10 Fun Things to do in Summer Holidays

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It’s that time of the year again when everything melts into thin air and boredom grabs you by the neck and refuses to let go for weeks at stretch. Summer holidays can go either way for most people, it can be a long drab where you might end up whining about how long and unbearable the summer is, since you are not doing anything productive or you might jump-start your year at college or school by being active taking care that you don’t become unnecessarily lethargic over your summer break. Most of us if not everyone, wants to do something constructive in the summer break, things which are fun and relaxing as well as insightful into the tasks lying at the end of the holidays, but we end up in front of the television consuming useless shows and sleeping so much that by the end of it we are having a hard time adjusting to school or college timings. If that sounds like you during the summers, here’s a list of Top ten things to do in summer holidays which can get you started on your summer. However keep a few general things on top of your head always; don’t do the same thing for hours at end instead try different things each day. Drink up loads of water and consume fruits like watermelon which have a high water content that will keep your energy levels high for all the activities that you might plan on taking up. And don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen, folks!


10. Read for fun.

There isn’t much time during the school or college hours for leisurely reading. Most of the time one is surrounded by such a profusion of class assignments and coursework that we miss out the books to read lists that we so often make, sometimes even skipping the classics that we have been prescribed. So, go back to all the books you have missed out and enjoy a sunny day with cold coffee and your favorite book or alternatively if you are not much of a literature fan brush up on those comics that you had planned on reading lifetimes ago.

9. Cleanout all the junk

As you grow each year so does the junk which you have been piling up. Clean your closets, give away things you don’t need instead of throwing them away. The favorite T-shirt you like too much but can’t fit into anymore, textbooks from middle school you are never going to refer to again or the piles of half-filled notebooks you can’t use anymore, Give it all away to a charity organization or the local school for the underprivileged kids. Don’t keep useless things like wasted paints, or bits of craft items you know you aren’t really going to need in the future. It’s important to minimize the things you own and organize them too if you don’t want dust and moths to make a home in your closets.

8. Learn a new hobby


Dedicate yourself diligently to the one thing you always wanted to learn but kept putting off for the summer. Learn a musical instrument, cooking, weaving, painting, or any of those whimsical things you see people around you doing and wish you could do. Join a local choir group to improve your singing or join the local sports club if sweating it out is your thing. Apply yourself thoroughly and don’t get frustrated if you don’t miraculously turn into the next Hendrix or Jordon over summer, these things take time and develop gradually with practice but the most important thing to remember is to start working towards perfection and have fun while you are at it.

7. Work a summer job.

Let’s accept it, working on your sweat and brow and earning your money can be quite a rush, especially cause that it lets you do and buy all the things that you might want, and all the things your parents might not be so keen on getting for you. You can work little jobs for the people in your neighborhood or join an internship which combines your hobby with work and pays for your roadtrips too. Apply to the local daily if you have a flair for writing or join their design team if you are good with codes and Photoshop. If photography is something you like to do, advertise yourself a little and start yourself as an event photographer over the summer or you can work at the local library or one of the many places where all you need is decent computer skills. Start tutoring kids if teaching is something you really like. Experiment with different things and see what suits you well.

6. Start reading the news dailies every day


You might have gone without brushing up on your general knowledge and current affairs till now, but remember that once you are out of school and in college you will be in a very dire condition of you don’t stay updated with what’s going around the world as many courses that you might take up in your senior years and especially in college will bring in scenarios from the current issues and if you are not well informed you might end up losing on the distinction you had much coveted. So subscribe to a newsletter by email or post and devote at least half hour of your day in knowing more about what’s been up with the world.

5. Reevaluate your movie choices.

Summertime often goes synonymous with movie time, but instead of filling your head with the movies produced for mass entertainment and nothing else, try watching the all time classics and improve your knowledge of cinema if you are a movie buff (or a wanna-be movie buff). Watch movies that leave you with quite an impression and make you think about the many issues of life. Look up the Internet movie database for listings in your favorite genres. You might want to watch the classics of your own mother tongue as well, instead of going cross culture. But don’t be glued to your desktop or laptop screens forever, watch at most one to two movies a day to keep the obsession healthy.

4. Spend time with your family.

Summer might be the only time where you can spend quality time with your parents and siblings before they, like you, become engrossed with work or their own studies. So plan to watch movies together or cook for your family, give your parents a hand with managing the house. You could join hobby classes with your siblings to catch up with them and know what’s going with their lives. So don’t go on neglecting your family while you are working on making your summer productive for family, whether you like it or not, is the most essential bond in our lives

3. Take a road trip

Go backpacking into the hills or in the countryside with your friends to unwind and relax after a hectic year. Road trips can be the most refreshing of experiences after all the work you have put in through the year and nothing like taking one with people who share the mutual dire load of assignment deadlines. Plan your trip carefully and try to the things you need to a bare minimum so that you can travel without it hitting your pocket much.

2. Join a local NGO

Community service and volunteering can be quite an experience, bringing you closer to the graver concerns of life. To be able to make a difference in lives of people who aren’t as privileged as you are can be a very soothing and peaceful venture. Since you have loads of time over summer you can sign up at your local NGO and see how these organizations work to empower the underprivileged sections of the society.

1. Be inspired

Most importantly, no matter what you decide to do with your holidays, always stay inspired and focused with the goals that you set for your life. Don’t let yourself lag or become preoccupied with thoughts you shouldn’t be having, for we are too young to be sad. Redo your room to fit your moods and evolved tastes, put up posters and improve the lighting to make your den much more personalized. You could also make a desk board where you can pin quotes, pictures and just about anything that keeps you motivated or alternatively start a pinterest board where you can pin your inspirational ideas or the many DIYs that swarm the virtual world to help you keep going in the real one.


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