10 Gadgets You Should Avoid While Studying

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Gadgets seem to have occupied a significant amount of time in our daily living. We are hardly found without electronic items around us. Media in its influence is becoming a general unhealthy lifestyle. Yet, something we can hardly do away with. It’s definitely not a solution, to completely abandon them and live like nomads, going back into centuries. However, when they creep into study time, leading to distractions, it’s advisable to avoid at least some of the most distracting ones. When the phone keeps beeping you, with instant messages and you feel the need to change the music playlist every now and then, the mathematics problems when seem to be solved better in a calculator, it’s time to keep those devils away for those few hours of studying. So that those stressful exams are not made stressful further by these techno devices. Here’s listing you ten gadgets you should most definitely try and not keep around you while studying.

10.  Television


This telecommunication medium, with its fast pacing images accompanied with sound, is the easiest way to relax. Television drops your energy, with every enlivened piece of scenery with playback support, pacing on the screen. It might be an easier bet to use the remote control and let a trail of images play before you, than take a break walking. It’s difficult to get your eyes of the set, once you get hooked to a particular channel. No matter how much you say, it never is, ‘let’s-watch-it-for-5 minutes’ with this transmission medium. To resist watching TV, start by hiding the Remote control for those few hours, or unplugging the cable connection.

9. Web Camera

I BALL WEB CAMERA C 12.0-600x600

This small device, which helps you connect with someone face to face, is best to be avoided. It’s essential to resist your need to connect with people, on person, as it may emotionally affect you, and vile away your time as you shall wish to catch up on each other. This real time, technological device, may be as distracting as entertaining. If you are studying alone or you are staying away from home and wish to  reconnect with friends and family, do mot use this device as your break time entertainer. Use this device when taking time off from studying for a longer than usual time.  While you wish to study,  video calling should not be carried out. Stop Skype (along with Gmail and Yahoo) and focus on coursework, for your exam.

8. Wii Console or Playstation

WII or PS3

This gaming set up, with powerful home entertainment providing you with an array of live games, has become a common pastime. With its online market, unlimited supply and variety of set ups, it sure can get you fixed for a very long time. This Netfix and Sony company’s’ innovation might have been for absolute relaxation and not for settled study time short breaks.  Quickly switching over from a past time to distraction, this gadget has to be definitely avoided. So don’t set yourself the trap of ‘Just one game’ before your Exams.

7. Wifi port or Dongle or Remote controls.

Wifiremote controls

This instant availability of internet, a gate and the ultimate source to the outside world should be kept at bay as much as possible. Wi-Fi port or Dongle gives u an instant access to all kinds of entertainment via electronic goods. Until and unless you are using it for study material, try and switch it off.  All kinds of remote controls should also be kept aside. Your constant urge to switch radio channel or playlists on a DVD player or even AC switches, can cause a diversion from your concentration at your syllabus or assignment in hand.

6. Fitness Equipments


It’s time to set your fitness regime for a stop, for a while. Contain your urge to do weightlifting or Cardio. You don’t want to get hurt while doing your exercises and fall back in health. No matter how tempting it may be, try managing your time by doing something simpler as your exercise when taking a break. A little pull on the muscle or dehydration due to excess in exercise, is something you don’t want to get to when you just in between a packed even not so packed study schedule exams. It will distract you from your coursework and prolong the time taken to finish it. Eventually adding to your already high levels of stress. Cleanliness freaks should avoid keeping near any cleaning equipment. The constant urge to clean whatever is present hither tether can cause problems with your mind focusing on  cleaning rather than on studying.

5.  Bluetooth Ear device


This comfortable ear piece device, with hands-free utility is an attractive and convenient way to talk on the phone while completing some other task or activity.  It also gives you a fun, flexible way to chat with your friends. While you may be trying to work, you may wish to talk to your friends while keeping both your hands engaged at work, with pen pencil and paper. However, feasible it may sound, it definitely is not. Your mind cannot process both the things together and leads to absolute mishap. Contain your urge to carry out two those two things simultaneously.

4. Headphones and Speakers

Speakers and Earphones

A pair of headphones performing at high volumes, while you wish to study, leads the loud music to distract you and cause you headache as opposed to soothing and relaxing environment. These old school classic- headphones, comes in sleek sizes, making sure you are able to get away with listening to them. So start by controlling yourself, to carry out listening to loud music in with headphones, while studying. Even speakers, installed in study rooms or studying areas, achieves its purpose of troubling a person, who wishes to study, A speakerphone does not help rest your mind at ease during those many hours of studying. As it gives a fun, flexible way to listen to music, it can only be used for the right kind of calm music, without it creating imbalance in the positive aura of your studying space.

3. Calculator


Stuck at a mathematical problem, unable to remember formulas, or calculations with those of  weight and mass looks difficult?  Do not take the help of the calculators, unless you are allowed to use them at the examination hall. It’s best to work out the problems yourself. Get into the habit of solving every math problem, doing mental or rough work calculations. It not only improves your math but also increases your pace at it.

2. IPod or Mp3 Player


IPods or Mp3’s have become not only handy and user-friendly but with technological advancement, special features and customized set ups, it has embedded in our daily lifestyle. It’s hard to just toss this out while studying, but you can start small buy putting it away at a place difficult to reach or give it your folks or friends to keep, while you finish with your coursework. According to a study listening to music at the background while studying disables your ability to process new information and even memorize them when necessary. While it is also shown that certain types of studying can benefit from a  a particular kind of soundtrack, you should opt for some soft music, if your assignment or examination the next day, is based on factual or memory-based  testing. If you are in mood for some rock and roll or just rock keep the music device away and make sure, you create for yourself a soothing environment and not too chaotic or stressful one.

1. Phone

music phones

The recent advert of Android and the new era of Smartphone, has led to war over the virtual world built inside it to the real world outside. It causes immense distraction while studying. Text messages, email alerts, phone calls, app notifications, rage-filled birds, a boy running across temple corridors and constant beeping of Blackberry or Whatsapp all beg for your attention. This constant need to connect with friends can be at best avoided, if one may so wish to. The access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc the urge to see what everyone else is up to along with what you may be willing to tell the world about yourself, is a sign of complete restlessness. It causes anxiety in one’s self and unnecessary information unregulated by mind, takes your attention of the study.  Unless you are using your smartphone to contribute to your online college course or clear fundamental doubts you are probably just using it to waste some imperative valuable time during study.


Remember, your motivation and inspiration to study is only by yourself. SO keep the gadgets away and keep the good positive non-chaotic energy with yourself.


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