10 Fun Things to do when there is No Internet

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We live in a crazy for technology world. Our life is totally dependent on the modern gadgets, isn’t it? We can’t live without our laptops, PCs, mobiles etc. Our young generation has literally forgot the joy of playing games like ‘gilli danda’ or ‘hide & seek’ etc. They have become addicted to social networking sites from a very young age. That shows that we have not been very good role models, have we? I personally feel lost if my internet connection is down for even sometime. So our life comes to a standstill without internet which is quite obvious because internet has many attractions to keep us busy throughout the day e.g. Facebook, twitter, quora, ibibo, Youtube and many more.

So let’s assume your internet connection breaks down or your dad has decided not to pay this month’s connection bill because you don’t seem to be doing anything else, other than being glued to your laptops then, what will you do to pass your time? Half of the people may have a total breakdown if that happens. People, there is a life out of your Facebook account and there are many fun things that you can do without internet! If you are also clueless as to what to do, especially during these boring vacations then don’t you worry, here is a list of the top 10 fun things to do when there is no internet.

10. Television


Remember the good old times when the only method of entertainment was watching doordarshan channels on the television. Well it still can be quite entertaining and fun. You can absolutely spend hours of your spare time watching TV. There is something worth watching for everybody on the television. If you are a sports fan you can catch your latest cricket or football match, or watch some comedy shows like AFV or friends. The big bang theory is my personal favourite! You can watch Man Vs Wild on discovery if you are the adventurous type. The point is, it will keep you entertained for quite a long time and you won’t need an internet connection for it.

9. Read Newspapers

read newspapers

Many of us don’t have the slightest idea about the outside world. A break from the internet will give you an awesome opportunity to know what is going on in the world. Ever wondered how your dad is such a know – it – all? Newspapers can be very insightful; it gives you knowledge about the latest happenings of the world. And if you feel that newspapers are too boring for you, then you can get a subscription for your favourite magazine like reader’s digest or femina or some technology oriented magazines like Chip or Digit. There are many things that you can do like solving crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku, etc. You might find something interesting in there that may just become your new hobby.

8. Clean


I know many will say that cleaning is no fun thing, to be included in this list but trust me people it can be very fun activity to do sometimes. You can spend some time decorating your room that reflects your personality or just organize your file cabinet that you have been neglecting for a long time. If you are a nature lover then you can do gardening, plant some nice aesthetic flowers in your gardens and give your garden a beautiful look that is sure going to get some jealous glances from your neighbours. You can even paint your house to pass time and it is quite fun too.

7. Get a hobby

get a hobby

The best way to spend your time doing something fun is to get a hobby for yourself. It can be anything, e.g. you can try painting or singing or learn to play a musical instrument like guitar. Go for some crafting classes. You can even start babysitting which will help you earn some extra bucks or you may help people in their chores like mowing their lawns or taking the dog for a walk. You never know you might find something that you never knew that you even had it in you! When you look in the mirror, you may just be looking at the next M. F. Hussain.

6. Cooking


Don’t think that this is just for girls; there are many boys who love cooking so why not give it a try. It can be actually helpful in your bachelor days while you work someplace away from your dear mom’s yummy cooking. Cooking can be quite a fun experience given that you don’t burn the house down! It is really a joy when you see people liking your food and don’t you worry, even if you suck at it, it will be quite an experience. Other than your mum getting angry about how you ruined her kitchen, no harm will be done!

5. Gaming


Gaming can be a quite a good past time for all. You can go for some classic games of all times like chess, scrabbles, etc or computer games like solitaire, minesweeper. Video games give you a huge variety. You can choose out of a variety of action games, racing games, role playing games, etc. You can even buy some of the computer games like FIFA or Counter Strike. You can ask your friends to come around or challenge your siblings for a video game and see if you can beat them.

4. Read a book

Read a book

For some people reading a book or a novel is an absolute bliss. It is like an enchanting journey that you take with the characters, imagining and seeing things out of the author’s point of view and give it your own touch of creativity. I absolutely love reading, if I can get my hands on any book I would not keep it down until I finish it. There is a long list of books to choose from. You can go for Sidney Sheldon novels if you like reading mystery novels, or classic Shakespeare novels, fiction novels like the harry potter series or for those who like romantic novels you can go for Romeo and Juliet or any of the contemporary Nicholas Sparks’ novels. Now those who can’t stand reading a 200 page novel don’t be disheartened, you can spend your time reading comics which can be an absolute fun like Superman, Thor or joke books etc.

3. Go to the park

go to the park

One of those things that we have either forgotten or are too busy to do is get out of the house and go to a park for a walk or cycling or to play a game outside. It is so fun playing outdoor games with your friends like volleyball or cricket or badminton. Walking in a park during sunset can be quite soothing and comfortable and good for your health too.

2. Watch movies

watch movies

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? There is nothing better to spend your time than watching some nice movies. You can buy DVDs of your favourite movies and get a bowl full of popcorn and you have got yourself a fun way to pass your time without internet. You can also go with your friends to a multiplex to watch some of the latest movies.

1. Hang out with your family and friends

hang out with your family and friends

The worst effect that internet has on our lives is that now we have become slaves to technology. Our life revolves around it and has made us extremely busy that we don’t even have time for ourselves or our families. We are so busy on internet that we don’t have time to call up a friend and wish him or her happy birthday. We are content to wish him on Facebook because without that we would not even have remembered it was his birthday. It has certainly taken a toll on our social life and family. We don’t have time to play with our kids or spend time with our parents or our partners. So we must take some time away from internet, call up an old friend and ask him how he is doing. Spend some quality time with your wife or husband. Take your kids out to an adventure park. Go for a shopping spree, it may be hard on your wallet though! Anyway being away from your Facebook account for some time will not have any long term effect on you and you will eventually grow out of it and will be able to have a better relationship with your family and your friends.


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