Yuvraj Singh

 Yuvraj Singh

If you are a cricket fan, you could not NOT recognize Yuvraj Singh, the famous Indian Cricket Sensation. Yuvraj Singh had everything working perfectly with the World Cup 2011 victory and being awarded the title of Player of the Tournament when fate suddenly frowned on him and he was diagnosed with cancer. He flew to Indianapolis for his treatment. His fans across the globe, deep in shock prayed and waited in silence for his recovery. But nothing could pull the sportsman’s spirits down. He put up a brave fight against the life threatening disease and emerged out victorious. He regained his health and came back to the game with even more determination. Currently he follows a strict, healthy and rigorous training schedule and has written his autobiography titled- “The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back”. Yuvraj is the epitome of inspiration and true encouragement for all his fans.

6. Barbara Mori

 Barbara Mori

The Uruguay-Mexican model turned actress, Barbara Mori was a huge sensation in India when she played the leading lady, starring opposite Hritik Roshan in the movie, KITES. But little did her fans know back then that she was a brave cancer survivor. Diagnosed with cancer in quite an early stage but it was shocking for her, nevertheless. After her successful treatment and recovery she announced in 2010 about a short documentary film by Namrata Singh Gujral titled- “1 a Minute” wherein she had been cast along with many other celebrity cancer survivors. The film was an inspiration for many patients and a medium of awareness for others.


5. Robert DiNero

 Robert DiNero

At the age of sixty, the famous Oscar winning Hollywood actor, Robert DiNero was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. But age is no bar to gather all strength and fight something… and so the actor was determined to get cured. The six times Oscar nominated actor had to face many treatment sessions after which he emerged out victorious as a cancer survivor. He is well known for his movies, Godfather II and Raging Bull.


4. Lisa Ray

 Lisa Ray

In 2009 Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a very rare form of cancer wherein the white blood cells, that are called plasma cells get affected and in turn weaken the immunity in the body. She had to undergo stem cells transplantation. Lisa Ray is best known for her controversial movie, WATER in which she played the leading role. Although the disease she has is incurable, yet Lisa Ray decided to bravely face her fate and move on. After her treatment she came back to her glamour career and in 2012, she even got married. She even donated a part of her earnings from “Cooking with Stella” to the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research in Los Angeles. She proved it to the world that nothing can beat you if you wish to win !


3. Tom Green

 Tom Green

The famous Canadian actor, comedian and rapper Tom Green is the host of the MTV show  titled The Tom Green Show. In 200o, thunderbolt struck his fate and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. But nothing could dampen this man’s spirits. In perhaps the first ever and very unique show which he directed, was telecast on MTV showing the documentary The Tom Green Cancer Special, which not only tracked the whole cancer story of Tom but also included the graphic footage of his own cancer surgery. Besides, he also supported cancer research by way of starting the Tom Green’s Nuts Cancer Fund. He later emerged as a cancer survivor and also took to making students aware of testicular cancer.


2. Michael Douglas

 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Michael Douglas, the Academy and Golden Globe award winning American actor needs was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010 and by the end of august, the cancer had reached its most critical stage four. His cancer was diagnosed in Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital, after many American experts failed at detecting it. Douglas, actively participated in fundraising events for the same hospital to express his thanks to the doctor who had almost saved his life. The cancer is said to have developed due to his addictive smoking and drinking. Michael Douglas underwent chemotherapy and after his radiation treatment, he became cancer free. His fans salute him for his courage and firm determination that helped him survive the dreadful disease.


1. Manisha Koirala


Manisha Koirala was the face of Bombay, and the sizzling sensation of 1942: A Love Story. She left the nation shocked when she was detected with ovarian cancer after which he had to undergo a treatment in New York. She never felt shy in talking about her disease and the subsequent recovery. She even posted he pictures which shows her with a tonsured head after her chemotherapy sessions. Being cancer-free was a new life for her and she has actively spread awareness about cancer and is now the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.


Our celebrities are under constant media eye for all reasons but these celebrities have also given us something to cherish… their survival stories. These stories give us the courage to brave a fight against all odds in life. Cancer, a long time dreaded disease is not a big challenge anymore. With the new technology and discoveries many forms of cancer can be cured if detected in the early stages. These celebrities are not just inspirational icons but role models for all those who look up to them for hope and encouragement !


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